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    The publisher s blurb on the back of my edition of TTITW reads THE PLOT GRIPS LIKE A DROWNING MAN AND DRAGS THE READER DEEP INTO THE SEWERS OF VICTORIAN VILLAINY Yes That is exactly what the plot is like does I would add only IT S REALLY FUN TO READ AHH Pullman always hero worships his protagonists a bit, but he writes such compelling ones it s impossible to blame him Take Sally Lockhart, our heroine She pulls off unwed motherhood in Victorian London like it ain t no thang She runs her own business She has very blonde hair and yet dark eyes She s not afraid to use her pistol When nervous or excited, she has a tendency to trembl e , intent as a tigress A tigress And Sally is nothing on Daniel Goldberg The man is so charismatic he can defuse bloodthirsty mobs single handedly by telling stories He speaks most of the European languages and possibly some other ones He gets shot at He s wanted for murder in Hungary Hungary The machinations of the plot are very enjoyable to follow, but is is Pullman s larger than life characters who really make this book for me I don t have a crush on Mr Goldberg the way I did when I was younger but by god he s fun to read about a perfect counterpart for Sally I might still have a slight crush on Mr Goldberg

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    Pre review This looks terrifying, but I still gotta read it Review It was terrifying But it was also very good, like the rest of this series, and basically everything Phillip Pullman writes is fabulous I was so scared at many points and empathised so much with Sally I can t imagine how awful it would be, to have some hidden enemy know everything about you and always be one step ahead of you I did guess the villain, mostly because of view spoiler his mention at the very beginning and the opium connection hide spoiler

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    Meeehhhhh, Sally s second book was good, and this onewas not Okay, I was still digging the setting of Victorian London Sally, I was just at the Assyrian exhibit at the British Museum I walked along Fleet Street I can totally picture every single place we were hanging out But omigosh, I cannot tell you how frustrating every other part of this book was One, Sally is back to annoying me Two, everybody that I liked, like Jim, is not in the book until the end, when he, of course, saves the day Three, Sally Why are you so stupid Your solicitor so obviously sucks and I can t believe you put up with his crap You re supposed to be too much of a badass chick to deal with his incompetence Also, why did it take you so long to realize who was behind everything I mean, it was implied that you kind of knew, but just took you FOREVER to deal with it, but I m not buying that Again, badass chick And four, why is everybody else so stupid Sally cut and dyed her hair, people, she didn t change her entire face Really, bad guys You don t recognize her when she shows up at your house to work as a maid Slaps hand to forehead Just realized points one and three arekind of the same thing But she s so stupid and annoying in this book that it probably warrants two separate points In the end, Sally ends up with a sexy, smart political leader, who I kind of dig, but I still miss Fred

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    The third book in the series of the Sally Lockhart Quartet is the longest and also by far the most interesting Sally now has a two year old daughter named Harriet, whose father was the late Frederick Garland Her financial business is successful and she live in a house in Richmond with old friends, Jim and Webster Garland, who are away in South America on a photographic assignment But Sally s idyllic and unconventional middle class life is shattered when she receives legal papers from a Mr Parrish, a man she s never heard of, who claims to be her husband He is requesting custody of Harriet and he aims to ruin Sally and take her daughter and all her assets for himself All of Victorian male society is against Sally and she is gradually stripped of everything she holds dear Without her old friends to help her, she must once use her wits and bravery to defend herself against the mysterious Mr Parrish as she sets out to discover the purpose of his plot and to right the injustice that he has brought upon her.It all sounds a bit melodramatic, but as usual the writing is brilliant, suspenseful and character driven The plot is really a chance for Phillip Pullman to explore in detail the issues of Victorian London, from women s lack of marital rights to the suffering and lack of rights of the East End poor and the Toynbee esque charities trying to help them We meet dockers, London gangs, Jewish refugees fleeing the pogroms and the socialist radicals among them here represented by Dan Goldberg, the stories other hero All of these social historical issues are subtly woven into a dramatic and action packed edge of the seat story, and you never feel like Phillip Pullman is crowbarring in his research Instead the characters who represent these issues become friends and allies of Sally in her fight against the evil Mr Parrish, his shadowy employer whose identity is pretty obvious if you read the first two books in the series , and the patriarchal Victorian Law As the story goes on Sally gets to witness and assist her friends in their own struggles, which, as it unsurprisingly turns out, are connected with her own Interestingly, there are little ideas and themes that link with His Dark Materials The villainous Tzadick and his pet monkey that people claim is an evil spirit or a part of his soul, and that feeds him and defends him from those who would do him harm The child kidnapping plot albeit here seen from Sally, the Tiger mother s, point of view At one point, Sally and Dan Goldberg have a glass of Tokay, which is apparently a Hungarian Wine and is also a favourite tipple in His Dark Materials I always wondered what it was The London detail has got believable as the Sally Lockhart series has gone on, there was alway a quality of description but the social and historical detail seems to be much better and subtler in this book Altogether my favourite in the series so far.

