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    Be careful what you wish for Lady Bathory longed for immortality and enlisted men from all walks of life to find what was only whispered about so that she would be able to attain it With villains and heroes from The Mummy and Headless Horseman to Sherlock Holmes to Zorro, it all comes down to good versus evil Dracula has risen and time is running out.I would have given stars, for this is such an original story, wonderfully told but needed a lot of proofreading and editing and for the heavy price of it I would have not expected the mistakes I found or the fact the it was part one and only 200 large print pages It is a great adventure and I admittedly want , I recommend borrowing this book though.

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M (The Book of M #1) The Countess Elizabeth Bathory Living In Exile Has Never Given Up On Her Struggle For Eternal Youth So With The Aid Of The Gentleman Thief Arsene Lupin, The Brilliant Professor Moriarty, The Invisible Man, And The Phantom Of The Opera She Is Able To Summon The Headless Horseman To Retrieve, The Sarcophagus Of One Of The Greatest Emperors To Ever Rule Egypt, The Frankenstein Monster, And The Ashes Of Count Dracula To Achieve Her Lifelong Goal Of Eternal Life What Could Possibly Stand In Her Way In Retirement And Living Out His Golden Days In A Cabin, The Once Famous And Brilliant Detective Sherlock Holmes Quietly Plays A Tune On His Violin, When A Stranger Comes Knocking At His Door In The Middle Of The Night Chased By Blood Thirsty Vampires, The Stranger Finds Some Refuse In Sherlock Holmes Cabin And Introduces Himself And Van Helsing Van Helsing Reveals To Holmes That After The Death Of Dracula Van Helsing Has Spent His Years Chasing The Creatures Dracula Spawned And His Journey Has Led Him To The Door Of One Of History S Greatest Detectives Together Van Helsing And Sherlock Holmes Set Out To Stop The Plans Of Elizabeth Bathory And Aiding In Their Mission Are None Other Than Don Diego De La Vega, Zorro Who Has Decided To Spend His Retirement Years Traveling The World When He Meets Holmes And Van Helsing, And Assist Them In Slaying A Vampire Also Helping In The Crusade Is Alan Allan Quatermain, Captain Ahab, And Dr Henry Jekyll, Or Mr Hyde Together They Must Stop The Uprising Of One Of The Most Evil Being That Legend Has Ever Created