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Gift of the Familiar (Mark of the Familiar #2) This Story Was Previously Released As Part Of The Milk Cookies Handcuffs AnthologyIn Gift Of The Familiar, Ellis And William Have Found Their Happy Ever After In Each Other S Arms But That Doesn T Mean They Can T Keep Life And Love Interesting As They Celebrate First Day Together, Ellis Learns The Origins Of The Day And Of His People In The Spirit Of The Holiday, William Gives Ellis A Length Of Rope To Further Explore The Boundaries Of Their Relationship In Return, Ellis Does His Best To Show He Understands Exactly What Giving, And Submitting, Are All About

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    As cute as the first book, only a whole lot hotter, this sequel explores the relationship between half succubus wizard, William, and his newly freed from abuse familiar, Ellis Where Ellis didn t really know what to expect right after being taken into the safe house for magical beings where he now lives, enough time seems to have passed for him and William to have settled into their lives working on magical wards and loving each other This story focuses on the celebration of First Day, the beginning of the new year in this world Alex Whitehall has createdEllis has no idea what First Day is all abut, since his old master always locked him away, explaining it was a day for punishing bad familiars What a bastard But when William begins to explain how First Day is celebrated, gifts and all, and what the legends say about its importance, Ellis is all ear So was I, by the way I loved all the little details about the myths behind First Day, and the way it is celebrated It made for a very rich background to all the bedplay going on a bit later.William is shocked how little Ellis has been taught, but he sets out to show him with great enthusiasm The gift he gets Ellis and the memory that caused his idea are very hot, and, of curse, they have to try it out immediately Hot Hot Hot But what made it even better was the warmth and love between these men who clearly belong together.If you like stories about the way men with magical abilities live their lives and love each other, if you enjoy spending some time reading abut a mystical world with all its legends and customs, and if you want to know about Ellis and his True Master William from Mark of the Familiar , then you will probably like this second short story I think it is enchanting.NOTE This book was provided by Storm Moon Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.