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The Camel Club Existing At The Fringes Of Washington DC The Club Consists Of Four Eccentric Members Led By A Mysterious Man Know As Oliver Stone, They Study Conspiracy Theories, Current Events, And The Machinations Of Government To Discover The Truth Behind The Country S Actions Their Efforts Bear Little Fruit Until The Group Witnesses A Shocking Murder And Become Embroiled In An Astounding, Far Reaching Conspiracy Now The Club Must Join Forces With A Secret Service Agent To Confront One Of The Most Chilling Spectacles Ever To Take Place On American Soil An Event That May Trigger The Ultimate War Between Two Different Worlds And All That Stands In The Way Of This Apocalypse Is Five Unexpected Heroes

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    Some people follow sports teams, other people follow actors or rock bands But me, I follow authors And while some people fantasize about celebrities they d like to dine with, I have a list of rock star authors I dream of interviewing.Recently, one of my dreams came true when David Baldacci agreed to an email interview with me Upon hearing the news, my impulse was to jump and kick in a manner my legs haven t experienced since the late 1980s, when I was a high school cheerleader I quickly discovered my body is no longer qualified in jumping and kicking It is, however, perfectly fine sitting at a computer conducting research on a favorite author So that s what I did And here s what I learned Before becoming an internationally acclaimed bestselling author, Baldacci practiced law for nine years He hit success with his first novel, Absolute Power and hasn t looked back He s written than a dozen best sellers Baldacci s works are translated into than 45 languages and sold in than 80 countries And over 60 million copies of Baldacci s books are in print worldwide.Even I, an ardent Baldacci fan, was surprised by those statistics And if I wasn t a fan, upon learning those stats, I d feel inclined to read a Baldacci title.A good place to start is with Baldacci s The Camel Club This book is the first in a series which follows a club of D.C based truth seekers The club consists of an unusual mix of four members a man without a past currently called Oliver Stone obsessive computer genius Milton Farb blue collar laborer Reuben Rhodes and Library of Congress reference specialist Caleb Shaw In The Camel Club, the members witness a shocking murder in a D.C area park While secretly trying to unravel the crime, the foursome is slammed into a plot that threatens national security and world stability If that s not enough to get you reading Baldacci, perhaps a taste of my interview will do it The full interview is available on my blog, address below Question An enormous amount of research must go into your writing Is there a particular research experience or discovery you ll always remember Answer Listening to incessant gunfire at Quantico while I was down there researching Last Man Standing I felt like I was in the Middle East Being nearly arrested by the FBI while toting around a German film crew in D.C Ranks right up there And then my experience on the Acela train after two passengers overheard me talking to a medical expert about poisoning someone for research for a book and summoned the police That was fun too Now whenever I travel, I duct tape my mouth shut just to be safe.

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    Since I m feeling better, I decided it was about time to write the review for this fantastic book The only other David Baldacci book that I had read was Absolute Power which I enjoyed very much but it was quite a few years ago I decided to find out what all the fuss was about this author The next one I tried was Zero Day I ended up throwing that one in the DNF file The lead character, John Puller, completely left me cold He struck me as a cardboard caricature of a military lifer would be but with no emotions Definitely not a Jack Reacher So on to the next one.The Camel Club was a breath of fresh air after Zero Day Oliver Stone was a man who had been to hell and back and still cared about wrongs being done to people and his country Despite the fact that an agency of the American government took away everything he held precious in his life, Oliver Stone still loved his country and was willing to do everything in his power to protect it I was hooked.Milton Farb, Caleb Shaw and Reuben Rhodes comprised the remainder of the Camel Club with long term Secret Service Agent, Alex Ford, an unofficial member They are conspiracy theorists who discovered the truth behind the theories They know all too well that government agencies sometimes crossed lines that shouldn t be crossed.It starts with them witnessing a murder that is not just a murder The victim was killed to make sure that something that is happening at the most powerful government agency and shouldn t be, is kept quiet But Oliver and the rest of the Camel Club are detected in their wooden boat, and a hail of bullets put a hole in the boat and grazes one of the club members.Oliver Stone convinces Agent Ford to look into the matter and he ends up being demoted back to White House protection detail for his trouble He stepped on toes that did not like being stepped on and were in a powerful position to get back at him for his audacity.The real point of this book, I believe, is that it is very easy for a person who believes he is a force for good to be manipulated by those who do not have good intentions Believing that it s OK to overstep boundaries because of the greater good, will usually not work as planned You are putting yourself in the position of being an omnipotent being while in fact you are only a human being You mean no harm but that is usually what you get So it seems that at times the worst enemy of the USA can be one of the bureaucracies put in place to protect it, simply because the person in charge thinks that they know what is best for the country.I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the rest of this series I m glad that I gave David Baldacci another chance.Posted to Goodreads and 1 20 2018

