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Stalked: An Anatomy of Sexual Obsession Stalked Tells The Highly Erotic Story Of Two Men, One A Handsome Young Actor On His Way To Stardom The Other A Loser Whose Obsessive Attraction Turns Him Into A Vicious, Merciless Killer, A Stalker Whose Megalomania Eventually Overcomes Ever Other Facet Of His Being In The End, His Victim Is Forced To Make A Truly Dreadful Decision

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    Normally I don t read murder themed books But at work I noticed this Larry Townsend book in our general fiction and Larry was known for his Leather Handbooks etc., in the erotica section This peak my curiousity.The book is well written and the description of the characters are clearly defined The story begins in West Hollywood with the two major characters meeting for the first time No spoilers here You will be surprised and the book reads like a movie with layers of subculture of a Devilsfood Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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