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    David Kirkham knows his plants and their best medicinal useshe knows his stuff He works for a pharmeceutical company and is constantly being sent on trips out of the country spending less time with his wife and daughter He is being sent to South America for his latest trip which causes him to miss yet another Thanksgiving with his family.Melodee is a 12 yr old LDS girl who has just visited her grandpa for possibly the last time She is extremely full of faith, patience and joy.David and Melodee end up sitting next to each other on their flight They share a brief discussion of niceties where Melodee quickly makes an overall good impression on David Then, the unthinkable happens and their plane crashes in the rain forests of Mexico Obviously, David and Melodee are the only survivors and start on an adventure that has it all, good bad and ugly.Will they find their way home and in time What affect will the drug runners have on them and what secrets lie ahead of them in this strange place What role will Melodee wonderfully strong faith play in all they endure Will apathetic David help in any way I have now read two of his books and they are very different from each other and I like them both and would find it difficult to say which I liked better I liked the overall storyline of The Survivors I think I have to say that Ester is my favorite character, especially in the endso sneaky, lol I also believe that is about all I can say without giving away anything major in the storyline, which I really really don t like to doon to the quotes, of which there are several pg 72 Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is structurally related to caffeine in that they are both methylxanthenes and tehrefore have similar effects stimulation and euphoria With this statement and a little explanation, expert David assures Melodee that she perfectly fine eating chocolate I am sure many of you reading this will be glad to know this, too, LOL pg 86 Good morningI d say that statement is the most often used oxymoron in the worldOxy mormon Oxy moron When two contradictory words or ideas join to make a single phrase You said, Good morning It s morning, all right It s the good part I m questioning I just had to include this one, my husband always tells me to good morning and I often just shake my head no in response, so this part of the conversation made me out right laugh pg 200 How are you feeling Fine You Better than I deserve This one is strictly for all Dave Ramsey fans out there, I couldn t resist posting this one Most ironically, I am listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast while I am typing this up, lol pg 226 Faith must play a part in all things Faith and trust.I did not say belief I said faith Faith, belief what s the difference You can believe anything you like, but until you act on that belief, it is nothing than a wish Faith requires a show of confidence, even in the misdt of sorrow and doubt I really liked this explanation of the difference between these two words.pg 227 you must give God a chance We believe in miracles, but most miracles occur when we meet God halfway Belief is required, but so is effort Belief plus effort creates faith We have done all we can Now we must trust in God and let His will be done Again, loved the explanation and it also goes right along with my focus on faith this year pg 237 Alma said to plant the seed and allow it to grow Don t kill it with unbelief but nourish it with hope give it a chance And when it begins to grow you will feel a swelling within you So true regarding faith and testimony and most everything spiritual If you ignore it or don t nourish it, it dies.pg 238 Faith wasn t the mindless wanderings of uneducated individuals It wasn t the blind being led by the blind It wasn t the scapegoat for things unproved It was the doorway to greater understanding and knowledge and light And I wanted to run through the doorway at full speed As hard or scary it can be, for some, I hope we all can have this same desire to run through the doorway at full speed pg 255 A testimony is not a one time thingA testimony grows line upon line, precept upon precept It s something you have to work constantly to maintain or you ll lose it nuff said.

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    When I first read the synopsis on the back of this book, I liked the sounds of what this book was about Once I got into the story, I was surprised by how different it was, but it was a definite page turner The story starts off with a pharmaceutical guy on an airplane with a young Mormon girl and the plane crashes in the jungles of Mexico, with the two the only survivors How they each help each other and how David learns the true meaning of life and learning to care for others, is the most important element of this fantastic novel How they outwit drug runners and survive the elements was fascinating and I learned some things about the rain forest and the primitive, but very spiritual and humble people in this region You are in for one thrilling roller coaster adventure

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    This was supposed to be a scary mystery Plane crashes in jungle Middle age man and 12 year old girl on the run Yet somehow this was intensely boring The man is unbelieveably selfish and can t control is temper The little girl is too much of a preachy saint And the last half of this so called action packed book is about him reading the Book of Mormon and her bearing testimony to him about things like the Word of Wisdom Throw in all the plant biology and a strange pseudo village of healing and this book was just weird.

