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Gyro The Harrowing Story Of A Young Womans Worst Nightmare Henry Fink Is Both Delusional And Psychotic After Accidentally Discovering His Dead Father S Past As A Nazi Interrogator, And Fascinated By What He Uncovers, He Becomes Obsessed In This Barbaric And Violent Era Voices Convince Him That He Has Been Given A Commission By Hitler To Gather Information And To This End He Kidnaps, Tortures And Kills Central To All This Is The GYRO, A Barbaric Nazi Torture Machine Fink Kidnaps Polly Morton, And Rapes, Tortures And Beats Her In Order To Get Her To Part With Her Secrets Polly Knows That If She Tells Him What He Wants To Hear He Will Kill Her, So A War Of Attrition Rages Between Them Polly Finds A Gruesome Way To Get Messages Out And After A False Start The Police Close In Fink Escapes And Many Will Die Before He Returns To Finish What He Started

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