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    So far, the only story that I ve read was The Dark One by Angela Knight I picked up this collection initially for that story and wow.According to the description, Kaska intends to make Matia the centerpiece in a sizzling erotic ritual in honor of his god And we all think, Ooohhh, smexy religious rituals Nice But that s not precisely where this story is headed.It s been a long time since I ve read Angela Knight I remember her stories being smutty, but were they all that incredibly focused on anal sex For such a smutty story, it took an awfully long time to get to the, erm, point too, particularly considering it was only 60 or so pages long And once it did well, if anal sex and some BDSM are your kinks, this was a great story And let s face it, these actually are two of my kinks, so you know yay But for anyone who isn t sure, this story was

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    Nice, short, kinky butt sex story Um, yeah.That about sez it all.

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    This anthology has five stories in one book Besides The Dark One by Angela Knight and Chain of Thorns by Willa Okati you can find Waiting for You by Elayne S Venton, BloodWold by Sierra Dafoe, as well as Night Creatures by Elisa Adams If you ve never read their work you should I give all the stories 4 stars

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    Some light reading.

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    Some were good, one was great, but not one of the short stories were bad.

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    This was a decent anthology I read it specifically for Angela Knight It was a decent story It wasn t as memorable as most of the Ms Knight stories.

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Dark Side Within Each Of Us Lies A Dark Secret Forbidden Passions So Strong They Frighten Us With Their Intensity Between These Pages, Our Heroes Struggle With Their Own Irresistible Longings Dark Lust Blurs The Line Between Love And Sex Their Only Hope, To Embrace The Unthinkable Hungers And Follow Their Mates Into An Abyss Of Dark And Dangerous Lust And LoveWelcome To The Dark SideThe Dark One By Angela KnightMatia Of Ruza Is One Of The Legendary Battlemaids A Woman Warrior Who Has Taken An Oath Of Celibacy In Service Of The Maid Of Light Kaska Intends To Make Matia The Centerpiece In A Sizzling Erotic Ritual In Honor Of His GodChain Of Thorns By Willa OkatiRiven Finds Himself Trapped And Enslaved When Earth Is Destroyed In A Fiery Cataclysm Where Is The Line Between Fantasy And Reality Slavery And Love Waiting For You By Elayne S VentonTybirius West Is A Mercenary And The One Man Major Reeva Medusa Can T Get Out Of Her Mind Trouble Is, If Ty Were On Her Side, He Wouldn T Have Taken Her Captive, Blindfolded, Stripped And Bound This Time She May Be The One For Sale To The Highest BidderBloodWolf By Sierra DafoeBaudouin Delacor Wanders The Earth, Solitary, Friendless, And Hopeless Centuries Ago An Ancient Evil Turned Him Into A Beast For Which There Had Never Before Been A Name Not The Loup Garou, The WereWolf, But The Loup De Sang The BloodWolf Delacor Has Only One Hope Left That By Destroying The Succubus, He Can Free Himself Of Its CurseNight Creatures By Elisa AdamsNightmares Plague Juliana McGovern Twisted, Erotic Dreams Where Monsters Urge Her To Join Them In Their Terrifying Rituals It S Only A Matter Of Time Before They Pull Her Into Their World And Max, The One Man She Thinks She Can Trust, Has A Few Deadly Secrets Of His Own