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Troll Mill Fifteen Year Old Peer Ulfsson Is Haunted By His Past Forced To Live With His Evil Uncles Under The Eerie Shadows Of Troll Fell, He Nearly Fell Prey To Their Plan To Sell Children To The Trolls Now Peer Lives With His Friend Hilde S Family, But Can He Ever Truly Belong And Will Hilde Ever Share His Deeper Feelings One Rainy Night, Peer Watches In Shock As His Neighbor Kersten Pushes Her Baby Daughter Into His Arms And Then Disappears Into The Sea Rumor Says That Kersten Is A Seal Woman Who Has Returned To Her Ocean Home, And The Millpond Witch, Granny Green Teeth, Seems Intent On Taking The Seal Baby Peer Also Discovers That The Mill, Abandoned When His Uncles Joined The Troll Kingdom, Is Running Again All On Its Own With Angry Trolls, Mysterious Seal People, A Mischievous House Spirit, And Three Unusual Babies In The Mix, Peer And Hilde Have Their Hands Full And Katherine Langrish Returns To The Magical World Of Her Acclaimed Debut, Troll Fell, In This Second Story Set In An Extraordinary Land By The Sea Filled With Viking Legends And Lore

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    A lot interesting than I thought it would be Found the first by chance in the library, and decided it was good enough to give the second a try I loved it than the first

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    I enjoyed reading this, but I found it hard to connect with how the non human sentient creatures are regarded they are all second class citizens of the world, but there is no explanation as to why this really ought to be the case as in, how do the humans of the situation justify the treatment of the non humans There is some acknowledgement of commonality later in the book, but it just seems as though if one were to think about it, the humans are sort of bastards The sea people Kersten Bjorn storyline was interesting, with a good start where the characters debate over who is to blame but Bjorn still gets let off for essentially abducting a woman who is a seal yes , perhaps because balance is restored at the end with a transfer of stuff except it seems that Kersten just has two oppressive controlling males in her life, not just one and one might argue that she is cast as a failing mother in the process, for whom it is right to lose her baby because we are happy in the end Ran, her baby, is not going to be a seal child

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    Troll Mill is set 3 years after Troll Fell and Peer is living with Hilde s family Although rid of his nasty uncles, Peer still has to work through some of the experiences and feelings he had while under his uncles cruel reign Besides that, he must also learn to find his place in the world while deciphering the mystery behind Bjorn and his wife s sudden disappearance All of the characters the loved and not so loved are back in this one and readers enjoy of the magical folklore of trolls, selkies, and such.

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    I think it doesn t give you a chance to take your breath, it has adventure within an adventure,and the protagonists face many dangers simultaneously, love its fast pace, and the true feeling chr.and beautifully it doesn t end with a cliffhanger, still I am interested in the third one.

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    I love the way Katherine tells the old Fae stories Including what happens when you eat the or drink under the hill, mixing it with vikings of old I m not sure people actually had mills back then though Lol Wonderfully written.

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    Full review coming soon.

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    I enjoyed the first one

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    I read TROLL FELL years ago and absolutely loved it, so it was a pleasure reading the second installment This second book shows some emotional growth in Peer and no easy solutions for his quest to become independent and win the girl he crushes on He s not ready for independence quite yet, and sometimes in life but rarely in fiction the boy doesn t get the girl Sometimes the demons or Uncle Baldurs of our past still tower over us, without any easy fix Sometimes a boy looks like an ungainly heron, not a hero Some hard experiences here for Peer I admired this novel s unflinching attention to Peer s dilemmas and to the overall murky moral circumstances Peer has a slightly older friend, Bjorn, who apparently stole a seal woman to be his bride Peer moves from condemning Bjorn to supporting him, and I appreciated this emotional arc so much sometimes our friends will make choices that we don t applaud or fully understand, but they are still our friends A lesser author would have cleaned this part up, and made Bjorn rescue the seal maiden or some such nonsense Langrish lets characters make mistakes or make choices that aren t obviously the right ones, and she makes her leading character wrestle with this world of moral grays She also is unafraid to write a story in which women are not paired up just to suit the needs of the male characters Partly for this reason, the omniscient narrator picks up Hilde s and Gudrun s points of view Some people don t like multiple points of view, and we all have our favorites and least favorites when an author chooses this style of narration, but I think it works here it lets you see that there is to this world than Peer s desires It shows you that Hilde cares for Peer, just not in that way And Gudrun coming home to an empty nest was a truly powerful moment that rose the novel s stakes though this tension was undercut by the twin s almost risk free adventure into the heart of the troll world maybe to make the story less frightening to children perhaps.It s a beautifully rendered world I could tell you about the lubbers or Granny Green teeth or the Nis, but even on the level of the sentence, that vibrant world comes across I ll just give you a sample paragraph Glancing downhill, Peer felt poised like a bird, high above the world He could imagine jumping right down into the valley The woods below looked soft enough to stroke, like the tufts of wool in Gudrun s scrap basket Here and there a white sparkle betrayed the stream, flickering with waterfalls There was a dark spot buried among the trees 101.One thing you ll notice is that this isn t a fast paced prose style in which you zip past pages in a blur of text Rather, it rewards you for reading and for seeing the world along with Peer You can feel Peer s uplifted spirits as he looks down, and the world is completely visualized in all its layers the birdlike heights, the steep depth of the valley, the underlying layer of the stream, and the foreboding blot on the landscape, that mill just visible as a dark spot But the other thing I like besides the visual sweep are the similes, especially the second one the billowy tufts of wool from Gudrun s basket Even if you don t knit or weave, you can feel what that wool feels like, and you can superimpose that feeling onto the valley s appearance You just want to dive right in I feel like I ve seen the world through Peer s eyes and experienced metaphor that would only come from a medieval type person like him It s lovely writing, and renders an evocative world.

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    This amazing book is all about Peer who now wants to own the mill that his evil uncles used to own He doesn t know that the trolls are plotting against him so heis in alot of danger.

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    Whew, Troll Mill really picks up on adventure and excitement I think I might actually like it a teeny bit than Troll Fell In this continuing story, 3 years have passed and Peer and Hilde and now dum dum dum teenagers I haven t been all that impressed with teen protagonists lately, but here, both characters capture the changes in behavior and feelings without being over the top or annoying Very nice And the sweet budding romance perfect Once again, a very engaging read It seems like this story is a little serious than its predecessor older characters, a little mature storyline very cool This may sound like an incredibly obvious observation, but I really like how Ms Langrish tells her story I mean, I like the progression it takes You don t feel frenzied or harried when you re reading, but you don t feel bored either The plot progresses at a very nice pace, and that seems like a feat much harder than we would all think.So in a nutshell very engaging story that ups the ante a little on the drama a very smooth transition from the first bookIn addition to the two MCs, Peer and Hilde, Troll Mill offers a rich ensemble cast of very detailed and well crafted characters I can t say enough how much I like the inclusion of parent figures in this story In other books movies, they re usually either dead or totally useless It was very refreshing, therefore, to see adult figures in leadership roles I loved all the characters, even the wicked uncles Can t wait to see what happens to everybody in the final installment.Amelialand RatingV I don t really recall anythingS A little teeny weenie bit of innuendo, but it s in the context of a human magical creature marriage, so nothing major by any means, and kids will most likely just read over itL Once again, didn t catch anything sighs in relief Final Rating 4.7 5 Yes, I know, 4.7 is a random number, but I liked this book a little than Troll Fell, so I wanted to boost its rating a little This series is highly recommended

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