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    Okay, this is going to be short because really there are only a few things I want to say about this novel 1 I loved it Really, really loved it Mary confronts the skeletons in her closet The book takes a somber look at the people who sire us and how their mortality and morality affect us This gives Mary new depths and she evolves much as a character 2 The kisses are smoking hot My toes curled multiple times It s quite a feat since I wasn t even the one being kissed 3 Lee s portrayal of Victorian I believe it is Victorian, I could be totally wrong is so spot on Her wordsmithery remains impressive and I believe her plotting has actually improved 4 James is awesomesauce and that s all I am going to say about it Actually no, as hot as he is, it is his humanity and his flaws that make him irresistible His vulnerability where Mary is concerned is also endearing 5 You need to read this series because if you don t, you are losing out I don t want you to lose out.And that is all.

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    This is a rare event for me but I have accidentally started a series in the middle and now have to go back and read from the start This turned out to be a really good book.It is set in Victorian London, in Buckingham Palace no less, and it follows the adventures of a young lady who is acting as a kind of private detective The story is good, the romantic interest is very entertaining and, although I am absolutely certain the author has taken great liberties with the behaviour of Queen Victoria, she comes across as a delightful character.If you like historical mysteries with a good, strong, feisty female main character then try this one But maybe start with book one which is where I am going now

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    I have, honestly, never come across a couple in a book adorable and perfect together than Mary and James.

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    This book was absolutely wonderful There was sooo much you didn t expect Leave it up to Y.S Lee to make it a suspenceful yet funny Victorian novel She put it the right amount of detail in the book Enough to let you get the main idea of where the characters are and what they are doing, but not so much to bore you to death It was so good I couldn t put it down until 2 43 am I could have stayed up longer but unfortunatly, I had school in a few hours Something that I enjoy in all of Y.S Lee s books is Mary She is such an perfectly imperfect character if that even makes sense And she is so brave and strong and nothing like Bella Swan sorry Twilight fans, I had to say it And James Don t get me started He is so arrogant and sweet at the same time and probably the best male character in the whole world sorry Harry, but it s true kinda And the romance in the book is also fantastic It is sooooo much than the other two books and it s sooo exciting and just makes you want to grin like an imp all day long Ahh James, you always make my day But my only problem was that it took waaaay too long to arrive I can t really blame the book, so I m blaming because they made me wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS before it came to my house I mean, what kind of evil person does that Anyways, I recommend this book to EVERYONE except hairy green ogres who want to eat me face off because seriously can they actaully read

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    This is a young adult novel I was granted access to through Netgalley with thanks to them It is the third book in a series, but the only problem with that is that I want very much to read the first books and don t have them yet This also appears to be called The Traitor and the Tunnel for the original Canadian edition, perhaps Mary Quinn is undercover She is twenty years old, and a part of an extraordinary intelligence agency, and posing as a maid in Queen Victoria s household And I must say that the first glimpse we re given of Queen Victoria is a hilarious eye opener that won my heart completely, for both her and this book One of the best first lines I think I ve ever seen Her Majesty Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, had a lamp shade on her head Again.There s something about that Again which just tickles me deeply.I love that Mary s ethnicity born of an Irish mother and a Chinese father is simultaneously so easy to pass off as something else and so dangerous I love that she has this mixed ethnicity in a whitebread universe of fiction, she is unique and engaging Another of her many distinctions is an almost unapologetic criminal past Mary has as a child done what she needed to do to survive, having at an early age seen her father disappear and her mother die, and while she is far less than proud of it all, it is what it is If only it didn t all exist as a wall between her and the fascinating young man she met in her prior investigations, James Easton And if only her current investigation into small thefts at Buckingham Palace which is rapidly turning into something else didn t look like it was going to throw the two of them together again The writing is rather spare, with an inflection of the 19th century which makes me think of the writing axiom that a hint of dialect is far better and easier and enjoyable to read than a constant stream The sense of humor often very dry that runs throughout, from that very first memorable line, makes this a joy to read, and short chapters seem to make it fly by I loved the look at Victoria, her family, and the Palace as their home and that of their servants the bits of the place you re not as likely to see on a tour I loved the tone of the story Mary is a literary cousin to Indiana Jones, James Bond, and The Three Investigators, only female and twenty and half Chinese and the daughter of a sailor, and perhaps a murderer a wonderful point of view I loved the romance quite passionate for what I persist in thinking a young adult novel ought to be, but PG rated and very well written and satisfying I appreciated that the matter of fact tone with which Mary considers her past is echoed in the outlook on the duties and necessities and hazards of the job in the palace it is a fact of life that maids must turn and face the wall and pretend they aren t there whenever one of the Family comes upon them in the midst of their work, and however silly it is there is no fighting it and no questioning it It is a fact of life that a young man in the family, be he gentleman or be he Prince, is a constant hazard to girls serving in the house, be it Eaton Place or Buckingham Palace It s horrible, but again it is what it is and it can only be avoided until avoidance becomes impossible, and faced once it happens there is no recourse It is this latter looming possibility along with the cold, hard facts of what it is to be Chinese in England in the 19th century that keep this grounded in reality, giving the fantasy of the Girl Spy a solid foundation I didn t expect the depth of emotion in the story, nor the extent to which I d become involved in it Very well done indeed The author has a deleted scene on her lovely website.