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    Updating just to correct some typos and grammatical problems Well.here I go I can t really recommend this one You know there are books by Mr Baldacci that I enjoy greatly I have noted before that he can bethat s can be one of those authors who can get very heavy handed about their political beliefs I find that the case here He pretty much had me feeling he was really really mostly interested in making a political point This is obviously a point to be agreed or disagreed on as I see some reviewers agree with me and others don t Possibly it depends on how much you agree with him Baldacci and therefore how much that part of the booksticks out or overwhelms the plot and characters I don t know You ll have to decide for yourself.Now that said, this is not the primary problem with the novel for me and it s not why I give it a low rating The novel starts out with an idea and a cast of characters we are to get to know The primary protagonist is Oliver Stone No not the movie maker We have another refugee from the world of secret, black ops, covertstuff His having taken the name of the movie maker who s interest in conspiracies is sort of legend may just have been part of the reason why the name was chosen as our hero s nom de plume Sadly however from the very first things spin out in several directions and the story gets not so much laid out with lots of threadsas it seems to fray out in all directions with the threads lashing about in the wind.It wasn t that I couldn t keep trackI just came to the point where I didn t care to.So, I don t plan to follow up with any of the series and really can t recommend it I just found myself too often losing interest and wanting to move on to somethinginteresting Oh and as I and others have said, Mr Baldacci s politics quickly become the only true point.

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    I feel cheated that I even had to assign a single star to this pathetic excuse for a book Let me describe this book like this this is the kind of book that comes in only two forms paperback and audio It s excrement smeared on paper and then bound and placed in airport bookstore shelves It s your basic Tom Clancy bite off of the terrorist plot to bring down the free world The author has watched a couple of National Geographic Videos, maybe had lunch with about three or four guys who used to work for the State Department, NSA or CIA and spent a year or two in the Middle East and maybe read a Barnes Noble edition of the abbreviated history of the Middle East as research for his big political thriller The book is utter crap and is an insult to anyone who likes political thrillers, knows anything about the Middle East and the politics of the region and anybody who just likes to read.Lesson Learned Never buy a paperback book from an airport bookstore no matter how bored you are or how long your flight s been delayed.

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    2.0 stars Probably would have given this 3 stars except for my extreme annoyance with the heavy handed political tone of the book As far as I can tell from the authors depictions in the story, America is responsible for ALL of the evil in the world especially in the Middle East , 9 11 was a justified response to American foreign policy and Americans are ignorant and racist Great, thanks for that, now can we get on with the story Oh, that is the story Terrific Apart from the tone, this was a fairly fast paced read with competent writing I may check out the next book in the series at some point as I thought the basic premise of the Camel Club was intriguing I just hope the author focuses on story telling and less on rhetoric in future books.

