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Resurrection (The Bounty Hunter Series 2 #1) The Bounty Hunter Series Continues With The First Story In Series Two ResurrectionA Few Months Have Passed Since The Events Of Series One Burke And Cass Find Themselves With A New Ship A New Home A New Pilot, And A Galaxy Full Of Possibilities Ahead Of ThemOn The Planet Liveria, A Rain Drenched Cityscape Covers The Entire World Criminals Run Unchecked In The Lower Levels Of The City, Where It S Too Dangerous For Even The Planet S Authorities To Risk Investigations Burke And Cass Take The Job Of Tracking And Apprehending Two Escaped Convicts That Have Carved Their Way Through The City, Leaving A Trail Of Dead Bodies In Their Wake As With Most Of Their Contracts, However, Not Everything Is As Simple As It First Appears To The Bounty Hunting DuoResurrection Is The First Novella Out Of Six That Will Make Up Series Two Of The Bounty Hunter Series An Introduction To The Universe Is Included For New Readers That May Have Not Read Series One, But Those Who Prefer To Read Things In Order Should Read The Prior Stories First The Bounty Hunter Stories Are A Series Of Novellas Following The Adventures Of Burke Monrow And AI Cass A Bounty Hunting Duo, They Take Contracts Around The Galaxy, Apprehending Criminals, Murderers, Vicious Aliens, And Abide By Their Own Moral CodeThe Series Is Best Read In Order, As There Is A Larger Plot Arc That Connects The Series However, Each Installment Can Be Read And Enjoyed On Its Own For The Individual Story Line Of Each Novella Some Names And References To Prior Events Are Made, But Most Can Be Understood In The Context Of The Story

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