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    Ugh I kept reading this series because I did like the basic idea of it and hoped it would improve It did the opposite of that The very, very opposite of that I m going to lead, though, with what is good about the series The central idea is fun, if anachronistic the main character, sentenced to death for theft at the age of 12, is brought instead to a girls school founded on the revolutionary principle that women are capable of independent thought, life, and work In time, she s introduced to the secret within that school a detective agency, run and staffed solely by women It s a fun way of circumventing the hideous trap that being a woman was in those days, in service of some light mystery fiction The main character, Mary Quinn, is view spoiler mixed race her father was Chinese However, she can pass as white with a touch of black Irish, and she does The one strength this series carries all the way through to the third book is the way the author handles Mary s identity, and everything that goes with it hide spoiler

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    Three and a half stars A book with a little something for everyone mystery, romance, history and thrills Mary Quinn is working undercover on her first real assignment She is posing as a parlor maid in Buckingham Palace Mary in actuality is a secret agent working for an agency that employs all women spies detectives Mary is sent to the palace to try and track down a thief Someone is stealing small artifacts from the palace While performing her daily duties, Mary unwittingly stumbles across the sticky circumstances surrounding the Prince of Wales elicit nighttime activities During a Saturday night foray with a friend, he stumbles into an opium den in London s underbelly An altercation breaks out and his prestigious friend is stabbed to death by an opium addicted, Chinese sailor Mary, while eavesdropping, learns the name of the murderer Is it possible that her absent, Chinese father, who was supposedly lost at sea, is the perpetrator While Mary is busy investigating the thefts and now the possibility of her father being involved in the killing, she receives a summons from the agency to abandon her post She learns from the head mistresses of the agency she is being recalled due to the fact that the sewers running under Buckingham Palace are set to be renovated by a company that employs none other than, James Easton Could the plot thicken any Yes, in fact it can Head to nineteenth century London and follow Mary as she unravels the case What I Liked I enjoyed Mary s character In an era where women are still struggling to overcome prejudice, Mary strides on scene, unafraid to tackle a tough case During her investigation there are numerous occasions where Mary shines She has backbone and is unafraid to do what it takes to get the job done She sneaks out of the Palace under the watchful eyes of the guards, investigates the sewers in the middle of the night and takes a stand to help those dealt an unjust hand Mary is an admirable character I loved the historical setting of nineteenth century London This book takes you into the heart of London, Buckingham Palace is the main setting As an American, who is not well read on the history of Great Britain, I enjoyed taking a trip back in time and learning about London during the period when the U.S was caught in the Civil War The author does a great job in depicting London and some of its famous landmarks The plot is rich and complex This book has several plot lines to follow from the initial case of solving the thefts, to tracking down her father, discovering who the traitor in the tunnel is, determining the role of the Prince in the murder and finally rectifying her feelings for James Ms Lee skillfully weaves all these divergent story threads into a cohesive plot I enjoyed the depiction of Queen Victoria She comes across as a capable, strong and fair ruler I especially loved her appearance at the end of the book She shows no fear My one regret was again, that I am not well informed on the British monarchy, so I don t know how accurate the portrayal is of the Queen I was happy that all the threads tied off neatly at the end No dreaded cliffhanger, but the author presents some intriguing snippets to follow in upcoming books.And The Not So Much One of the biggest problems during my read was my fault, I have not read the preceding books in this series I usually don t start a series in the middle, this is a rare exception While I was perfectly fine reading this book without having read the others, there were numerous references to events that occurred in past If I had read the other two books, I am sure I would have enjoyed this read even I was especially handicapped in not knowing the complete history between Mary and James I was not completely satisfied with the final explanation of the lady in waiting s involvement in the plot Why was she trying to seduce the prince Why did she have such a devotion to her step father I felt this point needed a bit clarification I was unclear of the role of Octavius Jones, what exactly was he after I am still unsure of his intentions.The Traitor in the Tunnel is a book for those who seek a book that is different This book has plenty of aspects to keep readers engaged It has thick plot with mystery, romance, twists and turns, danger and history all rolled into one This is an enjoyable stand alone novel, however, it would be enhanced by reading the two preceding books in the series Nevertheless, this was an exciting and fun read A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher Candlewick Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Favorite Quotations Trouble snapped at her heels from all directions Memory was an unreliable guide And the eyes themselves Mary repressed a shudder They were defeat made human, a world of pain entire In an opium dream, there is no reason why wouldn t I like a woman who ranks me higher than God That man also used to say that is character is destiny Together, they were a world entire, and instead of being terrified, she found the thought exhilarating She lost herself in a haze of textures, of flesh against flesh, of silk on skin, of breath caressing lips and lashes Originally posted

