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    This is another excellent entry in Michael Connelly s series featuring LAPD homicide detective, Harry Bosch.Bosch, who had earlier retired from the department is now back under the Deferred Retirement Option Plan DROP He has a little than three years left before he will be forced to retire for good and he is anxious to accomplish as much as he possibly can in the time he has remaining.Harry is now working in the Open Unsolved Unit, investigating cold cases, and as the book opens, he and his partner, David Chu, are assigned a particularly interesting case from over twenty years earlier A child was sexually assaulted and murdered and now DNA evidence has linked the crime to a convicted sex offender It seems like an open and shut case, except for one small problem at the time of the crime, the offender whose DNA was found on the body was only eight years old.While Harry pursues this puzzling cold case, he s also assigned to a new live case by special request The son of an old nemesis, city councilman Irvin Irving, has dropped to his death from a balcony at a posh hotel The councilman insists that Bosch investigate the death personally While he and Harry may have at times been bitter opponents, Irving knows that Harry is a man of integrity and that he will find the real truth, irrespective of whether the son s death was an accident, suicide or murder.Inevitably, Harry will face any number of obstacles in both investigations and in the end, he has to wonder whom, if anyone, he can trust Both cases are very interesting and as always, it s enormous fun to watch Harry work Michael Connelly, like his fictional detective, seems to just be getting better and better with age This is a real page turner that should appeal to anyone who enjoys crime fiction and that will be treasured by fans of this great series.

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    Another really entertaining few hours spent with Harry Bosch and friends I always love these books and this was an especially good one.I enjoyed the relationship he has with Maddie in this book It is nice to see a main character actually succeeding in managing his work and home life and caring for his daughter in a supportive way Of course at work he is his usual uncooperative self Harry is not a team player and his partner is that in name only Not surprisingly the partnership goes off the rails although Harry is not the only person to blame Also not surprising is that he has the same lack of success in his love life.Poor Harry but at least he has Maddie plus he always gets his man This is a great series.

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    This is how much I enjoy Michael Connelly s Harry Bosch series I bought a hardcopy and gifted to myself as a Christmas present I couldn t wait to hop into bed with Harry I savored each page and even reread a few the next night to set the flavor of the evening s reading Connelly is at his finest once again even though he does break some writing rules by telling rather than showing so like who cares It works Harry is back from retirement working cold cases, not the active murder cases he so wants to solve He is on a DROP Deferred Retirement Optional Plan three years until, Harry it s over sniff, sniff What will I do without him He has his 15 yr old daughter living with him, and him such a loner and confirmed bachelor I mean he s not the greatest ha ha guy in the world rather he s moody and intense The cold case assigned him has an interesting element of DNA, which can t be, still it gets bumped for a maybe yes, maybe no, suicide of a councilman s son The councilman is Bosch s old enemy Irvine Irving Against direction Harry continues to work the cold case while solving the present one which brings him trouble from high jingo the higher ups I found the cold case is interesting as a murder story A plus regarding how Connelly writes A fan of too many crime novels, it appears and authors descriptions of torture and blood letting are as gorey as they can imagine For me, it s a turn off from what could be good writing and plot Connelly creates that OH shock without having to do that because he is truly a master writer And this novel proves it, again.

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    Bosch is one of my favorite TV cops The narrator s voice didn t match my image of Titus Welliver, but the audio was still compelling.

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    Number 15 in the Harry Bosch series.Yet again another par excellence police procedural by Michael Connelly.Two cases to be solved this time around Case one, what looks like a suicide but could be a murder Case two, a cold case from twenty years ago where a young girl was murdered Case unsolved New DNA evidence now indicates that the DNA belongs to an eight year old boy who has, in later life, been found guilty of sexual crimes.Case one, Harry and his partner are given the task of determining if it was a suicide or not There is one major problem the diseased is the son of Harries arch nemesis, Irvin Irving, his one time boss in the LAPD now councilman of the city of Los Angeles.Before Harry and his partner are finished the LAPD will be in major damage control Case two starts of slowly but will become one of the biggest crime busts in LAPD history.To boot Harry now has to manage his police life with his new roll as father of a fifteen year old daughter Just to keep things interesting, love comes knocking on the door If you like police procedurals you will love this Highly recommended 5 5 stars.

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    Harry Bosch is facing forced retirement unless he receives approval of his Deferred Retirement Option Plan DROP extension request He and his partner are back in the Open Unsolved unit and are tasked with finding out how the DNA hit on an old murder assault case points to a former sex offender who would have been eight years old at the time Before they can get started, Harry s plopped in the middle of a politically charged case involving his nemesis Irvin Irving whose son was either dropped from a hotel room window or committed suicide Intriguing story juxtaposing Harry s desire to stay on the job as long as he can while forcing him to face many of the things about the department that had him walk away from it a few years ago As much as I dislike Irving, I enjoy seeing these two tangle It s always interesting and one of them always walks away with the upper hand The unsolved case was classic police procedural but with a few personal challenges added to make it emotionally complex Len Cariou delivers another fine audio performance and I ve now grown used to him as Harry The ending had a couple of subtle twists and a gruesome discovery associated with the cold case Harry s got a lot to consider going forward that will tax his personal code of ethics This one was much than solving a couple of cases.

