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Creating an Effective File System If You Have Piles Of Paper Sitting Around Your Office, You May Need Some Help To Create An Effective File System With An Effective File System, You Easily Will Be Able To Categorize And File Those Papers, And Importantly, You Will Be Able To Easily Retrieve The Documents You Filed This Book Describes A Process For Creating A File System That Will Work For You Some People Have Files That Are Dangerously Disorganized Due To The Lack Of A Clearly Defined Plan These Disorganized Files Cause People To Waste Hours Of Valuable Time Searching For Important Papers, Or Worse Yet, Never Locating The Files They Urgently Need At Some Point You Will Have Important Papers That You Need To Manage Whether You Are Saving Past Tax Returns, Medical Records, Or Utility Bills, You Need A Way To Store And Categorize The Papers So They Are Easy To Retrieve Don T Despair By Following The Steps Described In This Book, You Can Set Up An Efficient And Effective File System That Will Organize Your Files And Allow You To Quickly And Easily Locate Important Papers Even If You Aren T Naturally Organized, You Can Still Learn Organizing Skills By Having A Good System, Professional Guidance, And Consistent Effort With This Book, You Will Learn The Characteristics Of An Effective File System You Will See Different Ways To Categorize Files We Will Show You The Supplies You Need For A Useful File System And Then We Will Help You Organize YOUR File System

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    It contains most of all we already know but put in a simple to follow concept Kudos to Catharine.