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MySpace/OurPlanet: Change Is Possible You Can Change The World Here S HowOur Climate Is Changing And Human Actions Are The Cause Maybe You Don T Know Why, Or What To Do About It We Do In Fact, We Wrote A Book About It This Book, The One In Your Hands We Ll Harness Your Green Intentions And Push You Beyond Turning Off The AC Every Once In A While It S All In Here How To Keep The Planet Healthyfacts And Inforeal Life Storiessuggestions And Challengeseco Tips From MySpace Users Around The GlobeEverybody Who Submitted A Tip Got Their Username In This Book, Btw Each Of Us Has The Power To Make A Difference Open This Book, Arm Yourself With Knowledge, And Start Now Seriously What Are You Waiting For

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    Reviewed by Erikka Adams, aka The Bookbinder for TeensReadToo.comWith Going Green being the new catchphrase, it s no surprise there are a bunch of titles centered on teens and the next generation who will inherit this planet The pithy slogan that is a great catch to draw teen and adult readers alike is this You can change the planet Here s how True to this phrase, the book is a how to guide for teens to not only save energy, recycle, and be informed buyers of locally made products, but also teaches the readers how to be educators on all things Green One other interesting aspect of this book is its authors teens and contributors from the social networking site, Myspace Anyone and everyone who submitted suggestions and tips to the Our Planet member page, was quoted and cited within the pages of this book What a great idea to get teens involved in planning for the future care of this planet and environment.

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    This handbook is exceptionally well written and illustrated Because it is comprehensive and well organized, in the hands of a competent group leader, it is an excellent tool for developing practical and effective solutions for identifying and attacking environmental issues The suggestions, if adopted, will have a positive impact on the global environment.To read our full review, go to the Reading Tub.

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    Fascinating This book is written by the Co Founder and President of MySpace, one of if not the largest social networking websites out there The basic premise is that if WE work together, WE can change our world and Tom Anderson provides several practical and valuable ideas of how to do just that At the end of the book is a glossary of Eco Speak , as well as a huge list of resources in the form of websites that relate to each chapter.

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    I m not sure how popular this book will be, seeing as though consumers are quite skeptical a book that was published in cahoots with MySpace may seem shady But the idea of it is kind of cool A MySpace community called OurPlanet is like any grassroots organization in that it is a group of people who have come together for a common cause.Some of the tips are silly make sure an eco friendly celeb or organization is in your top 8 MySpace friends and some of them are simple yet useful while you wait for your shower to get warm, place a bucket underneath the faucet to collect the cold and use it to water your plants.

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    This book has really inspired me to start doing little things to help save our planet It goes over facts about the condition and future condition of our planet An interesting fact was that in the next decade a glacier park, is predicted to be gone because of the rise in temperature I believe this book is very interesting because it may change how planet s future I think me and Conor both enjoyed reading this book s reading style It was layed out very neatly and perfect for the nonfiction book it is I belive that this book was a very great read and i recommend that anyone who cares about our planet read this book.

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    I thought this book was really interesting and had some amazing facts It is about the care of our earth and how we can prevent future events that will have a negative effect on our lives One fact that I thought was interesting was that Montana s Glaciers will be melted by 30 years Also, a pound of beef uses 100,000 gallons of water compared to 60 gallons used into preparing a potato I would definately recommend this book because I believe it is important for everybody to learn about our Earth and how we treat it.

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    Being the conscientious adolescent I am, I strive to leave this world a better place than when I first arrived I feel like this book had a lot of helpful links and resources that can lead me onto the right path to start making a change in the environment It opened my eyes to some really interesting facts as well.

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    The book is great They give you some details about how to save the environment But I m a little bit confused because I can t get it practical since I live in Indonesia and the book is quite limited in the geography issue.However, I really like the book and I support it Way to go

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    this book is about how to save the earth from goble warm and saveing aniamals from dyeing out and the they tell you what kind of foods are good for you and have lots of tips to save some money

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    How could I give it less than 5 stars

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