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Vampires Of Livix (Volumes #1-2) Will Anna S Love Survive The Vampires Includes Volumes Of The Vampires Of Livix Trilogy We Have Your Girl For A Trade Trade For What We Will Call You Later With The Specifics Make Sure You Contact Garin Ramsburgh You Will Need His Help In Meeting Our Demands The Phone Went SilentPatent Attorney Anna Arkena And The Handsome Vampire Garin Ramsburgh Believe They Have Finally Freed Themselves Of The Vampires Intent On Destroying Them Garin Hopes They Can Continue Their Relationship Unhindered But Like An Approaching Twilight, Anna Has Become Unsure About Her Life With A Vampire Even One So Intriguing As GarinHowever, She Has Little Chance To Consider Her Decision The Vampire Investigator Branoc Seeks Their Help In Solving A Mystery Of Fifty Or Random Vampire Deaths With Strange Links To Garin S Family Business Soon The Shades Part And The Terrorists And The Militia Groups Become The Least Of Their Worries Friends Turn Into Treacherous Enemies Love Is Rejected And New Love Is DiscoveredWhat Happens Between Anna And Garin Has The Spark Escaped And Started An Unstoppable Blaze How Can An Ordinary Man Complicate Her Relationships With Vampires Can She Ever Trust The Vampires Again Will True Love Prevail The Assassin Grinned Wickedly Before Me As She Curtsied, Her Sword To The Side And Parallel To The Abrasive Concrete Rising Easily, She Exploded Into A Wrenching Vampire Onslaught Striking Against My Feeble Sword That I Clung To For Protection She Expertly Beat My Weapon From Side To Side As She Strode Against Me I Fell Back She Struck My Fainting Sword Again Then Again Then She Said, The Girl Is Yours, Jaina Danke, Came A Voice From Behind Me, Along With The Whip Of A Sword Blade Through The Air I Spun Away My Thoughts Racing How Could I Survive Them Patent Attorney Anna Arkena And The Vampire Garin Ramsburgh Strive To Stop The Fiery Face Of Evil Charging Unleashed Through The Twilight City Of Livix Unexpected Community Leaders And Pillars Of Economic Growth Are Suspiciously InvolvedAnna S Complicated Relationships Between The Handsome Human Brett And The Gorgeous Vampire Garin Are Troubling Her In Fifty Ways Or And It Could Shake Not Only Her Own Approaching Destiny But The Uncertain Future Of Livix And Humanity Will Anna S Love Survive The Inevitable Showdown With The Shades Of Converging Evils Will She Bravely Choose Her Path In Love And Life And Succeed Or Will She Be One Of The Many Crushed In The Catastrophe Food For The Vampires The Vampires Of Livix Novels One Night Burns The Night Discovered Behold This NightOfficial Author Web Blog J Gordon Smith

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