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The Shadow in the Plate Fraud, Fire, And Bloody Murder Pursue Sally Lockhart In A Fine Sequel To The Ruby In The Smoke Sally, Now , Is In Business As A Financialconsultant When She And Her Friends Challenge Corrupt Financial Interests, They Find Themselves In A Web Of Intrigue That Stretches From Fetid Slums Ofthe Poor To The Corporate Offices Of The Richest Man In Europe Sally Sdetective Work Reveals The Connections Between Corrupt Power And Broken LivesThe Action Is Fast, Scenes Are Tight And Dramatic, The Language Is Vivid, Andthe Wealth Of Minor Characters Are Sharply Individualized An Immenselyentertaining Thriller Starred Booklist Reading Level

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    The girl has grown up When last we saw her, she was much younger Young but experienced in the corruption and evils of the world Young but old beyond her years Young but ready for revolution Now older, wiser, but just as angry Scarred More scars shall come Alas The author is committed to showing that growth We are all works in progress, no matter how righteous our cause.Much like his protagonist, the author is also angry at the systematized inequities of the world, at the secret power brokers, at the trickle down effect of rot at the top At the violence ordered, the justifications made At the corroboration of those whose who carry out those orders That anger was exciting to read I became angry at these systems of inequity as well The author preached successfully to this choir.A successful sermon and overall a successful book Still, I did enjoy the prior novel rather Perhaps the world this time felt a bit less fresh There was an occasional feeling of boredom when reading, a focus on minutiae.But this is far from a bad review 3 stars means I liked it A thoroughly enjoyable book.And a thoroughly enjoyable protagonist I was moved, sometimes saddened, and often thrilled following her journey Her transformation and the climax of her trials and tribulations was powerful to read.The girl is gone a woman has taken her place.

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    I hate Philip Pullman I love this book, but I hate him so much right now Because I can t think of reading this book again And I don t know when I ll be compelled to read the third installation Ugh So much hate Right about now.I really liked The Ruby in the Smoke It was such a great way to introduce a slew of characters, and while there were multiple points of views, I appreciated how the reader knew what the villains were thinking This kind of writing followed through in The Shadow in the North, and it was fabulous to see the repeated cast the second time around.It also helped that Sally Lockhart went from the fantastic 16 year old to an even fantastic 22 year old in the second book Someone I would have been able to relate to which is also probably why I like this character than I do Lyra Belacqua in Pullman s His Dark Materials trilogy But I m not going to continue furnishing praise over characters I m still upset.I enjoyed the book The only reason it got one star less was I got so frustrated by what happened near the end that I almost threw a tantrum and chucked the book out the window Seriously, I was on the verge of tears Then I remembered that my window has a screen and I don t go about abusing books in the first place, so that was out of the question.Seriously, Pullman Seriously I cannot.

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    To give a Philip Pullman novel only two stars physically pains me However, this just was not the book for me This is the second instalment in the Sally Lockhart quartet, which is a Victorian era series following amateur sleuth turned private detective, Sally Lockhart, as she attempts to solve the mysteries of London s dark underbelly, as well as those muddying her own past.I struggle to pinpoint exactly what made my experience of reading this so unenjoyable I can only pinpoint it to my prior adoration of Pullman s writing This was not a bad book, in any sense, but all the elements I have previously loved about him were just missing here.This was an intriguing insight to historical London, had great character progression as it showed the alteration in 16 year old Sally, from the first book, into the 22 year old woman depicted in this one, and followed an intriguing and mysterious story line.And I think that is my ultimate issue with this I have nothing to say about this It provided an enjoyable enough read, but one I have trouble recalling, only weeks after completing it It had no major flaws but also, for me, no majorly redeeming qualities after I have come to expect much from this author.

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    The Shadow of the North has a lot going on, including runaway magicians, false mediums, and steampunk weapons of mass destruction But the true heart of this story does not lie in its intricate and sometimes improbable plot It s about love Not that mushy, obsessive stuff so many YA novels devote their pages of purple prose to This is about a love of equals, and all the sharp, bright angles such a love has to carve a path out where there seems to be none Philip Pullman s writing captures all the fire and wit of real people on the verge of greatness, in the grips of fear, in the throes of desperate obsession or evenly matched love But he s also great at describing him some mundane settings and activities in the smartest, most spare, clear way I d gladly read his description of a day at the DMV, or watching paint dry So happy there s The Shadow of the North to read instead

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    Get read for an angry rant There were many things I didn t like, but only three of them are truly the table flipping kind Here they are.1 There s a girl who s so pretty she is assumed to be perfect of character, innocent and divine just because she s unearthly beautiful That s how the world works when guys write books, after all.2 In contrast, there s a girl who is disfigured Naturally, she knows her place in the world and that she would never be loved by the man she wants So she basically lets herself die because she s so flawed.3 There s also a girl who is perfectly independent and I d even venture to say badass , and the relationship she has been in for the past few years seems only full of animosity and nothing else However, she decides to go back on her decision not to marry him as soon as she sees a little danger and now she s dripping with love again it was incredibly out of character Despite kicking ass for years, she s now getting married because she suddenly needs a man to protect her Oh, and that only happens to further the drama in the story anyway, so who cares, right Pullman, WHAT THE ROYAL HELL I honestly don t know how this same writer could write His Dark Materials and THIS.Book Blog Themed Bookstagram Quick Update Bookstagram Bookish Twitter

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    seriously, why the heck do people waste their time with the golden compass so good intelligent, villains you love to hate, sinister plotsi normally hate this word applied to a book, but it was a delicious read so dang good.and now, major spoilerseriously, don t read this if you value the experience of reading a book at all..no joke leave now.don t say i didn t warn you.fred dies are you freaking kidding me stupidly, too that dumb girl who wanted to die just dragged him down with her he didn t want to die he d just hooked up with the girl of his dreams that very night whatever you are the reason you don t get five stars stupid.

