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Twenty-Two Faces As The Only Known Survivor Intended Victim Of A Human Sacrificial Ceremony, Jenny Hill Is Living Proof That Ritual Abuse Is, In Fact, A Reality With Great Courage And In Open Defiance Of Her Sadistic Abusers, Jenny Wishes Her Story Told The Ending Will Shock You Referring To Journals Written Throughout Childhood, Jenny Hill And Her Multiple Personalities Document How As A Five Year Old, She Overcomes Trauma By Turning To Prayer While Utilizing Her Alter States To Compartmentalize Abuse At The Hands Of A Master Mind Control Programmer From Nazi Germany After Suffering Deaths Of A High School Sweetheart, Plus Her Only Girlfriend, She Somehow Completes Army Medic Training, Receives A Nursing Degree, Prepares For A Church Mission And Becomes A Mother Simultaneously Led By Sex Addict Head Alter JJ Intrepid Alters Assume Frequent Control, Engaging In Larceny And Prostitution With Her Children, Her Lifeline, The Increasingly Desperate Nurse Escapes A Drugged Out Pimping Husband, Blacks Out In A Job Interview, Comes To Nine Days Later As An Inpatient Headed For The Utah State Psychiatric Hospital And Only Then Learns What Her Life Has Really Been

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Twenty-Two Faces book, this is one of the most wanted Judy Byington author readers around the world.

