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This Shadow Follows Me Composed From True Life Events And Personal Manuscripts, This Shadow Follows Me, Is A Riveting Fiction Novel Of Alec Andrews And The Friends And Family That Faltered Around HimThe Story Begins With The Death Bed Of Andrew S Ex Boyfriend Troy Alec Tries To Tell His Life Story In Hopes That He Can Make Up For All That He Could Not Tell Troy When He Was Alive Alec S Life Story Lurks With The Self Destruction Of A Family That Drove Him To Crucify Himself, In Hopes They Would Be Correct With Their Religious Beliefs From A Homophobic Family To A Homophobic Upbringing, Alec Fights To Find Himself Free From The Illusions That Capture HimAlec Is Ultimately Haunted By A Dream Where He Took His Own Life In The Dream He Killed Himself, Only To Be Told He Would Have To Live His Life Over Again Without Making The Same Mistakes, But Not Able To Remember The Previous Mistakes To Stop Them From Coming True Will Alec And The Ones Around Him Find Their Way To Claw Out Of The Pain Of The Lives They Create Find Out In This Fictional And Painfully Honest Memory Of This Shadow Follows Me

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    Composed from true life events and personal manuscripts, This Shadow Follows Me, is a riveting fiction novel of Alec Andrews and the friends and family that faltered around him The story begins with the death bed of Andrew s ex boyfriend Troy who was dying of AIDS complications Alec tries to tell his life story in hopes that he can make up for all that he could not tell Troy when he was alive Alec s life story lurks with the self destruction of a family that drove him to crucify himself, in hopes they would be correct with their religious beliefs From a homophobic family to a homophobic upbringing, Alec fights to find himself free from the illusions that capture him Joseph McGinnis has fashioned a truly touching and affecting novel, one that will stay with the reader long after the final page is read.THIS SHADOW FOLLOWS ME is the story of Alec Andrews and his search for meaning after the tragic death of his ex partner The fact that this novel is semi autobiographical lends it a feeling of realism not often felt in novels The journey of self discovery that Alec undergoes is at times intense and terribly painful, at others times, witty and joyful and at all times deeply engaging.The most important point that must be made is that this superb novel not be pigeon holed as a Gay Novel Its themes of self discovery and acceptance are universal, Alec s search for meaning and truth is one all of us undergo to some extent, regardless of our sexual orientation While Heterosexual myself,I felt myself identifying with so many of the issues facing Alex The search for self actualization is a universal trait Joseph McGinnis has a rare talent for taking very complex human emotions and presenting them in a way in which the reader is both engaged and involved The supporting characters are all unique and there is no sense of pretense, rather THIS SHADOW FOLLOWS ME is a deeply touching journey for not only the characters, but for the reader as well A journey well worth taking.AN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

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    I can t wait to read this From a paragraph in the description Alec is ultimately haunted by a dream where he took his own life In the dream he killed himself, only to be told he would have to live his life over again without making the same mistakes, but not able to remember the previous mistakes to stop them from coming true gave me chills up and down my spine.

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    Feeling incredibly guilty that it took me so long to read this, but it was worth the wait Well written and intense.I won a copy of this through goodreads first reads giveaways.

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    I received this wonderfully written book through Goodreads Well written, an emotional ride through the life of a young man searching for love, respect, true friends, but mostly someone to trust This story is a sad reminder that there are way too many young people being disrespected and cast out by ignorant family members stuck living in the dark ages.

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    I enjoyed the timely topic of AIDs and HIV in 2011.

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    Great novel Very heart felt, had me in tears though and also made me laugh I love the ending, but I can t spoil it for everyone Joseph McGinnis has a great writing style that flows very well together One of those novels that will stay with you I hope they make this into a movie.

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    Great novel Made me really think about my own prejudices I am a very liberal person, but this novel made me realize I have a lot of growing up to do Very well written and very power.

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    This novel was something I had to read slow and could not speed read It was very powerful with a lot of twists and turns I did not expect this novel to take the directions it did I am amazed by this story Even though Joseph McGinnis says it is fiction, I have a hard time believing this is not a true story You can t make this stuff up I think the cover does not speak to the novel as well as I expected It appears as a major dark novel, but in a lot of ways it is very positive I look forward to other novels from this author.

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    I kind of feel like an asshole for saying this, but this wasn t a very good book The message is good, and one I 100% agree with But the writing is atrocious It felt so unnatural, it didn t flow at all Contractions were sparsely used in the dialogue, which is extremely inaccurate to the way people talk these days Skin color was capitalized, such as I think they were surprised by a naked White man running down the hall or he was a buff Black guy which was just odd There were far too many passive sentences that just sounded awkward, like my face smiled or A tear fell down my face instead of just saying, you know, I smiled or I cried Not to mention really weird descriptions Earlier in the book there was a scene where the kids were all making sandcastles, and the quote went something like, we spent the day building sandcastles and breaking them down only to replace them with a sandcastle profound profound I m not really sure how a sandcastle can be profound, but apparently it happens There was just far too much of this stilted writing throughout the book for me to actually sit down and appreciate what I was reading It needs a seriously heavy handed editor or ghost writer I purposely picked this up to have a sad, maybe tearful read, but one that ultimately maybe had a positive message in the end Which is kind of what I got, if I could get past all the glaring issues There were plenty of potential tear jerker moments but the book just failed to bring any to coalition but at least it has profound sandcastles I received this in a First Reads giveaway.

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    I liked this book but had some issues with the way it was written I thought Alec was telling Troy about his life but at times we was refering to Troy as if he were speaking to him and others like he was telling someone else about him And I really had a problem with not learning from other people s mistakes I mean there were so many ways for Alec to avoid getting HIV and he was still an extremely careless person I ended up skimming through a big part of this book because it was confusing and was getting boring Oh well it just didn t work for me.There was no flow to the story it was just thrown there for us to try to make sense of it Needs a great deal or revisions.

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