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Rose of Sharon and Other Stories This Selection Of Short Fiction By Award Winning Author Gary ABraunbeck Is A Haunting And Evocative Collection, Plumbing The Heights And Depths Of The Human Spirit Braunbeck Writes Of Everyday People, With Everyday Joys And Tragedies He Channels His Fellow Ohioans Bradbury And Serling, Writing Passionate And Beautiful Prose Which Challenges The Reader Who Would Dismiss His Work As Mere Popular Fiction This Selection Gathers Many Of His Previously Published Short Works Along With New Material, And Is A Wonderful And Wondrous Introduction To Those Who Have Yet To Read Him The Works Span Many Genres, And Will Appeal To Any Reader Who Appreciates The Short Story Form, And Introduce It At Its Best To Those Who Wonder What All The Fuss Is About As Well, Fans Of Braunbeck S Cedar Hill Novels Will Be Pleased To Find Several Visits To That Little Burgh Within These Pages

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    A magnificent collection of short fiction by an undisputed master of the form in any genre Each tale is a dark jewel, beautifully faceted, with spot on characterizations and incredible emotional power that touches the soul with either a gentle caress.or a fistful of razors Stories to be savored, as they will linger in your mind, and haunt your memory long after the final page is turned.A must have collection for any fan of the very best short stories.Highest recommendation

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    Like probably a lot of folks have said, I ve been a fan of Gary s since I read IN SILENT GRAVES I love his Cedar Hill cycle, and his work has always thrummed with an emotional resonance lifting it far above the standard horror tale He writes about human loss and emotion, about pain and anger, all the things that make us the broken things we are.That being said, what I liked best about this collection was its range some of the stories are trademark Gary Braunbeck emotionally wrenching stories that serve as a catharsis of emotion, a lancing of the boil, so to speak However, many of the stories were pleasantly melancholic or even touching It s a collection for those demanding of their speculative fiction one which I give the highest recommendation.

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    Review CopyRose of Sharon and Other Stories is not a collection of horror per se, but does have elements of horror in a number of the stories I believe one could best describe this as a work of speculative fiction Twenty Six tales including poetry, flash fiction, shorts and at least one novella make for a very entertaining read.The book starts off with one of the strongest stories of the collection, Man With a Canvas Bag Which also has a killer opening line, When I was a little boy there lived on our street four houses down from my family, to be exact a man who killed his five year old daughter Wow I was very excited to see where this one was going.Braunbeck is a skilled writer who is able to take your hand and draw you into the world he s created In this story, I could almost smell the autumn leaves It brought back memories of burying myself in a big pile of Autumn s finest and jumping out to scare my sister and brothers when I was a kid And what man of a certain age didn t have a shelf full of Aurora monster models in their room at one time But then this sweet story of a beautiful Autumn day quickly turns tragic Like a punch in the face when you re not expecting it.Some of my other favorites were, Mail Order Annie, a wonderfully complete story full of charm and a bit of horror I also liked, Aisle of Plenty an all too real story on the power of prejudice I also enjoyed In the Lowlands, a look at life as a hobo and a pretty cool story to boot Plus, it also had another very strong opening line, There s an old superstition among hoboes especially those whose camps are made near the switch yards that a Bo s death is mourned by the whistles of two passing trains the sounds meet overhead in the night, and though each might me a bit mournful when heard by itself, they combine to create a pleasant song of welcome for the Bo s soul as he takes himself that last great freight to Heaven Others I enjoyed included, I Never Spent the Money, which read like an old Twilight Zone episode, When It is Decided That the War Is Over, that one just blew me away And then there s the title piece, The Rose of Sharon which all by itself is worth the purchase price.There is an underlying sweetness to many of Bruanbeck s stories, but that doesn t make them any less potent Many of his stories take place in the fictional town of Cedar Hill, Ohio After a while you start to feel comfortable in that place, as you should Just don t get too relaxed.Rose of Sharon and Other Stories from Creative Guy Publishing is available now both in print and ebook formats from a number of retailers including .comI highly recommend a visit to Cedar Hill, Ohio.