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    Not much action or adrenaline, but excellent police procedural investigating I smiled a lot.One of the reasons I gave this 5 stars might be because I have read all the other Bosch books, and I miss him I was so happy to have another book to read, but also it was very good One thing I love about Bosch is his intense mission in life catching murderers It was satisfying I enjoyed his thinking, comments, decisions, and actions.After the last two Bosch books, Nine Dragons and The Reversal, I was wondering if the series was getting tired or wearing out After this book my opinion is not at all The Drop has all the cerebral good stuff in it that had me smiling a lot as I read Nine Dragons was almost too much of an action film In The Reversal, Mickey Haller was the lead character and Bosch had of a secondary role He didn t do as much investigating as he did in earlier Bosch books The Drop returns to interesting and entertaining thinking with Bosch as the main guy It s very much a police procedural, following along as Bosch investigates two cases and uncovers leads and clues and solves things Well done plotting This book does not have any immediacy or danger to Bosch, so there is less action and suspense than in his earlier books But I was fine with that.I liked the way Bosch discovered a leak to the press I loved his interaction and events with his 15 year old daughter Maggie She wants to be a cop She had neat thoughts There were times in the story of cat and mouse games, one character trying to outthink or outmaneuver another I liked the idea of how Pell was linked to the killer and how that was developed I liked how Bosch figured out the killer s disguise I liked the way Bosch insisted on creating his own murder book, the old way The department wants them online digital, but the old fashioned paper binders work better for Bosch He goes through the murder book in different ways when he needs to rethink his approach to a case.STORY BRIEF This book has Bosch working two cases.Irwin Irving is a city councilman He is anti police department and votes against funding for them Over the years he made Bosch s life difficult whenever he could His son falls from a hotel balcony He insists on Bosch being assigned to solve the case.The second case is a twenty year old cold case A smear of blood was found on a dead girl Just recently the dna was matched to a child molester who is out of jail and on parole.NARRATOR The narrator Len Cariou has narrated several Connelly books I don t know whether he changed or my hearing changed, but in this book he sounds like he has ill fitting false teeth It sounds like he has to make an effort to pronounce consonants There is a lisp like quality It was distracting.Other than that, he does excellent voices and interpretations I like his interpretation of Bosch.DATA Unabridged audiobook reading time 10 hrs and 55 mins Swearing language strong, including religious swear words Sexual language none Number of sex scenes one referred to not shown Setting current day Los Angeles area, California Book copyright 2011 Genre crime mystery Ending Very satisfying.FOUR SERIES Bosch, McEvoy, McCaleb, Haller I recommend reading the Harry Bosch books in order, but it would be ok to try The Last Coyote or Lost Light first, just to see if you like the style Then go back and read the rest in order Following is my recommended reading order I ve included four series within this list because there is a date flow and the characters interact All of these books could be read as stand alones, but reading them in order provides richer character development.3 stars The Black Echo Bosch 1 3 stars The Black Ice Bosch 2 4 stars The Concrete Blonde Bosch 3 5 stars The Last Coyote Bosch 4 4 stars Trunk Music Bosch 5 4 stars Angels Flight Bosch 6 4 stars Blood Work McCaleb 1 Bosch is not in this.3 stars A Darkness More Than Night McCaleb 2 Bosch 7 McCaleb is the primary investigator, but he interacts with Bosch.3 stars City Of Bones Bosch 8 5 stars Lost Light Bosch 9 5 stars The Poet McEvoy 1 Bosch is not in this Read this any time before The Narrows 4 stars The Narrows sequel to The Poet Bosch 10 Bosch is the main investigator.3 stars The Closers Bosch 11 3 stars Echo Park Bosch 12 4 stars The Overlook short, half length Bosch 13 4 stars The Lincoln Lawyer Haller 1 Bosch is not in this.4 stars The Brass Verdict Haller 2 Bosch 14 Bosch has a small part in this.4 stars Nine Dragons Bosch 15 Haller has a small part in this.3 stars The Reversal Haller 3 Bosch 16 Mostly Haller Bosch has a secondary role.3 stars The Fifth Witness Haller 4 5 stars The Drop Bosch 17

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    Michael Connelly The Drop , the 17th novel in his Harry Bosch Series, sees Harry being transferred to the LAPD s Open Unsolved Unit, investigating cold cases and the story opens with him and his partner, David Chu, assigned to a cold case involving a rape murder of a woman in 1989 When the DNA found on the victim turns out to be that of Clayton Pell, a convicted predator, who had been an eight years old at the time of the crime, it s thought at first that it probably had been a mistake But when the same DNA evidence of another murder is found in Pell s file, Harry realizes that there is than just the one murder for him to solve.Harry is also assigned to solving the suicide or perhaps murder of George Irving, the son of city councilman, Irvin Irving.Although the story starts off slow, it soon picks up The author takes us through some unforeseeable twist and misdirection s that reaches the most unexpected conclusion.Another good addition to this series.PS.I watched the Harry Bosch TV Series a while back and the one episode dealt with the murder of George Irving I really loved watching it Titus Welliver, is fantastic as Bosch and it s a really great show And I m pretty excited that there s going to be a season 3 4.