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    Judy Byington s book, 22 Faces, is marketed as a biography of one Jenny Hill This is a purportedly true account that tells us of the many types of abuse endured by Jenny Hill, and how she was able to cope with the abuse via her multiple personalities Hill s experience proves , according to Byington, that Satanic ritual abuse is a reality Twenty Two Faces is a great educational tool , Byington tells us, because the biography is designed to give the reader a better understanding about workings of the human mind 1 Readers are told that the ending will shock you Shocking, indeed In fact, the entire book was shocking It is shockingly bad, shockingly exploitative, shockingly offensive, and shockingly devoid of facts, common sense, and common decency.What the bloody hell did I just read my initial reaction to 22 Faces To be clear 22 Faces is NOT a scholarly, footnoted, documented account of the life of Jenny Hill It s not even about the dubious DID Multiple Personality Disorder diagnosis a diagnosis rejected by credible experts , or about the validity of repressed memories that are later recovered in therapy widely known to be unreliable, and often demonstrably false , or the short term and long term effects of abuse To classify 22 Faces as a book about a rare and highly disputed disorder is to give it far too much credit.This book belongs in the supernatural snuff porn genre In it, we learn of a supernatural entity who physically intervenes to rescue 6 year old Jenny during a Satanic ritual an entity who couldn t be bothered to show up just a few minutes earlier to save the other little girl from decapitation We learn that, in addition to her multiple personalities, Jenny was possessed by demons several times and had to have them removed by LDS officials At one point in the book, Jenny s social worker warns her away from messing with levitation Byington also explains that Jenny s childhood abuse gave her ESP A true story with levitation, ESP, demons, and an endorsement from beyond the graveEven the endorsements are suspect one in particular, written by Robert Kroon, former Press Secretary General for the U.N and veteran Time Life reporter Mr Kroon s endorsement fits right in with the other supernatural claims in this book, considering he passed away in 2007, 5 years before 22 Faces was published 22 Faces contains graphic, fictionalized depictions of a very young Jenny Hill being sexually abused And as if this isn t offensive enough, Byington exploits the tragic disappearance of an actual missing child, one who went missing at age 5 from Tyrone, PA, gruesomely working it into this fictional narrative Kathleen Shea s case is currently an open Missing Persons case in the state of PA All of this aside, the book might have managed being passed off as a fiction novel if not for the terrible writing 22 Faces will make you weep for the future of literacy They re not necessarily a large part of the book, but I would be remiss not to point out some of the racist overtones My name is Vennessa I blocked out Jenny so she didn t have to feel pain from the ten Mexicans With an overwhelming itch for adventure J J opted for the speed lane, the alley lined with Mexicans Last week their Hey, good looking, whistles and caterwauling gave her a rush, which intensified as they flipped Jenny s skirt It made the personality feel pretty Make love to this Mexican and I ll take his wife You re to give that Mexican a good time tonight I ve got his wife We need the dough, Baby The question rang through to J.J., who was coming unglued and wasn t about to answer She didn t know how Jenny got into a family way, again Alter Vennessa did and told the doctor, Must belong to that damn Mexican who kept coming back for Many parts of the book are unintentionally comical For example, here s some of the science a storehouse of demeaning events evidently opened a door for Extra Sensory Perception experiences to enter Jenny s initial penetration of these subliminal barriers occurred during the first week of school Miss Griffin forgot to tell the class to bring their Show and Tell item, but Jenny brought her birthday present, a Mary Poppins record, and placed it on her desk She was the only one who did Show and Tell that day In this image, we see Byington attempting to explain how blue eyes can turn black when a new alter takes control, using the same kind of pseudo scientific illogic found throughout the book, and examples where she claims this actually happened all the people mentioned in these quotes are noted in the book as having light blue or green eyes Then there s the PG13 language from these evil Satanists, rapists, murderers, and street thugs and remember that this dialogue comes directly from Jenny s alters, who supposedly have near perfect recall I ll make the decision, not you dinks, the Old Man responded, and you two quit fooling around in the neighborhood Keep a low profile Get it Listen you little turd, don t tell me my business It s not worth the risk, the Old Man snarled But Green Yikes, that stings Raymond squealed as a smart crack again connected him to the cane And my favorites Sounding throaty like a dog before it barfed, he said, Put her in the chair Kiss my lickity split, the doper shouted could YOU take this nonsense seriously Before I get too flippant, it s important to remember that this book is being marketed as a true story and Jenny Hill s parents are accused, by name, of rape and murder So, how likely is it that ANY part of this story is true Is Jenny Hill a reliable source, and do her alters have nearly perfect recall, as the author suggests Are any of these claims coming from a credible source 2 , 9 According to her family, 3 , 4 Jenny Hill is a mentally and emotionally damaged woman with a history of making false accusations Incidentally, one of these accusations was made against the author herself, 5 so Byington is well aware of Hill s inability to distinguish fact from fantasy For Byington to publish this book is not only irresponsible, it s an opportunistic exploitation 10 , 11 , 12 of Jenny Hill At the end of 22 Faces, Byington notes that Jenny Hill s issues render her unemployable, and that she squeaks by each month on a small disability check That being said, knowing that Jenny signed over the rights to her story to Byington, 6 and Byington s admission that Jenny gets nothing from the sale of this book, 7 is troublesome, to say the least As much as I ve already written here, I ve really only touched on a few of the main problems in this book There are so many Bottom line 22 Faces is an insult to victims and survivors of abuse Please look elsewhere if you want to learn how to recognize and prevent abuse Sources 1 guest blog post from Judy Byington 2 The Utah Attorney General s office denies having any relationship with Judy Byington 3 Crucial information left out of the book A closer look at Jenny Hill, the protagonist of 22 Faces 4 More on Jenny Hill 5 scroll to the bottom for screen shots of Susan Hill calling out the falsehoods in this book This one is particularly revealing 6 3rd video segment, 1 40 7 2nd video segment, 2 20 8 6 26 13 update from Jenny Hill s son damning information about the book and the circumstances in which it was written 9 Troubling contradictions that would lead any objective reader to doubt the veracity of this story.Updates Recent comment from Jenny Hill s son, Robert Steffen, in which he makes mention of some of the falsehoods in this book The claim has been made several times including on and the Dr Phil show drag the slider to 4 12 that this author alerted local authorities about Kathleen Shea and that her allegations are being investigated This does not appear to be true as seen here, and here.

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    Please watch the Dr Phil interview with the patient and the therapist who wrote the book The therapist, Judy, has all rights to the book and the patient doesnt even get paid The son truly believes the therapist has taken advantage and that a lot of these stories were directed by the therapist After watching the interview I am very skeptical.

