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Curves For Her Wolf Doctor Dr Alec Greystone, Cool, Calm And Incredibly Desirable Yet The Moment His Mate Walks Into His Office, His Calm Demeanour Slips Here Is His Woman Asking For Advice About Contraception, Because Her Boyfriend Is Pressuring Her To Sleep With Him When She Reveals She Is Inexperienced, And He Knows He Will Have To Do Whatever It Takes To Make Sure He Is The First To Claim HerVictoria Williams Is A Curvy Inexperienced Woman After Meeting Dr Greystone She Realises She Should Save Her Innocence For The Right Man But When She Tries To Break Up With Her Boyfriend, He Forces Himself On Her Her Saviour Comes In The Form Of A Wolf Who Then Turns Into Dr GreystoneConfused By The Nights Events She Is Seduced By The Wolf Doctor, And Soon Comes To Realise The Full Meaning Of His Desire For HerBut When Her Ex Boyfriend Returns The Good Doctor Angry With Victoria For Not Sending Him Away So He Punishes Her, In The Most Pleasurable WayThis , Word Short Story Is For Adults Only And Contains Explicit ScenesExcerpt He Came Towards Her Again, And Victoria Realised She Had Backed Herself Into A Corner, Literally Alec Greystone Took Full Advantage And Pressed His Body Against Hers, Placing One Hand On The Wall Either Side Of HerVictoria Felt Small Tremors Start To Fill Her Body, Although She Had To Admit It Wasn T Through Fear Instead She Felt Incredibly Aroused By Him The Closeness Of His Body Made Her Want To Strip Her Clothes Off And Offer Herself To Him Worse, She Had To Close Her Hands Into Tight Fists To Stop Them Reaching Out And Undoing The Robe And Feasting On His BodyHe Saw The Way She Was Reacting, And Smiled You Do Feel It Too He Leaned In And Nuzzled Her Neck I Thought I Was Going To Have To Spend Time Trying To Persuade You He Kissed Her Neck, So Light It Made Her Skin Shiver And Tingle Persuade Me To What She Managed To Get Out Persuade You To Give Me Your Precious Innocence His Hand Slid Over Her Breast And Tweaked Her Nipple Even Through Her Clothes He Had An Incredible Touch My Precious What Victoria Closed Her Eyes And Lost Herself To The Feel Of Him Slowly Though, While He Caressed Her Body, The Meaning Of His Words Dawned In Her You Want Me To Sleep With You Tonight If She Could Have Pushed Him Off She Would Have, But He Was Too Strong Instead She Had To Settle For Flailing Her Hands At Him, Which He Caught And Pinned Above Her Head Don T Worry I M Not Going To Force You To Do Anything And No, It Might Not Be Tonight, But It Will Be Soon Surely You Cannot Deny The Bond Between Us

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    As always wolves get my attention than any other shifter, this one was sweet, but I felt it was a little rushed and too short, it would have been better if it was a little slower and had details or some sparks to make it longer, still great one.

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    Kindle Unlimited book He s a wolf shifter doctor She s a patient Was okay but I wanted a little depth but was a good short read no cliffhanger