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    What do I rate this audio book The reader is fabulous Lesser reads brilliantly Pullman write a compelling story for than 2 3 of the book.The historical detail is seamless and breathtaking.But yes, BUT But then Pullman has three characters behave strongly out of character that results in the death of one of them The story goes downhill from there I just could not allow Pullman to take such a lame turn in his own plot He s too good a writer to pull a stunt like this If he s going to kill off a major character, he should do it in a way that MAKES SENSE with the rest of the book rather than derails it completely I finished this book feeling intensely miffed Why did he have to ruin his book I don t get it I really don t He could have still killed off his person and stayed true to his characters What a shame Really, what a shame.

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    12 28 15 The Shadow in the North is a much stronger book than The Ruby in the Smoke It is tighter, intricately plotted, and its characters are human Often frustratingly, infuriatingly human Will I ever forgive that one secondary character I wonder.12 25 08 I first read The Shadow in the North in France, when I was ten The Shadow in the North was the first book I read with a sex scene It was entirely PG, of course, but I was still, naturally, shocked The Shadow in the North was the first book I read where I fell in love with one of the characters I had read Black Hearts in Battersea, right before the Sally Lockhart trilogy Tin Princess came later that s another story and, in retrospect, probably had a crush on her main character, Simon who had not even been my favorite character Dido Twite held that distinction.But Frederick Garland was head and shoulders above the slightly wooden Simon He was funny and dashing, and he benefitted from a flipped traditional male female power dynamic He was the one waiting in the wings, longing Frederick Garland was appealing because of the fact that he waited for her, but also because, while waiting, he went on with his life His spiritualist undercover investigation with Jim still makes me laugh to think about You can hook me up to your apparatus any time, dear Hee The Shadow in the North was the first book that broke my heart Fred dies pretty senselessly, at a pretty crucial juncture, in a way that nonetheless felt very mundane and ordinary by virtue of the fact that it came out of nowhere Sometimes, tragedies just happen There s no buildup Just, one day he s there and the next day he s not.In Black Hearts in Battersea, my favorite character had apparently died, leaving me shocked and dismayed, only to appear again very much alive on a whaling boat bound for Nantucket Fred, though, was dead, irrevocably, while the feisty Dido Twite eventually made it back to London, and Simon.The BBC adaptation of The Shadow in the North was very, very good I ll admit to crying but it left out the part that was truly heartbreaking about the novel.After Fred dies, Sally realizes that, although a photographer, although a man constantly surrounded by cameras or something to that effect I wish I had my book with me to quote directly , not a single photograph remains with him in it.When I think about The Shadow in the North, I am carried back to the uncomfortable fold out couch in our apartment in Paris, the Indian bedspread that covered it, and the noise of the traffic outside I spent hour after nail biting and occasionally blushing hour reading the book I remember finishing the book with an upset stomach, convinced that I infinitely preferred The Ruby in the Smoke It only took me a few years to change my mind.They are geared towards younger readers They are quick reads But I cannot recommend them enough In a lot of ways, The Shadow in the North was the first real book I read And that s not meant as a slight on the books that came before it I just mean that The Shadow in the North forced me, at a pretty young age, to consider what, if anything, a book owes its reader What a book can do What a book can make you feel Pullman had no intention of coddling his readers He just meant to tell the story he had in mind.Only the year before, my mom had burst into tears while reading Bridge to Terabithia to me, and I hadn t gotten it It was just a story, I thought Why did she care so much It s been fifteen years I still miss Frederick Garland.

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    Bleh This is not YA in my opinion The 16 yr old Sally from the last book is now 22 and Frederick is something like 26 Their concerns and conversations are not YA I think I like the writing and characters mostly again, but this is dark and deals very frankly with murder and sex.MAJOR SPOILERS here It was 3 star again until the dumb ending Sally and Frederick have been having a believable romantic conflict rooted in gender roles very interesting but when Sally realizes she does want to marry him, she drags him up the stairs, takes off her clothes, and tells him she wanted to have sex before they were engaged so he would know she really meant it Huh Sex commitment I don t think that was any true in the Victorian Age then it is now.Then Frederick dies literally a few hours later trying to rescue a different suicidal, lovesick woman from the arson of their home by the bad guy Sally immediately confronts the powerful and evil industrialist, he asks her to marry him, she says OK, asks him to give her a tour of his incredibly dangerous weapon they ve been trying to stop, he agrees with no concerns, she shoots the magazine and it explodes killing bad guy, but she survives two books in a row where she saves herself with her gun in direct confrontation , and she finds out she is pregnant in Victorian England with dead Frederick s baby from their one night stand engagement celebration Meh.

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    Pullman is a great writer characters, plot, setting are all beautifully and deftly developed The Sally Lockhart series is as engaging a mystery series as you ll find Sally and her friends business partners are a delightfully intelligent group who come upon a major mystery that joins a magician s trouble with some shadowy pursuers and a retired teacher s loss of investment money Something insidious is entrapping Victorian England, and Sally s life becomes dependent upon discovering its source I thoroughly enjoyed this story However, I can t quite get over being mad at Pullman for something tragic that happens in this book Childish Unreasonable Yes, it is, but I wanted something to go one way and it went another Now, having gotten that off my chest, I thought this second in the Lockhart series was well done, well played, and I am already grabbing for 3, The Tiger in the Well.

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