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    Devotees of dark fiction likely need no introduction to the writing of Gary Braunbeck For years his stories have horrified us, given us a sense of wonder, broken our hearts and put them back together albeit with some permanent scars, like all the best writing tends to leave Within the world of horror, he s deservedly built a loyal and passionate fanbase Rose of Sharon collects some of his literary and mainstream fiction, as well as poetry and odd vignettes There s certainly horror to be found here, but it s a matter of perspective.In many of these stories, Braunbeck examines the lives of people just trying to get by as the specter of death lingers ever close at hand This specter takes form not merely as the cessation of human life It s in the internal, but no less potent, death of our humanity toward each other It s also in the death of memory, and the lack of attention we sometimes give to the small but vital details of each other s lives and our own These are incisive stories with a deeply compassionate core, and when the horror shows up, it s horror of the most realistic variety.There s a plaintive tone running through most of the pieces here, a hallmark of Braunbeck s fiction Quite a few of the stories, however, manage to view life in a way both elegiac and celebratory.Perhaps the most overt example of this is the wonderfully lyrical The Queen of Talley s Corner, a story of an aging woman reminiscing about happier times, spent with the love of her life These memories are offset by the cold treatment she receives in a nursing home, and offset further by the perspective of a pair of women suddenly given the responsibility of her care Their respective ambivalence and dismay create a striking counterpoint to her joyful monologues, the two perspectives coming together to illustrate the quiet horror of disconnection Need is another story that plays with perspective in a similar way Also set in Cedar Hill Braunbeck s Castle Rock, if you will , its various characters and threads of plot encircle a family thrust suddenly into poverty, culminating in a gut wrenching conclusion.The writing itself is gorgeous throughout, character and place alike rendered with a poet s eye for detail Lengthy, expository passages of dialogue flow naturally The stories here are impeccably captured snapshots of life, in all its grit and glory Rose of Sharon is an outstanding collection by a singular voice in modern fiction, genre or otherwise If any book of Braunbeck s is poised to draw his work from the shadows and into the literary limelight, this very well should be the one to do it Highly recommended review originally posted at

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    Rose of Sharon is going to stick with you In many ways that s precisely the reason so many of us enjoy Braunbeck s work, it lingers in the thoughts, plays around the heart and drifts through the soul, touching on little personal spaces in between Here you will find the sad ghosts which dwell at the heart of our being, the dark part of us that wants everything to stop and the place where doubts and fears become reality Braunbeck asks us to own the dark truths, see through a glass darkly and better yet to see the beauty that still lives in our world, particularly in those things that others might see as broken I was most fond of Man With a Canvas Bag , Mail Order Annie , The Queen of Talley s Corner, Danaid Night , Aisle of Plenty , I Never Spent the Money , Rose of Sharon , and Long Red and the Needle Patrol.

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    I haven t read all of Gary Braunbeck s work, but I fully intend to And as I do so, I ll make sure to have a box of tissues next to me In the novels of his that I ve read, there s always a moment there tends to be than one that is so drenched with sorrow that it brings me to tears In his short story collection ROSE OF SHARON, that moment for me came on early in the story, Man With A Canvas Bag I loved all of the stories in here, but some of the standouts for me were the aforementioned Man With A Canvas Bag, Mail Order Annie, Aisle of Plenty, I Never Spent the Money, and Matthew in the Morning Highest recommendation.

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    While not all of the stories you ll find here are horror, they will all draw you in Many of the stories here actually made me cry, a lot To me that is the best recommendation of a writer I can give That I was so moved by the characters it made me feel how they must in that moment And while I m a long time fan of the Cedar Hill novels, this is the collection that, for me, has elevated Gary Braunbeck from a good writer to a great one Do yourself a favor and get this book A solid 4.5 stars.

