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Love is Not Enough - II You Have A Large Capacity To Love, Yet Often Love Is Not Working Growing Up, The Big People In Your Life Unintentionally Taught You Some Bad Habits They Taught Some Wonderful Ones Too And You Need Not Discard Them But Instead Focus On What Is Interfering With Your Best Expression Of Love Without Good Coping Skills, Love Can Come Out Sideways Causing Pain Instead Of What You Intended Try As You Might, These Destructive Habits Continued To Restrict Your Happiness And The Full Expression Of What You Intended Many Of Those Suffering From Codependency Create A Guilt Trip When They Dream Of A Perfect World Instead Of Their Constant Companions Of Chaos And Pain Shame Becomes Their Master Love And Affection Are An Illusion Of A Distant And Unattainable Dream Return To The Real World, Let Love And Honor Became Your Best Friend, Shed Your Dysfunctional Family Habits And Destructive Love Discover How To Love Effectively Love Is Not Enough Helps You Explore What Is Working, What Is Not, And Change Love Limiting Habits

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    Love is Not Enough Changing Dysfunctional Family Habits identifies dysfunctional family interactions and habits, categorizes them, considers their character roles in the greater circle of family dynamics and patterns, and then offers alternatives in effect creating a course in a book for those who would better understand how dysfunction actually operates between individuals in a family circle.Readers must be ready for change, and ready to analyze their rails to assess their solidity, effectiveness, and counter productivity otherwise, why pick up a self help book that s all about change And those who expect this process to be served up piecemeal, or in a manner that points the way to the path without requiring personal involvement, should look elsewhere Love is Not Enough isn t just about changing the family structure it s about changing the reader s habits as the first step And this is no simple process.Chapters offer a range of tested tools, from Mood Charts and exercises for self, couples, and family to breaking long established habits that lead to distrust and alienation Thus, inherent in the book s approach is somewhat of a basic willingness on the part of all or many family members to participate in the process something that admittedly could be lacking in many circles.There s always someone who won t try, who won t play a new game , and who refuses to self inspect or change and that s the downside of Love is Not Enough while the reader may perceive its approach to be true, many a family is built on the very fact that love is enough, as dysfunctional as it may be.Those who are truly committed to self inspection and change should be the ideal followers of this book in it they will find tools, admonitions, case history examples of exactly how dysfunctional patterns were identified and overcome, and keys to a better life.If life is a journey, so is this book Those open to exploration and not content to remain on a prescribed destructive course of action will find it filled with keys to derailing the negatives while using positives to move on down the line.

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