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    Antes que nada, debo admitir que con esta saga hice todo mal Sab a de su existencia desde hac a a os, pero no ten a mucha idea, tan solo me llamaban la atenci n Un verano, compr uno en oferta Con mi suerte de siempre, result ser el cuarto La princesa de hojalata Con mi suerte de siempre, result ser el nico que no trata de Sally, sino de otros personajes secundarios Lo disfrut mucho Este a o, encontr otro, tambi n en oferta Con mi suerte de siempre, result ser el tercero al menos voy en orden, aunque sea inverso Bien, el nico problema que tuve fue comerme spoilers gigantescos sobre los finales de los otros libros, pero eso estaba visto Me molest m s no generar la empat a necesaria a causa de esos sucesos En fin.El libro me sorprendi varias veces, algunas gratamente, otras no tanto Toda la primera parte se me hizo eterna, aburrida, desesperante Debo resaltar que la sensaci n de paranoia y desesperaci n de Sally al ser acosada por un enemigo invisible y del que no sabe sus motivos se siente en carne propia Y ta, eso Despu s, al iniciar el segundo libro y al empezar a moverse un poco m s las cosas, lo termin muy r pido La trama es interesante y se nota una planificaci n previa Qu decirles, amiguitos, es Philip Pullman Necesita acaso presentaci n Es el autor de La materia oscura, una historia que considero fundamental Si bien la saga de Sally es mucho m s informal , solo podemos esperar calidad de Pullman He le do varios libros suyos infantiles, juveniles, adultos Es bueno Give him a chance.Hay un par de cosas que no me convencen nadita view spoiler C mo puede ser que Sally de tanto en darse cuenta de qui n es el enemigo Hasta yo me di cuenta, y eso que no le los otros dos libros C mon Adem s, c mo puede ser que no la reconozcan Solamente se cort el pelo y se lo ti , no se hizo una cirug a pl stica En fin hide spoiler

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    This is the best out of all of them Very very good It s totally a on the edge of your seat and wanting to kill the villian book I loved it I always knew that Ah Ling was behind the whole thing I mean who else from Sally s past that would want revenge Everyone else died so it could only be him The only thing that I didn t perdicted was that Mr Lee was Ah Ling That was a surprize Okay, it wasn t that much of one Once Sally started to learn about Mr Lee, I knew that he was Ah Ling You can t fool me I ve seen to many detective and mystery shows.There was a lot information about that time period, too I had no idea about the whole thing with the Jews Of course I don t live in England, so that might explain that Anyway, it kind of reminded me of today Back then they were all hating on the Jews They thought that the Jews were the source of all the problems in London, which to tell you the truth were pretty bad Now that I think about it, it reminds me of what was happening in Germany before World War II There was propaganda that the Jews were the people that they should hated because they are the problem of the world Anyway, back to what I was saying Today people are kind of doing that with Muslims It was Muslims that were behind 9 1 1, and it is Muslims that are attacking people in the middle east People have a reason to hate Muslims Do they I mean because of this it s Muslims that are stopped at the airport than anyone else, and being thought to be terrorists than anyone else But not all Muslims are terrorists Just like not all Americans are fat You can t just tell what people are like based on their religion, race, looks, or where their from Everyone is different Everyone is a different human being You can t jugde them like that It s just not right This book shows a lot of the problems of London in the late 1800 s Some of them are pretty nasty and sad Very very sad And to think that stuff was really happened I can t believe it And think to that some of that stuff is happening today Yah, today we re much better off, but some of that stuff is still going on and probably not going to stop any time soon Horrible, right I knew that these things were and are going on but I never really thought about them I live a sheltered life and things like that usually don t come into my everyday life Gosh that s really sad I should know and think about them Some where there s human beings going through horrible things That matters But again, I really am incapable of doing that I will forget these kind of things in a day or two It s for the best I mean what would I do if I thought about those things all the time I would become very very down and paranoid I don t want to feel that I ll just try to remember it sometimes, instead Yah, that would be better.There s a lot charaters, suspense, settings, conflics, and in this book This is a very good ending to the Sally Lockhart series I know what your thinking, But what about The Tin Princess Yah, it s part of the Sally Lochart series but, to my understanding, Sally s not in this one Jim is, but not Sally So that s what I m talking about The end of the Sally Lockhart series.There s of Sally in this book I mean with Jim away and all, there s bound to be But there was less villian chapters and of Sally chapters and that s a change In the other books, Sally is not always shown This one Sally is almost always shown.I m so glad that Jim got to take part of this whole mystery, though he came when everything was wrapping up Almost the whole book I was thinking, When is Jim going to come back or I wonder what would happen if Jim was there It was so cool to see him come back I loved it The whole time I was rooting for Sally I was mad for her, sad for her, and just plain scared for her The whole situation was very scary for Sally I so wanted to kill who ever was behind this whole thing Sally didn t deserve this How dare someone try and take her child away from her How dare they So, that s it Wow, I typed a lot I guess that s what happens when your talking about a book that you love.