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    I liked it a lot The plot was interesting, and it kept twisting and turning in a way that kept me from getting bored It wasn t a very hard read at all.

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    I enjoyed this journey of a change of heart that the spirit can bring when you read the Book of Mormon This is not an unusual setting but the discovery is fasinating

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    It took awhile for me to get into the story but once they got to Cumorah it picked up..their culture and medicines were fascinating and the possible parallels to the Book of Mormon were interesting.Melodee is amazing but unrealistic I ve definitely never known a 12 year old with that kind of wisdom, maturity, and knowledge of scripture And David His temper and belligerence in the face of danger was just annoying.

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    This was a great idea, but so many things are wrong Melody is a terrible 12 year old, as in, no 12 year old,ever, would act that preachy and know so much And I absolutely Hated the ending Like we fell asleep and then we were back, safe in civilization , UGH

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    I have to preface this review with two things One I don t usually read LDS books, but Two I listened to Gregg Luke s other book Do No Harm on CD and thought it was pretty decent I picked this book up in the library because the summary on the back deceived me.Okay, now with that saidterrible terrible book Terrible on all levels The book starts off with a self centered botanist pharmacist on a small plane between Arizona and Texas sitting next to an extremely annoying and too smart for her own good 12 year old girl That s my opinion, not the author s , who practically beats the grouchy man over the head with her Book of Mormon The plane crashes in a jungle in Mexico the characters somehow deduce that this is very likely The book at first seems to introduce South American Drug Runners as the main complication, however that stale cliche would have been much welcome than what actually happens Run ins with the drug runners is limited to They saw us Maybe they re nice that s the girl They re shooting at us Run away Repeat several times throughout the book in exactly the same context.Anyway, for a set up as dramatic as a plane crash in a jungle, the book has no drama The title should have been Cheeky Mormon Girl keeps faith while grouchy botanist spews scientific plant names and reads the Book of Mormon for 2 3 of the book Seriously, the main focus of the book is the man s reading through the Book of Mormon Now I m LDS myself and love the Book of Mormon, but if I pick up a book that purports to be about a plane crash and surviving in the jungle, THATS WHAT I WANT TO READ ABOUT Plus, the author takes the reader through an overview of Mormon ins and outs, including very obscure topics that he seems to want to explain in detail so that people who may not understand will get it For example, there is a conversation between the girl and the man about why chocolate doesn t violate the word of wisdom, because of course, the man has scientific expertise on the subject Way overdone.No character development, misleading premise, boring plot, and obscure religious topics forced down your throat combine to make one strange book.

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    I bought this book than a year ago because I really liked the author, but when I found out there wasn t going to be a romance in it, I put it down before I finished the first chapter How much I missed This book is about two survivors of a plane crash in Central America, a workaholic father on his way to close another deal and a young LDS girl on her way home from her grandparents , who find themselves dodging drug runners and their minions as they try to find shelter, help, and a way to get home The little girl is so intrepid and such a joy to read about, while the man, David, is really the only one to experience any character growth as he re evaluates his life and his belief in a God Maybe now I ll finally get around to reading Altered State, another of his books that I ve had on my shelf for a while now.

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    It took me longer than I figured it would to get into the story, but I did find myself wanting to see what would happen next And while they were in Cumorah, it almost reminded me of a Chris Heimerdinger book, and since those top my list, I enjoyed that I am glad my Mom had me study words so I have something intelligent to say when others just swear , so it was fun to see words I rarely hear, but it also made it not as fun to read when there were a few I d have to read a couple times Not what I like for a fun fictional read I of course adored the smart Melodee, though her name is totally spelled wrong, but that s just my own issue with that awesome name So I d say it s a a good one timer, but not anything I ll want to read again.

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