[PDF / Epub] ☁ Geopolitics for the 21st Century: Addressing National Insecurities (Geopolitical Theory) ✎ Hochber Leonard – Pdfr25.co

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Geopolitics for the 21st Century: Addressing National Insecurities (Geopolitical Theory) This Edited Volume Assesses The Geopolitical Configuration Of Forces In The International Arena At The Beginning Of The Twenty First CenturySince The End Of The Cold War, The International Arena Has Entered A Period Of Transition Although The United States Emerged As The Victor In The Cold War, There Is Considerable Disagreement Among Foreign Policy Elites Over What Its Role Should Be A Stealth Empire, An Overt Hegemon, A Policeman Of The Maritime Commercial Commons Or To Withdraw From Its International Commitments And Protect The Homeland From New And Dangerous Threats Six Years Ago, The United States Appeared To Be The Uncontested Superpower Of The Post Cold War Era, But Terrorism, Asymmetrical Warfare, Conflicts Over Strategic Goods Such As Oil And Minerals , And The Quest For A Defence Against Missiles Launched By Rogue States, Have Produced Considerable Uncertainty In Response To Structural Economic And Military Changes And Changes In The Perception Of American Power, Regional Powers Are Vying For Status In The International OrderGeopolitics For The St Century Will Be Of Interest To Students Of Geopolitics, Strategic Studies And International Relations