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  • Paperback
  • 246 pages
  • Spilled Milk
  • K.L. Randis
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9780615835600

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    Spilled Milk by K L Randis is a touching story based on true events Brooke Nolan, from the time she is a little girl until her teenage years is sexually abused by her father She isn t the only target in the family, as her siblings feel his wrath in the form of physical abuse Her mother is disabled from a mishap at work, and there are 4 children in the household which traps her financially The perfect setting for the lightning storm that is Brooke s life It isn t until sitting down to dinner with her boyfriend s family, and his little brother accidentally spills his milk, that she realizes her family isn t normal, nobody screams at the child or raises their hands in anger Brooke has a difficult time wrapping her mind around the entire incident The milk mishap is what seems to propel her into seeking help.Brooke builds strong relationships with others, mostly adults who stand by her, giving their full support as she faces the challenge of survival, and court, against her father The fear she feels echoes through the pages of this compelling story K.L Randis illustrations of growing up in a violent home are on the money Her novel speaks volumes to anyone, especially those who have suffered the devastating effects of abuse Her words are precise, and descriptive placing the reader front and center in an explosive household Brooke is an intelligent young woman who finds peace, justice, and most importantly, strength.In my opinion Spilled Milk is about awareness, and reaching out, helping those who can t help themselves There are far too many stories that mimic Brooke s, characters, and situations may be different, but the fear, and devastation aren t Someone in a toxic relationship has to want to be helped, and be willing to come forward If they know they aren t alone, that support is available, then maybe will reach out This is a novel to share with as many people as possible.Spilled Milk is an excellent read.

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    This was a very compelling story and I could hardly put it down, but it made me so angry I know this kind of abuse goes on and that children are victimized by their parents, but this child was also victimized by Social Services and her school How could such agencies promise confidentiality and then do things which put her into further jeopardy How could a school be so insensitive But this is a story of a young girl with enormous courage At times I was hearing the music from Rocky while I was reading Brooke felt responsible for her siblings and her mother so she tolerated a situation that no child should have to face with the tacit understanding that her father would not sexually abuse her sister She couldn t protect her family from her father s incredible rage and selfishness, but she could keep it from being any worse.Brooke s mother, while not abusive, also contributed to her problems As in so many cases, she was passive and absorbed with her own survival and so she chose to ignore some vital signals Despite this, Brooke had people in her life who cared about her and recognized that something wasn t right In the end, they did what they could, and did it well.

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    My 15 yo read this and told me I should read it I was hesitant because of the subject matter but also wanted to be able to discuss with her It was really hard to read in the beginning but I am glad I pressed on and finished it A very insightful view of what she went through and how the system works or doesn t work Unbelievable resiliency displayed throughout this book Thanks for the courage of the author to write this book.

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    I saw this book described as fictional realism so I did a little bit of research on the author to see what I could find out about Spilled Milk I found where she was asked if the book was a true story or fiction and she answered by saying that it was both Meaning that the events within the book are based on true events, but certain things have been altered or fictionalized for the comfort and healing of the author and her family So I m not sure how much of this book is actually true, but I do know that she was an abused child who testified at a criminal trial against her father for sexual abuse and many other charges With that being said, this was something that was hard to read, but something I think is very important The author s resiliency and strength could just be the push someone else may need to get help I thought it was a really good book and well written.

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    This just goes to show just how important proofreading your book is Seriously would OF Oxycontin s Not to mention the ungodly number of run on sentences I bring this up because I thought this was a fantastic book, and it s a shame I couldn t give it a full 5 star review Editing is writing 101.

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    Honestly, it is a moving and horrifying tale of bravery and sadness But if the editing had been thorough I d have been able to focus solely on Brooke s voice Instead, the misused plurals s and the disregard for punctuation left me a bit distracted.

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    Proofreading is important The story is compelling, but the number of run on sentences and terrible use of punctuation was very distracting I found myself skimming at the end just to be done with it.

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    5 stars This book was great If you have triggers about sexual or domestic abuse then please proceed with caution This popped up as a popular book in Kindle Unlimited When I read the blurb I knew I had to read this book This is the kind of book that will stay with you for awhile The fact that it s based on a true story made it so much MORE So much emotions emerged while reading this devastating life story My heart broke for Brooke She was so strong She is someone to admire Someone you can look at and say to yourself You re not alone She endured so much and still came out so much stronger on the other side She didn t let what her father did to her, dim her light I m glad I stumbled across this book.

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    Sad Fascinating Eye opening Powerful.

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    I found this book very compelling It shows how someone who lives in a bad environment feels it is normal When they see how others act in a family, they see their lives are not normal It reminds people to never judge others You never know the hardships they go through Unfortunately many wear a mask so others don t know the real person inside because they mask the pain they feel Brooke s mask was being a good student It hid what was really going on in her life We all hide from one thing or another It is wonderful to have a person that helps to pick us up off the floor when we need it most Gina was the one to do that for Brooke This book shows what a little caring can do for a person It s always hard to trust others when living in a bad situation Trust for some is hard because of what they have gone through Such as social services saying it is confidential Then sending a report to those who are accused This book shows that no matter what we go through in life, we can change it to make it better It shows caring for someone can change their life for the better.

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Spilled Milk Brooke Nolan Is A Battered Child Who Makes An Anonymous Phone Call About The Escalating Brutality In Her Home When Social Services Jeopardize Her Safety Condemning Her To Keep Her Father S Secret, It S A Glass Of Spilled Milk At The Dinner Table That Forces Her To Speak About The Cruelty She S Been Hiding In Her Pursuit For Safety And Justice Brooke Battles A Broken System That Pushes To Keep Her Father In The Home When Jury Members And A Love Interest Congregate To Inspire Her To Fight, She Risks Losing The Support Of Family And Comes To The Realization That Some People Simply Do Not Want To Be Saved Spilled Milk Is A Novel Of Shocking Narrative, Triumph And Resiliency

About the Author: K.L. Randis

Author of bestselling novel Spilled Milk Based On A True Story and new release Pillbillies Lover of reading, writing, journaling, running and spending tons of time with family I love books that move me, make me think and allow powerful relationships with the characters in them As my husband so eloquently puts it, I am Literally the only person he knows who will laugh out loud, gasp or cry