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Steve Pavlina I Think The Best Advice I Can Give For Improving Social Skills Is Simply Practice You Can Study Techniques Like Matching And Mirroring To Build Rapport, And You Can Memorize Cutesy Acronyms Like SOFTEN Smile, Open Posture, Forward Lean, Touch, Eye Contact, Nod But I Don T Think Those Are All That Helpful I Think They Re Likely To Make You Even Self Conscious If You Re In The Right Frame Of Mind To Begin With, You Ll Naturally Perform The Correct Actions Like Smiling And Mirroring If You Have To Think About Them, You Re In The Wrong MindsetLike Many Introverts I Was Pressured By Others To Socialize But I Largely Resisted This Pressure, Partly Because I Enjoyed Being An Introvert I Often Viewed Extroverts As Lacking In Intelligence And Depth, And I Can T Say I Wanted To Count Myself Among ThemHowever, Over A Long Period Of Time, I Eventually Found Myself Becoming And Extroverted I Embraced Spending Time With Other People, Went Out Of My Way To Meet New People, Could Comfortably Introduce Myself To Strangers, And Actually Enjoyed It The Myers Briggs Test Now Labels Me An Extrovert To The People Who Know Me Today, This Wouldn T Be SurprisingI Ll Share Some Deep Thoughts On How To Consciously Create Intimate Connections With Other People I Ll Also Explain The Mindset Heartset That Can Help You Overcome Any Fear Of RejectionThis Book Is Composed Of The Articles From StevePavlina Website It Contains Articles About Social Skills, Human Relationships, Communication, Public Speaking, Approach Anxiety And Many Steve Pavlina Born April , Is An American Self Help Author, Motivational Speaker And Entrepreneur He Is The Author Of The Web Site Stevepavlina And The Book Personal Development For Smart PeopleList Of Articles Table Of ContentsImproving Social SkillsYou Need PeopleEliminating Verbal PausesHow To Go From Introvert To ExtrovertA Question For IntrovertsRisk Vs Reward In Human RelationshipsDealing With Difficult PeopleDealing With Difficult RelativesHow To Win An ArgumentInterpersonal Communication And The Awareness GapAre Your Friends An Elevator Or A Cage Understanding Family Relationship ProblemsUnderstanding Human RelationshipsHow To Help Negative PeopleSoulful RelationshipsDealing With Close MindednessSocial DragSilent ApprovalOvercoming Fear Of Public SpeakingSpeedhugging How To Go From Zero To Hugs In Under SecondsJust Frakkin Hug MeApproach AnxietyShare Your ShameInitiating Relationships With Openness, Honesty, And DirectnessHow To Create IntimacyLive Consciously

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    Just so people don t get tricked, you don t have to buy this book This is just a compilation of Steve Pavlina s free articles on his website, stevepavlina.comIf you wanna read his website on a paperwhite kindle, you can just download calibre and make a document and stick it to your kindle You can then read all of Steve Pavlina s stuff there, if that s your thing.As for the actual articles on how to become better socially, well, if you can follow it be the letter, let s just say it you might be able to go from this To this

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