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    This was a good short primer on the B 29 s use during World War 2 The information was fairly bare bones and included stories from men who had flown the bombers If looking for a short history covering development and then combat of the B 29 this is the book for you It is heavily illustrated and has a center section with color drawings of several wartime aircraft The history of the aircraft depicted are later covered in an appendix This book would be a good resource for modelers hoping for some details of the planes, due to the afore mentioned illustrations I found the lack of a bibliography and proper citations troubling though While the author does cite the author, and work for the first citation, he does not give page numbers nor editions It was because of this that I knocked it a star.

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B-29 Superfortress Units of World War 2 The Ultimate Piston Engined Heavy Bomber Of World War II , The First Production B S Were Delivered To The Th Very Heavy Bomb Wing In The Autumn Of By The Spring Of The Superfortress Was Bombing Targets In The Pacific, And By War S End The Aircraft Had Played As Great A Part As Any Weapon In Ending The Conflict With The Japanese Indeed, The Final Dropping Of Two Atomic Bombs From The B Convinced The Japanese To Sue For Peace This Book Traces The Wartime Career Of The B , As The Aircraft Went From Strength To Strength In The Pacific Theatre