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    Sally Lockhart is a rare woman in Victorian England She s a single mother, competent, independent, and a successful and prosperous business owner She has never been married, so when she is served with divorce papers, she cannot understand how such a mistake could be made It soon becomes clear it is not a mistake The details about her in the document are correct all except one She has never met the man claiming to be her husband, the man who wants to take custody of her daughter.I would not have labeled this a YA book There is nothing juvenile about it It is a suspenseful Dickensian story of vengeance, greed, cruelty, and corruption, which vividly captures the social conflicts of the time The images of Victorian London are detailed and clear The contrasts between rich and poor, worker and owner are sharp The only YA aspect may be a carryover from the first book in the series, The Ruby in the Smoke, in which Sally is first introduced as a 16 year old orphan I didn t see that book as specifically YA either, though.My only criticism, and it s not a strong one, is that I thought Sally should have been a bit quicker on the uptake in identifying the real force behind her troubles I figured it out long before she did, but then I, as a reader, understand this is a novel and therefore must make sense Real life, of course, is not like that.I highly recommend this book to all readers, especially those fond of Victorian mysteries It s a great story.

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    The third installment of the Sally Lockhart mysteries series is even complex than the other two entries It is also, unfortunately, a little too obvious, as I figured out the identity of the mysterious villain way before Sally did And if I figured it out, everyone figured it out.No matter, though, because Pullman still spins a decent yarn It s about 2 years since we last saw Sally, and she is now raising Harriet, the daughter she conceived with Frederick right before he died All seems to be well until Sally receives papers that state that she s being sued for divorce and custody of her child One problem Sally never married anyone The problem compounds when her alleged husband starts taking all of her assets.So, Sally has to discover the origin of the cruel plot hatched against her And, there s an interesting, but somewhat tangled subplot about Jewish immigrants and socialism in England But it all comes together.A worthy conclusion to this fabulous trilogy.

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    A great read I would have given it five stars, but unfortunately Pullman wavers a bit towards the end of the book and overstates the socialism message in two of the last scenes The socialism subplot is otherwise masterfully handled and lends intellectual depth to this mystery it s a shame Pullman had to doubt his own powers of writing and slam us over the head with the socialism message in those two scenes.But other than that misstep, a terrific book riveting, multilayered, and one of those rare books that s truly hard to put down Also, the cover of this edition is dreadful So many things wrong the monkey was dead at this point, Sally s hair was dyed brown, and Ah Ling was paralyzed from the neck down and thus unable to grasp Sally s wrist Ack.

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    I love Sally Lockheart and blew through all these books when I was younger but Tiger in the Well is a bit different than the first two It was Ok but not fantastic The plot and mystery and Pullman contributing his own political ideas into the series keeps this one likable and interesting but it just feels like it s missing some of the charisma of the first two books possibly because it takes place so long after them.If you already read and like the Sally Lockheart books then this one is along the same vein and is another opportunity for Lockheart mystery, just don t let this be the first one you pick up.

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The Tiger in the Well Pullman Is Fast Becoming A Modern Day Dickens For Young Adults The Setting Is The Same, The Strong Eye For Characters Is There, As Are The Brooding Atmosphere, The Social Conscience, And The Ability To Spin Plot Within PlotSally Lockhart Is Now A Young Woman, Left Alone With A Toddler Nothing Prepares Her For The Shock Of Receiving A Summons From A Man She Has Never Even Heard Of, Suing For Divorce And The Custody Of Her Beloved Harriet Sally Struggles Against The Net Closing Around Her, Seeking To Find Out Who Is Persecuting Her And Why The Writing Style Is Lively And Direct, And There S Lots Of Action This Is A Suspense Novel With A Conscience, And A Most Enjoyable One School Library Journal