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    Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN THE AGENCY SERIES If you have not read books 1 2, and you wish to stay unspoiled, look away now You have been warned After the events of The Body at the Tower, Mary Quinn finds herself a full graduate of the Academy and an official operative of The Agency Her first official assignment, however, is the somewhat disappointing mission to discover the identity of a petty thief, responsible for nicking a number of trinkets in the residence of Queen Victoria and her family at Buckingham Palace Undercover as a parlor maid, Mary dutifully dives into her official role and is set on discovering the identity of the thief Her investigation, however, leads her to an even intriguing mystery when the police turn up at the palace, unannounced, bearing with them the shell shocked heir prince Bertie During a typical night of drinking and entertainment with the less than reputable Sir Ralph Beaulieu Buckworth, the prince and his friend made an ill advised trip to a seedy opium den a trip that would end with the murder of Beaulieu Buckworth at the hands of an opium crazed Chinese sailor, Jin Hai Lang Mary s long lost father, presumed dead at sea.Reeling from this dramatic news, Mary is determined to figure out the truth of her father s incarceration, but her path is anything but clear With tensions brewing at Agency headquarters and the infuriating James Easton reappearing in her life, complicating matters even , Mary also knows that something secret and sinister is happening at Buckingham Palace With a suspected traitor in the midst, Mary s first job is anything but simple.Building on characters and plot threads introduced in A Spy in the House and The Body at the Tower, The Traitor in the Tunnel picks up the intrepid Mary Quinn s story and throws a slew of new complications in the mix From a pure storytelling and plotting perspective, this third entry is somewhat uneven The mystery aspects of the novel that of Mary s father s imprisonment, that of the petty thief in the palace, and that of the larger treasonous plot afoot feel scattered, with many stops and starts that don t quite gel together in a cohesive whole The eponymous Traitor in the Tunnel, truly the overarching mystery of the book, is sort of haphazardly thrown together and comes to a dissatisfying conclusion.1 Criticism concerning the logic of the plot aside, however, The Traitor in the Tunnel is an incredibly readable book and as engaging as ever, fraught with action and danger and steeped in mystery I couldn t put the book down, even while my brain cataloged some of the less appealing aspects of the plot.The reason why The Traitor in the Tunnel succeeds is not because of the strength of its plotting, but rather because of the strength of its heroine As always, I love the premise of this series, taking the Victorian time period and adding a group of women who refuse to accept society s imposed roles and amass their own power and agency literally As with the prior two books, The Traitor in the Tunnel explores these societal expectations and the women that both embrace and defy it including the figure of Queen Victoria herself Mary s story in this third book is the most cathartic of all her adventures to date as she comes face to face with her lost father and is forced to reconcile her memories of Lang Jin Hai with reality I love that Mary s reunion with her father is not glamorized, and that Jin Hai is not exonerated for his crime or his addiction More importantly, I LOVE the exploration of Mary s heritage and sense of self perception and identity in this novel I have been waiting for this to be addressed in the series with scrutiny , as she has to make a choice about revealing her heritage in a London where Asiatics and half breeds like Mary are seen as hated, inferior foreigners.Mary s soul searching especially comes into play with her relationship with the infuriating loveable James Easton I won t say much about anything that happens, except that their romantic relationship is FINALLY played through to resolution but you ll have to see for yourself if that is a good or a bad resolution In any case, as always, I love the chemistry between James and Mary, with the both of them as incredibly stubborn and strong willed as they are Other familiar faces also make appearances in this installment Felicity, Anne, the irritatingly charming Octavius Jones.Overall, the series overarching plot is advanced with dramatic news at the close of the book with the future of the Agency at risk, some wonderful romantic developments, and plenty of loose ends to be explored In short, while The Traitor in the Tunnel is not a perfect book, it is a very good one, and I cannot wait for the next Mary Quinn mystery.

