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    In this Joe Gunther novel, the discovery of human hair in a bird s nest leads to an investigation into corrupt selectmen, blackmail, and wrongdoing on the part of two of Brattleboro s wealthiest and most powerful figures And of course, other murders follow.After last year s boring entry The Dark Root, this book is a bit of a redemption for Gunther The characterization and the dialogue are as always top notch Mayor s attention to detail is strong as ever, but the detail makes the atmosphere stronger rather than distracting from the story On the minus side, as usual the plot is utterly, ridiculously convoluted Some of the murders are rather tenuously linked to the financial plot, and I honestly have no idea how the first body found has any relation to it at all And of course, there s the usual one on one chase scene where Gunther conveniently forgets his radio, doesn t call for backup, etc The book s superficially exciting, but not in the least satisfying.

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    We re reading Mayor s Joe Gunther series in order, with Ragman being the 7th in a long series about Vermont cops headed by our chief detective protagonist After a clunker in book 6 Dark Root , we were glad to see the troops back in form in a murder mystery that unfolded one suspenseful event after another We weren t impressed with the part about the WWII survivor nor Joe s getting hurt near the end a common occurrence , but the remarkably discovered teenager s murder then a homeless man s death by rabies and then a killing at a nursing home sustained an entertaining plot, especially when they eventually tied together with a huge local corruption scheme.We note that other reviewers observed quite a few flaws in this outing, but given the rate at which we turned pages, we were happy 3.5

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    It s a detective novel, so who cares about writing Well, I do Good writing could make a detective novel better, and bad writing can make a detective novel distracting Unfortunately, having read another one of Mayor s Joe Gunther stories, I m disappointed by the writing Some of the phrases and scenes that occur here also occur, almost word for word, in St Albans Fire Mayor is also overly dependent on dialogue, which is a problem because the characters often say things to one another that they d never say For example, Gunther s lady friend, Gail, tells Gunther her schedule and reasons for the schedule months after beginning her new schedule By that point, people who live together should have had that conversation, but Mayor writes about it as if it s all new Overly depending on dialogue also causes problems because a it often needs to put words in the mouths of characters who shouldn t even be present, like Gail, a non cop who is equally or involved with the case as the actual cops are, or b it requires characters who are present to say certain things at certain times, taking away the opportunity for the character to actually develop a character Aside from Kunkle, I don t believe I really got to know any of the cops, including Gunther The story itself covered a lot of territory and could have benefited from slowing down a bit A whole bunch of murders coincidences to track down Each one could have been the focus of its own novel Of course, if Mayor wanted to write a detective story about coincidences piling up, then this is great except that the other book of his that I ve read is written the exact same way Not every story should be filled with details that can t be properly detailed.Other than these glaring issues, and a problem with tense changing at one point, Mayor once again at least keeps you reading How can you not when it s a detective novel

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    I am obsessively plowing through this guy s output They are police procedurals set in and around Brattleboro, Vt This one is particularly good A couple are clunkers, like Occam s Mammy Tammy Razor, which I am wishing would just end already.The hero is Joe Gunther, a Brattleboro cop and later a leading force in the fictional and rather ominous sounding Vermont Bureau of Investigation He s hooked up with a high maintenance power woman, but Mayor doesn t beat it to death The side characters are entertaining.The plots get complicated and delve into the past think Ross McDonald.Most are written in the first person the pair of third person novels I read suffered Mayor should drop that gimmick.The stuff about stupid selectmen and ineffective, dithering commissions and boards reads especially true to those who have covered such entities for a newspaper.

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    PROTAGONIST Lieut Joe GuntherSETTING Brattleboro, VermontSERIES 7 of 25RATING 3.25WHY It begins with the discovery of human hair in a bird s nest, followed by a series of bizarre deaths The small Brattleboro, Vermont, police force under the leadership of Joe Gunther, faces lots of challenges in investigating so many cases I like the character of Gunther a lot he shows deep compassion for all whom he encounters Unfortunately, several of the other main characters Willy Kunkle, Sammie, Gail don t feel so real to me The complexity of the plot plus the numerous descriptions of the local setting made this a slow read for me.

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    Love this quality series and characters Lite profanity sex situations Well narrated as usual for series and recommended.

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    I skipped this book because it was checked out of the library when I was going through the series Reading it out of order lets me see its strengths and weaknesses clearly Strengths as always, a deep sense of local history combined with an endearingly realistic sense of the variety of human foibles Weaknesses a convoluted plot that only comes together after, for what seems like the millionth time, Joe Gunther puts his own life in danger to catch the bad guy Gail should have left him a lot earlier in the series And even then, the mystery has to be explained in what is essentially an epilogue to the story, which is something you just can t do any .A good read with an unsatisfactory ending.

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    This wasn t one of my favorites the missing pieces felt a little too coincidental to me usually Mayor is really good about weaving a story that really makes sense where all the pieces fall into place and you think damn, it all makes sense but in this case, it felt a little like wtf just happened

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    I found the story a little convoluted than his other stories, but still a good read What I really didn t like was the first person narrative It doesn t work so well for the Joe Gunther books.

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    Great book, I was entranced from the beginning and blown away by the ending I will certainly be looking up books by Mayor.

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The Ragman's Memory: A Joe Gunther Mystery A Small Girl Brings Joe Gunther A Bird S Nest Made Partially Of Human Hair In The Search To Put A Body, And An Identity, To The Hair S Owner, Joe Comes Upon An Unexplained Death, A Grisly Murder, And A Sudden Disappearance All Seem To Be Entangled In A Puzzling Web Of Municipal Corruption, Blackmail, And Industrial Espionage A Shell Shocked World War II Vet Nicknamed The Ragman May Hold The Key To It All, If Joe Can Get Him To Talk Before The Murderer Strikes Again By Practicing His Craft With Dazzling Skill And By Digging For The Deeper Moral Issues Behind Every Grass Roots Crime, Archer Mayor Has Made An Honorable Art Form Of The Regional Mystery Marilyn Stasio, New York Times