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RVR-500 Phil Ryan, A Jaded, Ex Military NTSB Investigator Encounters Much Than He Expected While Investigating What Was Supposed To Be An Ordinary Aircraft Crash Investigation Conspiracy In The Industry, And Even Within His Own Agency, Keeps Him From Finding The Answers A Sudden Murder Only Deepens The Mystery, And As Time Runs Out He Zeros In On The Truth A Dark Secret With The Power To Rock The Airline Business To Its Core

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    The ring knockers and good old boys aren t going to like this one.It starts out as an accident investigation and evolves into international intrigue and murder so smoothly that at some point you stop reading and say to yourself, Wha.wh.what The investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board is intriguing enough We hear the news conferences but have no idea how they come up with their conclusions This book gives us an insight into a little known investigative system that alone might make a good story and certainly creates the base for a page turning adventure.Capt Rhein, himself a mustang, does a great job of explaining the ring of collusion within the professional military officer class He s obviously felt the gut wrenching agony of a non commissioned or warrant officer trying to get his or her job done running directly into the intransigence and self serving of professional military officers He takes it to its logical end in a thriller that keeps you in your seat waiting for the next investigative path to open Not only did I enjoy reading this, it was fun.Here s hoping the Phil Ryan will reconsider his request to retire or that the new political appointee as head of the NTSB brings him back as his or her deputy.

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    Plane crashes revealing corporate fraudA plane crashes on landing in bad weather and the NTSB is called to investigate, as it should An enterprising lead investigator carries the investigation to its full conclusion, bravely ignoring his boss s heavy handed attempts to cover up the true causes of the accident Adventures ensue RVR 500 is well enough written, but not really captivating The story should be quite good, but it s let down by uninspired dialogue, stereotypical characters and a curious lack of life spirit The air crash investigation itself is quite straightforward, showing a commendable belief in the system After all, we do live in the best of the possible worlds, where the bad characters have no chance when confronted with the overwhelming power of the good institutions of the commonwealth A plain story plainly told, a good choice for those readers who like airplane stories and have a few hours to spare Scale unreadable, couldn t finish bad or very bad, but readable good work, well worth the price very good in its genre timeless masterpiece.

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    RVR 500 kept me on my toes from beginning to end The airplane crash only reveals a deeper mystery that NTSB has to solve I like the way Rhein integrated the military connections into the NTSB It exposes an officer s club mentality to solving problems, and the real work is done by heroes like the lead investigator, Phil Ryan There were twists and turns that added depth to the book s plotline I never expected to be led out of the country on a pursuit Newcomer Rhein should plan a sequel for Phil so he continues pursuing investigations as a forsenic consultant He s a character I d want to follow.

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