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    Oh my god It is rare that I find a series that sucks me in the way that Y.S Lee s Agency series has It is even rarer when every book in a series gets a 5 Star ranking from me, but that is what happened with these historical mysteries.For those of you who are unaware, The Agency is a young adult historical mystery series that tells of the adventures of Mary Quinn Mary is a former street thief who was saved from execution transportation and given the opportunity to be educated at a charity school After graduating, she was offered a position in the Agency which is a group of female spies who go undercover in a variety of places to help out clients In earlier installments of this series, readers have seen Mary as a lady s companion and as a twelve year old boy Now, Mary has become a housemaid in Queen Victoria s household to discover the truth about possible thievery amongst the servants.My favorite thing about this series is watching Mary grow into a confident spy and an independent young woman Her past was tragic, but it has been a joy to see her overcome it to become successful in her chosen career It is very clear that Mary is no longer a novice within the Agency She has experience and confidence in her abilities that has been lacking in some of her earlier missions Mary has become less reactive and impulsive to what goes on around her, but she still hasn t lost that innate curiousity that makes her so fun to read about She has also grown mature and aware of her feelings about certain complex topics like her heritage half Asian and her personal feelings for young architect, James Easton Despite her flaws, Mary is definitely an admirable and realistic historical heroine that would be a great role model for many teenage girls.And speaking of James, it wouldn t be an Agency novel without that clever and stoic young man popping up in the middle of Mary s investigation James, like Mary, has grown up during the series He has realized how judgmental he was about certain things and wants to pursue a different relationship with Mary It is a sure sign of maturity when one evaluates one s earlier priorities and figures out where one is incorrect or hasty Readers do not get as much of James s point of view as in earlier installments, but I found that to be a great way for the author to hide his true motives.Mary and James continue to be a fascinating couple with their opposing social standings, but obvious chemistry Both of them have difficulty trusting others, but have learned to let their guard down with each other In The Traitor in the Tunnel, readers see Mary intentionally pursue James s assistance which she avoided at all costs before and James deal with his protective nature when it comes to Mary s independence I look forward to the next book to see of this potential romance especially after certain events occurred near the end.The mystery in this book begins in a fairly simplistic manner, but any fan of Mary s knows that it can easily become complex In her investigation of the thievery, Mary discovers a mysterious tunnel underneath the palace and she, and James, try to decipher its connection to the royals It was entertaining to watch Mary deal with both mysteries at the same time while trying to maintain her cover as a housemaid.Another thing I enjoyed about this book was the inclusion of Queen Victoria and her family I have always been fascinated by this lady and loved seeing how Y.S Lee depicted her and her relationship with her husband and children It was also fun to see the inner workings of a large English householdfans of Downton Abbey would definitely find the escapades of the servants fascinating This book does end with some lingering questions about the future of the Agency and Mary, and James s, role in it Y.S Lee is doing a fourth, and final, installment, and I personally cannot wait to see of this interesting world of mystery, drama, and romance.