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    Twenty Two Faces is one of the best books I ve read that adequately and eloquently expresses not only the story of its subject, the utterly courageous Jenny Hill, but of all survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA and Mind Control MC I am one of hundreds, if not thousands, of these survivors, and this book served to give me clarity into my own process of coping with trauma and healing from the horrific events that occurred in my own early experience Dr Lenore Terr states in her book, Unchained Memories 1995 , that genuinely repressed memories are accompanied by signs and symptoms These are very well defined in Dr Terr s book, and illustrated clearly in Jenny Hill s life events.This book was written without guile, without any intent to manipulate, and that is clear when you read it It tells a complex story in a simple and straightforward manner, with dignity, respect, and compassion for Jenny Hill, and for all survivors of SRA MC.My gratitude is profuse for Jenny s perseverance and her will to heal, as well as for her courage in being public as a survivor and facing unfortunate criticism from both the ignorant and those with malintent Judy Byington s ability to extract the most poignant experiences Jenny endured and to communicate the reality of these atrocities and their effect on a human psyche and soul is profound what a gift she has and shares in building this bridge between the wounded, the healing, and the healers As for the naysayers haven t they always left themselves out of history, by their very mundane denial The Lord shines his light on those who serve him, and the particular lamp of this survivor and the author that brings her story to light burns brightly with compassion and love.

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    To say that this book was a difficult read would be putting it mildly When I was offered a spot on the tour, after I read the synopsis, it reminded me of another multiple personality book I read years ago called Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber The only thing similar about the two books is that both women were abused at a young age and both developed multiple personalities to cope and protect themselves from the abuse Not to discount the trauma that Sybil suffered, I have to say that the abuse Jenny Hill was subjected to was far, far worse I know it really shouldn t shock me that things like this occur, and have occurred, in our society for years, but I m still in a state of disbelief that anyone, including a child s own father, could sexually abuse a child beginning at infancy What comes into the equation in Jenny s story is something called Satanic Ritual Abuse Of course, we ve all heard stories and accounts of the practice in the news and such, but it always seems like a horror movie Not real Unfortunately, it is real, or was The level of abuse emotional, sexual, physical that Jenny was subjected to was horrific Not only the horrendous abuse, but also the witnessing of the murders of animals and another child It s a miracle that Jenny survived.As I said, an extremely difficult read I found myself in tears many times as I was reading But this is an important read because we need to be aware that things like this go on in our world It reminds us to be aware and watchful of children who may be showing signs that something is wrong Don t just overlook it It s also a cautionary tale for parents Know what your children are doing and where they are going Of course, back in the 60s, parents weren t as careful or aware of what could happen to young children, but it s still hard to believe that Jenny s mother did not think it was strange that her six year old daughter was gone all the time or that she returned home looking ravaged That her mother was indifferent and mean to her daughter is just another layer of abuse that Jenny suffered, not to mention that she probably knew that her husband was sexually abusing Jenny, but instead of reacting and taking action, she only expressed jealousy.Ultimately, Twenty Two Faces is a story of survival Jenny did survive and went on to live a somewhat normal life, if it s possible after what she went through She lived to tell her story and by doing so, she may just succeed in helping others and perhaps preventing abuse like this happening to others.

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    Reading Twenty Two Faces was a challenge for me because of the violent nature of the book Some of the details of Jenny s torture and abuse are very graphic and vivid and I could only read so much at a time before I needed time to process what I read It s hard to imagine that Jenny Hill was able to survive and live through what she did as a child It is truly amazing that she has lived into adulthood It is also amazing to me that she was able to get a nursing degree and pass her boards with 22 different personalities inside of her At first I thought a lot about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father It was a horrible experience for her but it also made her feel loved However, living in the house had to have been hell on Jenny because her mother pretty much hated her and those feelings showed in how her sisters treated her as well As she grew older, Jenny continued to be in mentally, sexually, and physically abusive relationships Thankfully when Jenny was in her 20 s she was finally admitted to a psychiatric hospital where a doctor recognized her as having multiple personalities She was treated in that hospital for a year and many of her personalities went dormant at this point in time This book is an in depth look at what sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and ritual abuse can do to a child and how Jenny Hill was able to deal with it It s a sad and horrifying book but the strength Jenny shows throughout the book is remarkable It s a must read for anyone who is in the medical field, knows someone with a mental illness, or works with people who have mental illnesses or multiple personalities I give this book 4 out of 5 stars Disclaimer this book contains graphic details of sexual assaults and violence.

