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    Maharani Memoirs of an Indian Princess as told by Elaine Williams speaks of an era that can only be found in history pages or the walls of a museum This book might appal many readers because of its sheer opulence and the privilege of the world the royals were confined to And, yet it might enthral readers who read the memoir in the time it belonged and not judge it by today s standards The story of Princess Brinda of Jubbal, a small princely state in Himachal Pradesh India is a captivating tale of courage, privilege, defiance and of self love Brinda was engaged before she was ten to the Tika Raja crown prince of Kapurthala and married at sixteen Theirs was a match between two royal families who belonged to different religions The royals of Kapurthala were Sikhs, and were considered liberal in their outlook as compared to other royal families who practised Hinduism and Islam For instance, the Maharaja of Kapurthala did not believe in women observing purdah veil and believed in the education of royal women It was in this regard that Brinda was sent to France soon after her engagement so that she could have a worldly outlook and would be a worthy companion to the crown prince after their marriage She was expected to be well versed in European and Indian manners and customs that would befit a Maharani.Brinda embraced her new life with vigour, having left behind the confines of her palace she was fascinated with the social life at Paris The elite welcomed her for she was to be the Queen of Kapurthala, and her to be father in law had many friends in Paris At sixteen, she is married and expected to perform the duties of a wife and Tika Rani of Kapurthala Trouble begins to brew as she soon realises that she is a misfit in the Indian landscape Her years in France have made her less orthodox and practical Something that is seen as defiance in India In France she will be never be accepted as one of their own because of her culture and religion And, thus she constantly finds herself at odds with her husband and in laws in her home The rest of the story follows her life as she tries to come to terms with motherhood, her desire to change social and cultural norms in her state Yet she is powerless, because the men in her life do not see it fit that a woman, even the future Maharani should intervene in the affairs of the state.So what does Brinda do She travels all over Europe and India Dining and partying and living the life of a royal.The story of Brinda is beautiful It is about a woman finding her way in life She is stubborn, vain, indulgent and courageous all at once She admits to her desires and stands up for her beliefs At a time when patriarchy ruled supreme its refreshing to read about a woman who desired and got what she wanted And, the most beautiful part is the relationship with her daughters She stands by them and encourages them to find their own journeys The book ends abruptly and than anything, you want to know about Indira, Brinda s eldest daughter What fate befell her Maharani is a story that should not be judged by the politics of today but should be enjoyed for what it was to be a Princess in late nineteenth and early twentieth century in India and Europe.

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    Initially I thought it is going to be a tale of a Princess Supressed and subdued behind the walls of castle and I am going to feed on her sorrows of life p ,but it turned out quite the Opposite.She was a rare case whre a princess is sent to France to study to become a literate Daughter In Law of The Maharaja of Kapurthala.My dissapointment was short lived.It is a good read and a better time pass.

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    Fascinating glimpse of the social milieu of surviving 20th century royalty At first I was tempted to dismiss this as fiction, but soon found the characters were real and well known.

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    An Indian princess educated in France makes for a fascinating tale actually it is non fiction However the writing is poorly done and the book ends abruptly.

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