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    In a righteous world there would be a spinning wire rack of paperback books next to the checkout in every drug store, convenience mart, and gas station in the land and there would be five or six copies of ROSE OF SHARON in one of the slots near the top Everybody would know about Cedar Hill Unfortunately, things are the way they are, but this collection is well worth the extra effort to get It contains twenty seven pieces, some of them quite short Several appeared previously in earlier collections THINGS LEFT BEHIND and A LITTLE ORANGE BOOK OF ODD STORIES, both now out of print and hard to find, but many were previously uncollected A few appear here for the first time, and several others were also entirely new to me I wish the publishing history page listed the year the stories first appeared as well as the source Braunbeck is a master of pacing, plotting, and characterization He constructs these long, convoluted sentences like fairy castles made out of spun sugar and clouds, and they wind around and around and tell a story and build suspense and you step back and marvel at how they never collapse under their own weight, but they never do, they just keep building and winding tighter and tighter, and you shake your head and maybe go get a cup of coffee and a sandwich but when you get back they re still going strong and building upon themselves, and just when you think it s all about to fall apart they come to a graceful end and he punches you in the face Twice, maybe, and sometimes unkindly His work packs quite a punch is what I m trying to say His stories speak of loss and sorrow and regret, for the most part, but usually seasoned with a ray of hope or nobility I particularly liked Mail Order Annie, The Queen of Talley s Corner, and Matthew in the Morning I believe the title story was my favorite, though there isn t a really bad piece in the book.

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    Braunbeck s latest collection features over 25 stories in a wide range of genres.Among my favorites are Aisle of Plenty, about an elderly Muslim man facing religious persecution in the wake of 9 11 Need, one of a few stories included here dealing with desperate family situations this one is told in an incredibly slick style In The Lowlands, a powerful look at the life of hoboes Rose of Sharon, about a man who continues to love a woman despite how far she has fallen, and my pick for best of the lot is Duty, an emotionally devastating look at euthanasia complete with an eerie, supernatural ending.For those not familiar with the author, his stories often get dark and depressing, but readers are rewarded with some of the finest prose in the business and many selections here won t be leaving you any time soon just check out Saviour and the Civil War themed Matthew in the Morning to see what I mean.Even when Braunbeck gets a bit challenging The Obscenity of Gloves , this collection never slows down One piece published here for the first time, When it is Decided That the War is Over, reads like an updated version of the Stoker winning classic We Now Pause For Station Identification But not only does War feel fresh, I sense Gary can write a third tale in this vein and still keep us glued to the pages.ROSE OF SHARON is a top notch collection that displays Braunbeck s ability to tell an excellent tale regardless of what genre he s working in Few writers can shape words into such deep, soul shattering slices of life that we might not like to admit may be lurking in all of us.

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    Rose Of Sharon was pure delight to read Each story is beautifully written, journeying into depths of human emotion which few authors manage to convey so vividly as Braunbeck From the opening story, Man With A Canvas Bag , I was swept away by an undercurrent of empathy that carried me throughout the remainder of the book These stories are character driven explorations of the human condition They will show you life through the eyes of another Although these stories are not by any means straight up horror, I did find a few of them particularly haunting, such as Need , the grim tale of struggling single mother, and Saviour , a peek inside the mind of a burgeoning psychopath or is he I love how Gary Braunbeck explores the idea of God and faith or lack thereof from an impartial perspective, allowing the reader to relate no matter what their personal beliefs may be Some of the stories were so emotional I had to reach for the tissue box When It Is Decided That The War Is Over and Matthew In The Morning both blew my mind Then there are other tales which made me think about the classic stories by authors we all admire, such as Sometimes, First Thing In The Morning Or Very Late At Night which reminded me of Shirley Jackson s The Villager The title story Rose Of Sharon sums up the overall tone of the book quite nicely a mixture of the most intense feelings of love, loss, happiness, struggle, and regret Little pieces of fiction straight from the human heart, these stories look beyond the stereotypes we so often use to group each other into neat little categories I really loved this collection.

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