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    Judy Byington s story is a misexecuted mess This is bound to happen when one is penning a tale of Satanic Ritual Abuse, also known by it s proper cough cough bullshit term Dissociative Identity Disorder I refuse to Google satanic ritual abuse because firstly, it s stupid, and secondly, I don t want to invite any evil spirits to split my personality Man, where to begin with this I m not attempting to downgrade mental illness in the least It s real, it s obvious And I do think that people can shut down and black out and not remember what they said or did, like in the hit film Fight Club or like how my girlfriend used to sleepwalk That concept seems real to me It just becomes a problem when it s used to umbrella criminal activity or to make excuses for shitty, spoiled bad behavior Jodi Arias, anyone Every girl who doesn t care to control her emotions is bipolar.He s socially awkward, guess he s autistic.That one s a spoiled little shit kid ADHD.Shove some pharmaceuticals down your throats Don t work through any problems, just label them and don t take any responsibility Just band aid everything It s just like Roseanne Barr said in her sitcom, calling alcoholism a disease it just a way to excuse your bad behavior and take the responsibility off of yourself Then you can do whatever the hell you want, right Didn t she claim to have multiple personalities too SATAN.Anybarr, on to Byington s silly tale of satanic sex cults and the fact that if you play Stairway to Heaven backwards, it s really Escalator to Hell Boogity boogity It starts off with a disclaimer that isn t really a disclaimer at all It serves only to make the reader think that this ritual abuse stuff really happens regularly and it s problem enough that education needs to be spread about it Also, apparently someone named Virginia Louise Hill is the only living survivor of these satanic death cults and ritual abuse I m assuming Virginia Hill is an alter of the subject of this novel, Jenny Hill That s right, alter Not altar, like the ones you sacrifice babies to the devil on SATAN Alters as in alternate personalities Jenny Hill has twenty two of them This is what I ve gathered so far.Read here

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    As a young child, Jenny Hill was abused to the extent that she never achieved normal integration of her personality Those parts of her personality that did not integrate were isolated and through the years developed their own sense of identity not personalities of their selves of course, but one personality so compartmentalized that it was unable to function as one unified personality Those isolated parts of her personality often did not know of other parts of her personality or if they did know, they still would not know of many of the events that took place when another was in control This process helped her endure years of abusive rape, torture and attempts to control her The trauma memories held by many of these parts of her personality such as Angelic and Vannessa remember the abuse because they were the part of the personality that was conscious at the time, but often the parts of her personality that function to live day to day life did not, simply because those parts of the personality were not conscious during the traumatic event This is the way that Dissociative Identity Disorder works Jenny, like many with DID found ways to ignore the pain in their head such as drug abuse Others use eating disorders, cutting, etc Unable to function as a drug abuser, a different host needed to take over this was to be Vanessa Those with DID will have than two parts of the personality that act as host in their life time, such is the case in Jenny s story The author Judy Byington appears to have done her homework spending 20 years working with Jenny as well as working with other abuse victims.

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    This vanity published, fabricated throwback to the Satanic Panic days of the 1980s is a series of implausibilities, impossibilities, and lies Written by a fundamentalist who pushes her own religion to the point where the centerpiece of the book, the much hyped human sacrifice scene, involves actual divine intervention, but only for the protagonist another victim, ghoulishly identified with zero evidence as a real life missing person, is left to die And the protagonist Ms Hill, the woman whose biography this is She gets nothing from the sale of this book, and has publicly denied parts of it The author has further taken action to prevent Ms Hill s son from making a documentary on his mother That is when she isn t lying about being a special consultant for the Utah State AG s office and harassing anyone who points out the obvious flaws in her book.There are no citations None That would make the author s claim that this will become a teaching tool unlikely, I d say Her bibliography a glorified reading list contains totally debunked frauds like Michelle Remembers and Satan s Underground The story is set in motion by a Jewish Nazi mind controller who works for the CIA Even Dan Brown would call that stupid The publisher likes to use dead foreign journalists to write praise for their books, but only if you pony up the cash first.Byington demonstrates an appalling ignorance of nearly every subject she touches, from neurology to comparative religion For example, alpha is not Latin for first it s Greek forwell, the letter a There is no omega brainwave Brainwaves control automatic biological functions like sleep cycle Byington thinks that you can map personalities onto them I believe she is conflating brainwave with thought pattern have I mentioned that she is completely unqualified, with NO psychological degrees whatsoever This entire book is an insult to intelligence, taste, and decency I look forward to the day when this woman is thrown in jail where she belongs.