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    Why can t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other The Camel Club started very slow for me I had issues keeping all the characters straight There were so many I did enjoy the last half of the book once I was clear on who was who By the end, I was reaching out for the second book.The Camel Club begins with the apparent suicide of a government agent but this is far from the truth Four men are witness to this suicide The four men are conspiracy theorists who seek the truth behind the conspiracies They called themselves the Camel Club Oliver Stone, Milton Farb, Caleb Shaw, and Reuben Rhodes have been meeting in secrecy for many years Unluckily, their last meeting place makes them a witness to this crime Their lives will be in grave danger and if found, they might not live the week and perish at the hands of some very powerful people.As the story progresses, we get to discover who Oliver Stone is and his past ties to the USA government We also meet Agent Alex Ford who s a secret service agent who has had a good honest career When Alex starts digging into the murder, he s demoted to White House protection detail Unbeknownst to Alex, the stability of the USA is about to be challenged Alex and the Camel Club are the only hope to prevent war The last part of the book is action packed The pages flew fast in a race to know the outcome I couldn t wait for all the pieces to fall together.My favorite character was Oliver Stone A close second was Alex Ford I was left wanting to learn about the other three remaining Camel Club members They all seem to have a very interesting past Cliffhanger No3 5 FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    Across the street from the White House, tells a story of a man, dead and alive, Oliver Stone Old and homeless, he and a small group of friends known as The Camel Club, witness a murder on Roosevelt Island I read this book many years ago, but for the life of me, I could not remember very much of it Except for the fact that Oliver Stone lived homeless across the street from the White house and was a mysterious old man Now that I have re read this first novel in the series, scenes and characters have come back to me, though I had to finish the book because I still couldn t remember the ending Explosive, to say the least and so many characters involved, you really have to pay attention.A topic that stands out in this novel is the amount of veteran characters who were betrayed by their own government and the people high up in it The president is a pompous ass who loves the cameras and doesn t seem to care much for the people , just his looks and his image Carter Gray, the nation s intelligence chief, struck me as some kind of snake and had his own agenda and I wasn t wrong about that in the end Alex, a CIA agent, gets a rookie partner, Jackie Simpson, who is also the daughter of a Senator Jackie Simpson should never have transferred from beat cop to CIA, she was dumb as a door nail and I really didn t like her She was like an annoying fly buzzing around your head and wouldn t figure things out on her own Then of course we have a few CIA characters who were corrupt, some deranged Muslims, and some Korean ninjas The conspiracy itself was creative and well thought out As always with the government, things aren t what they seem The Camel Club characters were memorable, mainly because of their atypical personalities and behaviors Hard to picture a few old men trying to save the world though We find out who Oliver Stone really is and he is interesting enough to continue reading the rest of the series, because my first question is, where did Oliver Stone come from All we know in this first novel is that Oliver Stone is a force to be reckoned with and I want to read .

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    I m just blabbering about this read how insignificant we are Why fight appose criticize object to anything when we re simply not important Depressing some Americans will approve of the criticism in the book, other will be furious and frustrated this book proves a point How democracy is used as a weapon to control countries, a well done and straightforward explanation sadly true as well a cliffhanger ending don t want to indulge in the series, so I m unhappy I liked, as in really liked, the big WHAT IF scenario in the book, not preposterous at all a political plot with eccentric interesting anti hero, conspiracy theorist characters A spy thriller with the usual James Bond, over the top, plot Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Fredrick Forsyth, John Le Carr fans will love this book there s a confusing message in the book Should Americans be proud of their weaponry Sure Should they be proud of the reason why they need it uhummmmif I was an American, I would be scared to death, instead An angry world is an ugly enemy is my humble opinion.Everything is too predictable We ve seen these kind of heroes in too many self soothing self congratulatory, slap on the back kind of books I ll go for four stars, but actually would have liked 3.5 Anyway, the book stirs thought, and that s a good thing So I will stick to the four stars and be done with it.

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    Same fun, eccentric characters from Baldacci s The Collectors, however, this book came first Intricate plot, however, a few characters are used as mouthpieces to give long dissertations on the peaceful nature of Islam and the greed of Americans Though his points may or may not be valid, it was delivered heavy handedly and got tiresome After all, I m reading a novel, not a slanted history book on Middle East politics.Aside from that, though, I enjoyed the story and the main characters I ll read future adventures of the Camel Club as they are published.

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    The Camel Club is comprised of a group of men who are sort of a counter culture of their own after having served the country in some form or fashion, enough to be suspicious of the publicly fed information from the government They lead an odd existence, each with unique quirks and eccentricities, and meet each month to compare notes on what they re hearing from various inside sources On one of these evenings, they unfortunately become witnesses to a stunning event that puts them in the middle of a situation that threatens the safety of the country and the world There are several stories going on here that ultimately converge, which is an approach I happen to love for this genre While it presents a challenge to keep up with all the characters, it certainly heightens the mystery, suspense and intrigue There are quite a few twists and surprises that make it even better, ultimately leading to a pretty exciting climax, though I had some issues with some things in the ending Political perspectives are also rampant with multiple points of view to keep it provacative I highly recommend this book and plan to continue the series.