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    This is the 15th book in the Harry Bosch series, and is set about two years after the events of Nine Dragons, so a lot has changed in Harry s life He has appeared in a couple of the Mickey Haller books, set in between these, which I read at least five years ago, before starting the Bosch series from scratch, and there are also several short stories set in this period that I haven t yet read.There is a lot going on in this one, and it is a testament to Connelly s skills as a writer that he can continue to deliver such ish thrillers, after so many books and keep his hero evolving.Harry is one of the senior detectives in the Open Unsolved ie Cold Case unit, now partnered with David Chu that he met in Nine Dragons Still hungry to close cases, despite the clock ticking on his remaining time in the department before mandatory retirement, he is intrigued when a recent DNA analysis of blood found on an old murder victim points to a known sex offender who was only eight years old at the time of the crime Then he is pulled into the investigation of the apparent suicide of a high profile lobbyist the son of Bosch s former nemesis, powerful councilman Irvin Irving who has demanded he take the lead, because of his reputation for getting to the truth, no matter what.The title of this book is a play on both the police acronym DROP Deferred Retirement Option Plan which allows experienced officers to stay at work for up to five years than usual, and the fall from a hotel balcony of George Irving It brings back the topic raised in earlier books of High Jingo meaning political meddling in cases that Bosch has tried and failed to keep out of Now his friend and former partner Kiz Rider is involved and he feels even torn He s also dealing with resentment from Chu that he doesn t treat him like an equal or confide in him, and the general pressures of an underfunded department due to Irving s attacks on the overtime budget.Harry s personal life is also very different, as he has prioritised his fifteen year old daughter Maddie, who is apparently very well adjusted in spite of the traumatic loss of her mother in the last book She s decided she also wants to be a cop, so hopefully she ll play a role in future books I enjoyed Harry s scenes with her as it s good to see his tender side especially when he s still such a tick at work He does also meet a new love interest, but as ever, it s complicatedI liked that the two cases here are not conveniently coincidentally linked, but that we actually see the tension caused by the team being pushed towards solving one when the other is arguably important Harry s determination leads to the break revealing that a killer has been operating for decades this is not a spoiler, it s in the blurb and the crimes involved are particularly grim As ever though, just when we think it s all over, there s always I was also tickled by some of the nods to other fiction Maddie is reading The Stand then refers to watching episodes of Castle which Connelly made a cameo in towards to beginning of the show.Overall another brilliant instalment in one of the best American crime series out there, and I mustn t leave it so long until the next one 9.5 rounded up.

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    Outstanding What a truly fantastic read by what has to be my favourite crime writer Michael Connelly What is it about his style, what is it about his writing that makes a character so real, so unbelievably complex yet so dedicated who truly believes Everybody counts or nobody counts Bosch working with the unsolved crimes unit is looking into historic cases that were never resolved, in this particular instance the murder of Lily Price some 20 years previous Added to this he has been requested, by his long time rival Councilman Irvin Irving, to help apprehend the murderer of his son George There is so much that is human about Harry Bosch constantly working as a lone maverick and ignoring advice or guidance from his immediate superior or his present partner David Chu Harry is so arrogant so impossible to work with, a maverick who always seems to read and understand the facts before anyone else and thus identify the culprit Irvin Irving has especially requested Bosch to find the truth behind his son s death, no matter how painful that truth may be Irving has no love for Harry but he knows that this wily experienced detective will surely uncover the story behind his son s suggested suicide Meanwhile the historic search for the killer of Lily Price will lead Bosch on a journey into the mind of an evil predator where depravity knows no bounds Add to this the emergence of Harry s daughter Maddie into adulthood, and a timely long overdue love interest then we have all the ingredients for a wonderful read Michael Connelly brings to life the daily pressure and decisions that are a constant occurrence for the officers within the LAPD. Every Cop knew that quietly carrying the horrors of the job inside could be like carrying untreated cancer It has been a joy to read The Drop over the last 24 hours I could not put the novel aside which is a tribute to the brilliant storytelling A fantastic 10 star read one of the best in series and highly highly recommended

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The Drop Harry Bosch Has Been Given Three Years Before He Must Retire From The LAPD, And He Wants Cases Fiercely Than Ever In One Morning, He Gets TwoDNA From A Rape And Murder Matches A Year Old Convicted Rapist Was He An Eight Year Old Killer Or Has Something Gone Terribly Wrong In The New Regional Crime Lab The Latter Possibility Could Compromise All Of The Lab S DNA Cases Currently In CourtThen Bosch And His Partner Are Called To A Death Scene Fraught With Internal Politics Councilman Irvin Irving S Son Jumped Or Was Pushed From A Window At The Chateau Marmont Irving, Bosch S Longtime Nemesis, Has Demanded That Harry Handle The InvestigationRelentlessly Pursuing Both Cases, Bosch Makes Two Chilling Discoveries A Killer Operating Unknown In The City For As Many As Three Decades, And A Political Conspiracy That Goes Back Into The Dark History Of The Police Department