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The Case Of The Greedy Lawyers Sean NMI No Middle Initial Sean, A Short Minneapolis Private Detective, Is Approached By A Woman Of Obvious Quality Who Says She Needs Help He Briefly Shrugs Off The Incident, But Later Learns Her Name Is Magda Bryce When The Police Summon Him To The Morgue To Identify Her Body After Being Assaulted In His Home And Warned To Stay Away From The Bryce Family, Sean Goes On The Offensive Upon Finding Out That An Unnamed Detective Has Been Asking Questions About Him, Sean S First Move Is To Confront The Senior Partner Of A Law Firm, Ephraim Harcourt Saint Martin, To Satisfy Himself That Saint Martin Was Unaware Of Magda S Visit Two Nights Later, Sean Gets Another Call For Help, But Arrives Too Late To Help Another Woman From The Household Of Preston Bryce, An Important Lawyer In The Saint Martin Firm, And The Former Husband Of Magda Bryce Sean Discovers Evidence That Magda And Perhaps Others In The Household Have Apparently Been Engaging In Bondage And Other Practices Sean Visits A Dominatrix In The Interest Of Research, And He And His Masseuse, Catherine Mckerney, Whom He Is Developing A Serious Interest In, Both Survive An Assassination Attempt As He Digs Deeper Into A Tangled Web Of Perversion, Faithlessness, And Distrust, Sean Sean Is As Sure As His Keds Are Red That He Will Get To The Bottom Of The Mysterious Murders, One Way Or AnotherCarl Brookins Resides In Minnesota

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    Sean NMI Sean is a short 5 2 PI in Minneapolis and St Paul One of his mentors in the private investigative business, although he never met the man, is LA investigator, Shel Scott, a six foot plus ex marine.Sean has a quick tongue, a quicker wit and he d rather reason than shoot As he once remarked, the recoil on my gat hurts my elbow In this, his first adventure, Sean takes on one of the premiere Minneapolis law firms, a large organization that frequently hires Sean Sexy twins, a demented finance attorney and a strong willed matriarch people this mordant tale that also takes an occasional swipe at some of the genre s most precious elements.

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    Look, if I wanted to read crime noir books, I would go read them I don t need to read derivative versions of hard boiled detective novels If I wanted to combine elements of all my favorite novels, any book I wrote would be a mish mashed disaster So I m smart enough NOT to do it All the bad and I do mean painfully bad Humphrey Bogart imitations got tired, so I quit before my usual 50 pages I m on a kick now where I m reading mysteries based in Minneapolis or St Paul I still love KJ Erickson, David Housewrigh and Teresa Monsour I m sorta enjoying some of Ellen Hart s books, but not all This one is Minnesota based, but not for me.

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    I enjoyed the author s writing style The main character Sean NMI Sean was an engaging hero and I enjoyed his perspective I found the book s plot interesting and the book was a quick read I was not sure exactly if the logic and how Sean NMI Sean solved the case seemed to fit together but I enjoyed the plotting I will probably read by this author.

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    The trade paper edition from Nodin Press has just been released In this first chapter in the life of diminutive Minneapolis P.I Sean NMI Sean, Sean battles the comfortably established forces of a major law firm to bring to justice the killers and perpetrators of fraud.

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    I enjoyed this book The main character is interesting and a little different not to many 5 4 male detectives running around but he is competent and self proclaimed very good at my job The story is well done, complicated and a huge surprise ending I ll be getting in this series.