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Without Reserve - A Novel of the War on Terror Buffeted By Conflicting Interests And Hampered By Narrow Rules Of Engagement, Fighting The War On Terrorism Is Like Balancing Barefoot On The Edge Of A Straight Razor It S Bound To Be A Mess Without Reserve A Novel Of The War On Terror Is Largely About The Circumstances Of War While Many Fiction Novels Inspired By The War On Terrorism Are Pure Fantasy, Author Steve Howery Strips Away The Glamour To Demonstrate That In War, There Are No Allies Only Interests Watching The War On The Evening News, Many Imagine Great Conspiracies Countered By Elite Forces Armed With Technological Wonders But The Truth Is The War Is Being Fought By People Cast By Circumstances Into Critical Roles, Armed Simply With A Borrowed Weapon, Questionable Allies, Undependable Communications, And An Instinct For Survival Success Is Often Accidental And No One Will Ever Admit What He Did When It S All Over From The Pristine Streets Of Singapore To The Fetid Jungles Of Indonesia, Without Reserve Transports The Reader Through Bizarre Realities Of The War On Terrorism Quietly Raging In Southeast Asia The World S Most Populous Muslim Region Assigned As Liaison To Singapore S Intelligence Services, Army Intelligence Officer Chris Gates Is Drawn Into A Web Of Intrigue Spun By Streetwise Singaporean Intelligence Officer Jessica Ling A Twist Of Fate Thrusts The Couple And Their Special Operations Team Into The Dense Rain Forests And Shabby Villages Of Kalimantan In Search Of A Jemmah Islamiya Terrorist Known Only As Khalid But The Mission Implodes When The Team Discovers A Traitor In Its Midst Uncertain Who To Trust And On The Run From Corrupt Indonesian Paramilitary Forces And Their Terrorist Masters, Gatesand His Team Must Save Their Mission Without Dragging Singapore And Indonesia Into War Based On The Author S Experience As An Army Intelligence Officer Serving In Southeast Asia After , Without Reserve Is A Fictionalized Story Drawn From The Realities Of The War It Is Raw, Honest, And Unforgiving

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    Without Reserve can best be described as a heart pounding page turner The non stop action and relatable main character make for a hard to put down book From the moment it began I was thoroughly engaged in the story Without Reserve is the story of an Army Reservist who is called up after the events of 9 11 for a mission in Singapore Even though I don t know much about the military I enjoyed the book But when I found out that it was based on actual events, I was stunned It s one thing to have a novel full of action and nerve wracking events but to discover if could be true puts this story at a whole new level What a fascinating snapshot into the life of a true American hero Can t wait to read another Howery novel.

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    The author is a USAR officer in Military Intelligence and gave an overview talk at my local library recently on the wars of the last 10 15 years in Afghanistan The book is a first novel, and as such perhaps a little rough around the edges but I wish I could do half as good a job It is set in Singapore, not Afghanistan, and revolves around Asian Islamic terrorists It has lots of action, suspense, and moderate gratuitous sex There are also a variety of insights into the real war on terror in Southeast Asia.

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    I bought this book after hearing Howery speak about the situation in Afghanistan His novel is based on the same first hand experience that has made him an expert on the region What I appreciate most about it is the realism that surfaces throughout The plot is full of the usual spycraft and military action one expects from the genre Along the way, he make his point about the importance of continued vigilance on terrorism and of working with other nations.

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