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    Slip away from reality for a little while and enjoy the erotic tale of the ultimate male sperm 3 sisters with a problem of their bodies rejecting male sperm, are devastated because they all want a child After Brooke has gone through 5 marriages and over 30 men trying to see if one will knock her up, gives up hope as well She gets married once again to Kevin and a year later she is pregnant Kevin has the golden sperm Now her sisters are going through what she did So Brooke tells Kevin that it is duty to screw her sisters and give them a baby too Only they will trick her sisters and not let their husbands know either And of course they are both ovulating the same weekend The plan works out and Kevin gets the ultimate desire.his wife giving him permission to sleep with her two sisters The sex scenes are amazingly hot Even though reality doesn t play into this, this book is about eroticism and desire That is handed to you ten fold

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Infertile Breeding The In LawsLength , WordsAfter Being Diagnosed With A Genetic Defection, Brooke Lange Gives Up On Getting Pregnant Defying All Odds, Her Husband Kevin Unlocks The Door To Her Failing Conception His DNA Is A Perfect Match To Override The Ailment Now Six Months Pregnant, Her Joy Hits A Depressing Snag Her Two Sisters Inherit The Genetic Problem, Sentencing Them To A Fate Of Future Infertility Knowing Kevin S Sperm Is A One In A Million Match, He Represents Their Only Chance Of Producing Offspring Brooke Persuades Him To Secretly Breed Her Kin, Though One Problem Remains He Ll Have To Fool His Sister In Laws Into Thinking He S Their HusbandsWarning This , Word Story Contains Graphic Language, Erotic Situations, Breeding, Pregnancy, Lactation, Pregnant Sex, Domination, Submission, Humiliation, Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sex, Barebacking, Light Bondage, Role Play And Is A Story For Adults