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The Horseman's Secret Life Was Supposed To Be Less Complicated Here But It S Not Working Out That Way For Regan Flynn Her New Job At The High School Came With A Difficult Boss Andan Even Difficult Twelve Year Old Student And Thenthere S The Girl S Charming Cowboy Father, The Local Horsetrainer With A Penchant For Rescuing Damaged CreaturesWill Bishop Is Doing His Best To Raise Kylie On His OwnBut Protecting Her From The Truth Just Got A Lot Difficult With The Arrival Of The Beautiful New TeacherAny Future Will And Regan Might Have Together Wouldbe Burdened By The Secret He Can T Afford To Reveal To Anyone

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    4 1 2 Stars When her boyfriend cheats her out of a job opportunity using her ideas, Regan decides it s time to leave Las Vegas Moving north to Wesley, Nevada gave her enough distance from her ex and her controlling mother, with the added bonus of space for her to keep her own horse She loves her new job teaching at Wesley High When one of her students ends up in the Principal s office, Regan tries to run interference to protect the girl Will doesn t know what to make of his daughter s new teacher, but he quickly learns that she s smart and cool under pressure, and after years of steering clear of women, he finds he can t stay away from her Life gets complicated for Regan as her growing attraction to Will puts her job on the line as his daughter s teacher, especially when the new Principal is out to get her When Regan s class learns about genetics and familial traits, Will faces his worst fear when his daughter questions how it was possible for her to have brown eyes when both Will and her runaway mother had blue eyes.I loved this story Ms Watt is a new author for me and I m very sorry that I haven t read her earlier Both Regan and Will have commitment issues Regan afraid of being controlled, and Will afraid of another failed marriage and the affect on Kylie Adding to the depth of this story is the question of Kylie s paternity and the secret Will has lived with all her life Wonderful characters, great chemistry, and a sigh worthy HEA I would have loved an epilogue but I suppose we ll have that in Ms Watt s The Brother Returns, which is Wills brother and Regan s sister s story.

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    A really well done contemporary romance between a horse trainer single father and his daughter s teacher The heroine has issues with the sports driven principal at her school, while the hero must cope with family secrets that come to the fore when his brother returns There s a lot of interesting things here about horses, too it s been ages since I read such a horsey book, but they re fun and always make me want to try riding again.

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    I read all of Jeannie Watt s books because her daughter was my high school best friend Although romance is not my usual choice I m a loyal Jeannie Watt fan particularly because her books are light on the romance aspect and about the rest of the story.

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    The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars was because the ending wasn t complete Otherwise, I absolutely loved the characters and the story line.

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