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  • Paperback
  • 279 pages
  • The Brother Returns
  • Jeannie Watt
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
  • 9780373714742

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    4 1 2 Stars Claire didn t plan on following her sister s career choice, but she honestly discovered she loved teaching Taking the job in isolated Barlow Ridge, she hoped to gain valuable experience in a rural setting to base her thesis on She hadn t counted on her attraction to her brother in law Brett Brett s a loner, purposely keeping his distance from his family because of mistakes he s made Having Claire as a neighbour is a complication in his life that he isn t thrilled with, especially because he knows he can t act on his strong attraction to her She s totally off limits There s no way he s going to hurt his family, and an affair with Claire spelled hurt all around Claire slowly warms herself to the very close net community, and introduces Brett to what community and family can mean And when one of her student s, ten year old Jesse, needs someone to show an interest, Brett finds himself yearning for a family to call his own.This is the sequel to Ms Watt s The Horseman s Secret In that story we learn that Brett made some mistakes as a teen, one that affected his brother s life forever, and he knew he d never be forgiven for Claire doesn t know Brett and Will s secret, but she knows it s stopped Brett from dreaming of a future Another heartwarming love story from Ms Watt I hope someday we ll have young Kylie s story.

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    Well for a Super Romance there was not much romance When I first started the book I thought I missed a chapter because it seem to start in the middle of a scene, weird Also I thought the book revolved around Claire s students classroom There really wasn t much interaction between the H h, I didn t feel anything between them that made me root for them I was rooting for Brett and his relationship with Jesse and I was rooting for Claire to concur Ashley, but not to get together.

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    Sequel to _The Horseman s Secret_ A teacher in a remote Nevada town wants to hook up with her brother in lawbut he s afraid of such a tenuous connection with the family he s hurt Well written The focus is on the main characters and their life job problems so than romance sex, even than typical for a Superromance.

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    I absolutely did not like the end The entire story was very interesting until the end The ending could have been detailed instead of an epilogue 6 months later What happened in the 6 months One page they are fighting and the guy finally gives in and then the next page it s 6 months later and the main characters are married.

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    I really liked the small town feel of this book Character you like fall for and the kids are so to like my favorite is Jess and Brett.

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The Brother Returns Can He Let The Past Goand Stake Out A Future Ten Years Ago Brett Bishop Made A Bad Mistakeand Paid The Price Now He S Finally Come Back To The Nevada Ranching Land He Loves He S Not Asking Forgiveness, Only The Chance To See His Little Girl The Child His Brother Is Raising As His Own That S All He WantsExcept That S Not All He Gets When The New Teacher Moves To Town As If Claire Flynn Didn T Have Enough On Her Hands With A School Full Of Unruly Kids Now She Can T Seem To Leave Him Alone But Brett Won T Let Claire Help Him Reclaim A Place In His Family And He Doesn T Deserve The Special Place She S Carving Out For Him In Her Heart