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Journey to the Center of Minecraft - A Minecraft Novel When Zed Moved Away From His Village To Start A Farm, He Knew He D Face Some Challenges, But He Never Expected This A Simple Expedition To Gather Some Iron Turns Into The Adventure Of A Life Time, When Zed Falls Down A Crevice And Finds Himself Battling Monsters, Dodging Lava, And Desperately Trying To Stay Alive And Find His Way Back To The Surface Before His Food And Torches Run Out On Sale For A Limited Time Grab This Best Selling Minecraft Novel Today

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    Found this in the kid section at the library My son loves Minecraft so we took it home and started reading First of all, there are curse words that are inappropriate for a child to be reading Not the most awful of words, but still damn and OMFG are not words I want to encourage my child to read and repeat I m baffled as to why this was even in the children s section at all Second, there are too many misspelled words to believe these are printing errors The writing reads poor and uneducated with the many errors I found within just the first few pages Whoever wrote this needs to learn how to proofread what they write and remember who may be reading it.

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    Awesome This is probably the best mine craft book I ve ever read The ending is funny, but it is predictable I recommend this to a person who wants a good mine craft book

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