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Cracking the Luftwaffe Codes Bletchley Park, Or Station X, Was Home To The Most Famous Codebreakers Of The Second World War The Th Century Mansion Was The Key Center For Cracking German, Italian And Japanese Codes, Providing The Allies With Vital Information After The War, Many Intercepts, Traffic Slips And Paperwork Were Burned Allegedly At Churchill S Behest The Truth About Bletchley Was Not Revealed Until F Winterbotham S The Ultra Secret Was Published In Against Seemingly Insurmountable Odds, Codebreakers Including Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman And Jim Rose Had Devised Methods To Allow Them To Read Enemy Codes, Often Within Hours Of The Messages Being Received New Technology Was Invented To Automate The Deciphering Of Messages Colossus, The World S First Semi Programmable Computer Was Invented At Bletchley To Aid The Decoding Of Lorenz Ciphers, Used By The German High Command To Send Their Most Highly Classified And Important Communications The Codebreakers Also Had Tremendous Success In Defeating The Luftwaffe S AuKa Codes In The Secrets Of Bletchley, Former WAAF Women S Auxiliary Air Force Gwen Watkins Brings To Life The Reality Of The German Air Section Her Memoir Is The First Account Of This Crucial Division In A Highly Informative, Lyrical Account, She Details Her Eventful Interview, Eventual Appointment At The The Biggest Lunatic Asylum In Britain , Methods For Cracking Codes, The Day To Day Routine And Decommisioning Of Her Section Lord Asa Briggs Is A Renowned Historian Who Also Served At Bletchley Park

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    I love all stories from Bletchley and this one was no different Thanks for the insights, Gwen Watkins.

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    Insight insight insight

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    a delightful book about working at bLetchley park during WW2 gwen watkins went there at the age of eighteen, and her book is crammed with interesting and amusing stories about her life there and the fascinating and eccentric people she met she obviously feels herself very priviliged to have worked with so many remarkable people she even married one of them and her book is a joy to read.

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