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    This was a short, erotic historical western, but it still held some emotional romantic pull to it I also liked the way the historical elements were handled It was very focused on the sexual scenes, but there was still backstory and some relationship development I would enjoy reading a full novel from this author that has story to put between all the hot intimate scenes.

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    Sweet love story between Jake and Jeremiah who live in a time where it would be dangerous for 2 men to love each other The author manages to show respect, love and passion they have for each other and their way of life in this short story.

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    Coming of age and first love it was beautiful In a time when love between men was seen as a sin and those that did so was prosecuted Very empowering and beautifully told Just a bit short but amazing.

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    Disappointed Writing s not bad but mainly a sex scene Porn dialogue not suited to the time period.

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Homestead On The Spring Day That Jeremiah Reed Hired The Nineteen Year Old Boy From The Neighboring Homestead To Help Break Sod For A New Field He Hadn T Expected His Life Would Change Forever For Three Years, Jeremiah Had Lived Alone, Carving Out A Home From The Vast Emptiness Of The American Great Plains Up Until That Fateful Spring Day, He D Told Himself He Preferred It That Way As Spring Gave Way To Early Summer, Fate Was About To Serve Up Another Day That Would Alter Everything Jeremiah S Twenty Five Years Of Life Had Prepared Him For