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    Tag line The ending will shock you Contains semi spoiler I had heard many things about this book from reading other peoples reviews I find stories of captivity abuse escape multiples psychology very fascinating, and when I heard this book had subject matter regarding incest, various abuse, animal sacrifice and so on I actually did a lot of research on it before deciding if I could handle it as it sounded truly horrendous I hadn t known much about satanic ritual abuse before and didn t known of any true stories books or documentaries that covered the topic at all One thing I will say is the author provides a great informational touch that I appreciated in the front and back section of the book stating the satanic calendar of events and survivor Jenny Hill s alter personalities birth chart, and I was astonished to have read it took 17years to write.Jenny hill is a survivor intended victim of satanic ritual abuse, who also survived a childhood adolescence of sexual, physical and mental abuse by her family and peers Abuse that caused a fracture in her core persona to split into 22 personalities each having their own event to deal with My one surprise regarding Jenny s life was the number of times she married.It took me a while to get into this book which is a shame as I was so interested in reading it At certain points it held my interest and at other points it didn t, the writing was often choppy to read, by missing out adjoining words and rushing skimming over detail that could have been explained descriptively which I think could have intensified the story and aid in the reader s connection to it.For EG Spoiler In two paragraphs toward the end of the book, we are told very lightly that Jenny had Got married again, had another child was beaten by the husband Filed for divorce and child custody had her altar s diary entries exposed to a court judge and she lost her children All this happened in literally in two paragraphs pg 380 Without ever meeting the husband, being with her during pregnancy or birth, witnessing the abuse, going to courts etc That s enough information to fill 2 chapters of a book, especially if the reader is emotionally invested inJennys story I am one of those people I would have liked to have known the name of the husband, how she met him, what abuse she suffered by him and how that made her feel and what repercussions that had on her personalities, how she filed the papers with no money did she have any support , which diary entries where read to the judge How the personalities handled it all, and how the judge could award custody to a woman beater While the book indeed is a hard read regarding the subject matter to know that these horrible events really did happen to someone is a horrible image to have I didn t think it was as hard to handle as certain reviews suggested it would be.The abuse was terrible to imagine, especially during her childhood years, It disgusts me that anybody would manipulate a child One part where Jenny had been sodomised particularly didn t sit well with me, as neither did the short reference to dog s blood which was described in detail in a horrific short sentence later on.If there were description of animal human sacrifice ritual abuse then it probably would have pushed readers over the edge and would have been a VERY hard, sad, haunting, story to read although I feel certain events were skimmed over too quickly, perhaps in a case of trying to mentioned too much in too little time.I think there still may be much to say a regarding jenny s story And if a follow up or extended edition were to come out I would gladly read it The ending will shock you .ah well yes it did Although I shouldn t have been surprised, it just sickens me how some people are, disgusting.and as a reader I would have loved to have heard an AWFUL lot about it all As there could have been a whole lot to say I really wanted an extension on the ending I don t want to give it away I know a lot of people are giving this book flack, which is quite unfair I have criticized certain things I felt lacked as a reader involved in Jenny s story but would never criticise the story itself It s one horrible story, and becoming multiple I think was a blessing for jenny I do recommend this book for people interested in ritual abuse and surviving a horrible childhood and I m glad I read it.I can only wish jenny my most sincere best wishes on her constant road to peace and recovery I hope telling your story has helped you and thank you for letting me read it.

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    Excellent written book on Jenny Hill s early life of abuse, how it affected her as she grew older, and how she recovered from itdespite being trapped in several abusive marriages.This book raises awareness of ritual abuse but the graphic descriptions of abuse are only a few pages long There is a lot of supporting material in the book, including confirmation that her multiple personalities were caused by a combination of ritual abuse and abuse at the hands of her father and a few others this was written by someone who treated her when she was in patient.There was a helpful diagram near the start which showed the structure of her alter personalities and their groupings I kept referring back to it early on but after a while I knew the main characters well.I really found the Author s notes interesting, she explains there about the history of human sacrifice.For anyone wanting to hear Jenny Hill speaking herself check out the book s website 22faces.com the first chapter is online but beware that these are the most distressing parts of the book I found it very helpful in terms of seeing her journey into accepting her mental illness, and to recovery.This is possibly the best biography I ve ever read, and definitely required reading for anyone studying psychology or anyone supporting someone with a dissociative disorder such as dissociative identity disorder.

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