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  • ebook
  • 43 pages
  • His Dream Lover
  • Lee Brazil
  • English
  • 10 November 2018
  • 9781781849132

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    Absolutely romantic I m not usually a fan of dream sequences, but for some reason this title called to me and I took a chance And to be honest, this could have been creepy with the strange doctor obsessed with his comatose patient But Oliver is professional, and frankly it was the nursing staff beginning to irritate me to no end in this story I like how Joseph s story and Ollie s are woven together Quite cute and clever The ethereal quality to the dream sequences are done well Time moves appropriately and the sudden changes without prelude are perfectly rendered While on the other hand we see Ollie s world and how it s changing in steady progression The contrast between the two highlights their states.Overall, a charming retake on Sleeping Beauty.And the awakening Well that s quite lovely, too Favorite quote You re deciding between finding out if the dream is real, and giving up all dreams, forever A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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    The power of dreams is a fascinating subject to me, and this story explores exactly the kind of questions I am interested in Is there such a thing as a land of dreams Can some of them come true or are they already true as we dream them How do we know What are they trying to tell us These are the questions Joseph, a patient in a medically induced coma that did not end as planned, and Oliver, the anesthesiologist who put him there and now feels guilty, are asking in this amazing story of imagination and hope.Oliver s guilt over having put Joseph into a coma is enormous He knows he did the right thing medically speaking , and an internal investigation has confirmed it, but he cannot help but feel responsible This is made worse by the fact that the patient looked at him just before he was put under and Oliver saw the trust in the man s eyes He was slightly attracted to him even back then, and over the months of guarding him, reading to him, and providing him with as many stimuli as he can, those feelings have only grown Others, like the nasty head of nursing who sounds very homophobic, see it as an obsession All I saw was a man falling in love and trying his best to bring Joseph back to life.Joseph is in the realm of dreams, and has no real memory of his previous life Morpheus, King of Dreams, has taken him under his wings and the temptation for Joseph to stay where he is, spending his time listening to Oliver reading to him, then making love Joseph doesn t really understand what Morpheus tells him at the beginning of his stay there will come a time when he has to make a choice He can either fade away to the realm of shadows ugh , or return to his life It s a hard choice for Joseph to make, because he isn t sure if the visions about Oliver are true dreams, which would give him hope for having found someone to love, or whether they are just dreams and he ll be as lonely when he returns as when he left.If you like fantastical stories about what might be possible, if you enjoy reading abut men who have always looked for in life yet have never found it, and if you re looking for a read that might make you cry but is sure to put a smile on your face at the end, then you will probably like this short story It carries a wonderful message of hope and I totally loved it NOTE This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Review To come.at GGR Review dot com

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    Touching and lovely story Really liked it

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    Review Written for Joseph Caldwell has undergone surgery He did not wake up from a medically induced coma The anaesthesiologist Oliver Gideon refuses to give up hope that Joseph will come back as everyone else has seemed to have done He stays with him every chance he gets, talking to him, reading to him, anything to get him to respond, whether the nurses like him being there or not.Joseph has found himself in the realm of dreams, some are true and some are not Joseph has to find his path back to reality or choose to stay forever in the realm of dreams In his dream he has found a soul mate and life is perfect, does he want to chance waking up to find this is just a dream This story is very different and intriguing Though it begins six months after the fact, the back story is dropped slowly, just enough to let us know what s going on, and the two stories complement each other well The realm of dreams is intriguing, I m not sure I would want to wake up either I did find in a couple places, that some things from Ollie s point of view were repeated in Joey s point of view The story was interesting in the fact that something beginning as guilt turned into something so much deeper and the patient did hear and feel what was going on around him I have always believed that people in comas can hear and feel people around them I was heartbroken that everyone gave up so quickly on Joseph and relieved that the anaesthesiologist refused to let Joey go This is a beautiful, yet gripping, love story and almost made me cry.If you like 50 s songs, Drs., stories about dreams, and comas, love, faith, this is definitely for you

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    A unique, intriguing and utterly romantic story I lost my heart to Ollie straight away But what stands out the most to me is how well written it is Where the story could easily have become confusing, the transitions from scene to scene, character to character are smooth and flawless, once again proving that Lee Brazil is a master at his craft This book is definitely going on my To Be Read Again list.

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    This was a cute story, as long as I look at it as paranormal I liked that the dreams connected them and that they stayed together through it all I have to believe that there was some sort of magic drawing them together partly because that makes it believable and cuter, but also because if there was no magic involved, it makes Ollie seem like a crazy, obsessed weirdo.

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    Part of the

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    3.5 stars

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His Dream Lover Through The Gates Of The Sun Lies The Land Of Dreams, And Beyond Thatthe Realm Of The LostIn A Private Hospital Room, Motionless And Still Beneath A Sheet, Lies Joseph Caldwell His Surgery Has Passed, To All Intents And Purposes, Successfully The Doctors Offer No Explanation For Why He Hasn T Awakened From The Medically Induced Coma The Stream Of Visitors Trickles Down To Nothing, And Still He Lies In Endless Sleep Nearly Everyone Has Given Up Any Hope For His RecoveryAnaesthesiologist Oliver Gideon Is Racked With Guilt And Confusion Could He Have Somehow Done Something Wrong His Superiors Assure Him He Is Not At Fault, The Science He Reviews Tells Him His Dosages Were Correct, But The Longer Caldwell Sleeps The Oliver Is Haunted By The Loneliness Of The Figure In The Bed He Spends Every Possible Moment With The Patient, Reading, Talking, Trying To Fill The Little Room With Sound, To Stir A Response That Science Isn T Sure Is PossibleMorpheus, King Of Dreams Has Welcomed Joseph To His Realm Some Dreams, He Explains, Are True, And Some Are False There S Only One Way Tell Joseph Loves The Dream World Morpheus Has Woven For Him, For In It, He S Found Something He Never Found In Reality A Soul Mate For The First Time, His Life Is PerfectIn The End, He Has To Choose He Cannot Stay In The Realm Of Morpheus Forever It S Either Back To The Land Of The Sun, And Potential Loneliness Or On To The Realm Of The Lost

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