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    A Difficult Woman is the first stand alone romance by American author, Jeannie Watt Tara Sullivan has a lot on her plate a younger brother whose college fees need to be paid a run down inn that needs to be renovated in time for the reunion and a crippling bank debt with a balloon payment due very soon She also has to try to live down the reputation of dishonesty left by her swindling father And all while trying to fend off the local hotel proprietor intent on owning her inn by whatever means necessary.Enter Matt Connors, a Reno cop on leave, ready to use his carpentry skills wherever Tara needs him to Tara certainly lets him know what is required, but underneath her cool exterior, he is sure she s one hot woman Despite the glares, he s attracted, and can tell she is too Of course, it would be a bad idea to get involved Matt can t stick around, he has unfinished business with his Lieutenant in Reno, and a reputation to restore This is a sweet, sexy romance with an interesting plot and characters with some depth An enjoyable read.

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    4 1 2 Stars When her aunt died Tara was drawn back to her hometown to reclaim her mother s family home It s not easy being back in the small town that had once loved to point fingers at her simply because she was the daughter of a Sullivan Living down her father s reputation hasn t been easy, and neither is renovating the old Victorian into a bed and breakfast in time for the 100 year High School reunion, especially when her competition, Somers Inn, has chased off all her contractors Burnt out and forced to take leave from the Reno PD, Matt finds himself filling his days helping his step uncle Lucas with Tara s renovations He s got a huge chip on his shoulder about his old man too, and an awfully tough job ahead to prove he s not anything like him He recognizes all of Tara s boundaries quite easily, but he can t keep himself from admiring how hard she tries to stand on her own It s not long and Matt s finding himself wanting to protect her, especially when he learns that the town s golden boy is a particularly nasty bully and he s out to get Tara.Matt and Tara each have something to prove and while they re doing the proving they have to do it alone Tara s a strong woman but she s got her limitations and no matter the road blocks set in front of her, she struggled to pass them Matt s always thought himself a city cop, but somehow this little town seems to be growing on him These two wounded souls take their time letting the other in It s a hard journey to HEA but a most satisfying one Ms Watts debut is a most enjoyable read.PS I haven t read many stories with heroes who wear glasses Ms Watt s makes our eyeglass wearing Matt incredibly sexy

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    Tara s trying to stay behind the walls she s built up to protect herself Problem is, they re crumbling Matt s a cop on leave after an incident His step uncle, Luke, asks him to help out Tara with some carpentry work since Luke s out of commission.Moral of the story sometimes you need to let people help you.

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A Difficult Woman SOME THINGS ARE WORTH REBUILDINGMaking Over The Creaky Victorian Into A Bed And Breakfast Is Probably A Crazy Plan, But The Ramshackle House Is All Tara Has And Even Though She Can Barely Scrape Together Her Brother S College Fees, She Won T Give Up Until The Townsfolk Decide To Show The Independent Sullivan Girl That She S In Over Her HeadWhat Can Matt Connors Possibly Do To Help This Notorious Beauty He S Just A Carpenter To Her, And Besides, He S Got Problems Of His Own By Pounding Nails, Matt Struggles To Blot Out The Trauma Of His Last Years In A Big City Police Department But Once Tara Thaws Enough To Let Him In, He Has To Face The Past And The Past Is Full Of Memories Both Of Them Are Trying To Outrun