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    One of my favorite books on policy Discusses Title 1 legislation at every level, from the history of Title 1 to its implementation in the classroom.

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The Culture of Education Policy This Powerful Book Shows The Many Unintended Ways In Which Social And Educational Policy Can Shape, If Not Constrain, The Work Of Educating Students Focusing On The Creation And History Of Title I Of The Elementary And Secondary Education Act ESEA From Its Inception In To The Present, Stein Shows How Underlying Assumptions Of Policymakers And Bureaucratic Red Tape Actually Interfere With Both Educational Practice And The Goals Of The Legislation Itself This Examination Is Especially Timely, Given The Recent Passage Of The No Child Left Behind Act And Its Sweeping Attempts To Raise Achievement And Reduce Failure, Especially For Underserved PopulationsThis Invaluable Volume Offers An Innovative Framework For The Analysis Of Education Policy That Can Be Applied To Other Government Initiatives, Particularly Those Directed At The Poor Challenges Prevailing Assumptions About Children And Poverty And The Organizational Strategies For Addressing Their Needs Brings The Reader Into The Halls Of Congress, Analyzing The Language Of Congressional Floor Debates, Showing Shifts In How Students Have Been Characterized And Their Needs Defined Over Time Presents A Fresh Perspective On The Controversial No Child Left Behind Act, The Most Recent Reauthorization Of ESEA, As Well As Federal Desegregation And Bilingual Policies Provides Intimate Portraits Of Nine Elementary Schools, Presenting The Language And Routines Of Schooling To Demonstrate How Practitioners React To The Culture Of Education Policy In Practice