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    The Traitor in the Tunnel is by far the best installment of The Agency series with the character introductions and early foundation cases out of the way, Mary finally literally moves onwards and upwards in the world and as an agent of The Agency faces her past and hitherto mysterious Chinese heritage and really makes some serious relationship progress with former beau of sorts James Easton Hurrah.Nothing could have prepared me for how much I enjoyed the change of scenery we depart from the family house setting of The Spy in the House and the gritty conditions of the working poor in The Body at the Tower and dive into a case of serial thefts at BUCKINGHAM PALACE something about a mystery in the palace always dials up the excitement the whisperings of the servants, Queen Victoria herself making an appearance or two With the change of setting also comes increased gravity of her assignment although deceptively simple at the outset, Mary not only discovers that it is linked to a murder involving the Prince of Wales and a piece of her past that she d long locked away, but also stumbles across a threat to the royal family hidden in secret tunnels running underneath the palace The triple layered mystery tying together a treasonous plot against Queen Victoria and Mary s long lost Chinese father certainly makes The Traitor in the Tunnel a wildly entertaining and suspenseful read than Book 2 I had admittedly thought the mystery in Books 1 2 often fell flat, but it certainly wasn t the case here.But the greatest strengths of this book lay in two aspects The first is the emotional exploration of Mary s heritage and racial identity we knew little in previous books, aside from the fact that Mary is half Chinese and keeps it hidden for her own safety in a country where Chinese and mixed bloods are treated with hostility But the return of her father as an opium addict and suspected murderer forces Mary to acknowledge and accept her mixed heritage as well as reconcile her memories of her father with the grim reality and it IS grim I loved that Y.S Lee never tried to romanticize the long lost father or his opium addiction, nor did she flinch from addressing Mary s Asian origins and what it entails in her historical period It is exceedingly for a YA heroine to have Asian blood and for it to be treated not as something exotic and glamorous, but merely as a part of who Mary is and something which she has to deal with The second strength is the development of a believably grounded relationship between Mary and James, both now considerably mature and with the series of lies surrounding Mary s identity, their misunderstandings and prejudices out in the open It would be unrealistic if their problems were so simply solved and they remain their stubborn, strong willed selves, but they re both learning to trust and be upfront with their feelings rather than dancing around the issue I had liked their romance in previous books but was admittedly never wholeheartedly invested in it that has certainly changed with this book Most loose ends are wrapped up fairly neatly by the end and the romantic developments are wonderfully satisfying a real contrast to the cliffhanger at the end of Book 2, that s for sure , but a threat to the future of the Agency itself promises enough intrigue for the final book.

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The Traitor in the Tunnel (The Agency, #3) Queen Victoria Has A Problem There S A Thief At Work In Buckingham Palace The Agency The Secret All Female Detective Unit Assigns Quick Witted Mary Quinn To The Case Posing As A Palace Maid And Fending Off The Attentions Of The Prince Of Wales Are Challenging Enough, But When The Prince Witnesses A Murder, Mary S Case Becomes Anything But Petty Engineer And Former Flame James Easton Has An Assignment In The Sewers, Where Someone Is Making Illicit Use Of The Tunnels Mary Will Need James S Help If She S Going Catch A Thief, Solve A Murder And Avert Disaster