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Austin Lunch: Greek-American Recollections This Memoire Amusingly Relates The Story Of A Family Living Through The Shock Of Immigration And The Struggles Of The Great Depression Mama Defies Convention In And Goes To Work In Her Husband S Restaurant, The Austin LunchLocated On Chicago S Historic But Seamy Near West Side, Papa S Restaurant Becomes An Uncertain Haven For Their Two Children, Helen And Nicky Ironically, The Restaurant With Its Parade Of Assorted Inner City Characters Becomes A Proving Ground For The Children To Observe The Energy, Integrity And Courage Of Their Hard Working Parents During The Rough Thirties And Early FortiesThe Book S Authentic Sense Of Time And Place Warmly Records A Personal Slice Of Twentieth Century History Through The Honest Eyes Of Childhood

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    This book was loaned to me by my mother, who got it from her older sister Her older sister had married a young man who immigrated here from Greece in the 1950s, and this man, my uncle, has always been a source of fascination for me Now I have a frame of reference for some of the family stories or brief anecdotes I ve grown up hearing and the Greek culture my aunt adopted The recollections in this book were sparked when some family members found an old sack of letters in an abandoned family farmhouse in a rural Greek city during the 1980s The family members who had left their Greek homes as teenagers and emigrated to the U.S had faithfully written home during all those years, and the letters had been saved as a testament of the family s sacrifice and the children s eventual prosperity in the U.S.The author collected her mother s memories and those of her older siblings into this oral history of one Greek American family living in Chicago, opening a restaurant saloon during the Depression years, describing not only the hard work, but also the deep bonds of family necessary for survival There s a lot of incidental history to learn from this book not only about Chicago in the 1920s, but also about blatant prejudice and discrimination against immigrants in the U.S., a regressive dowry policy in Greece that made parents send their girls away rather than bankrupt the family, and the pain and disruption caused by WWII for those at home in the U.S and at home in Greece.If you re at all interested in immigration or oral history in general, this would be a book to look for.