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    Found this book for 2 dollars at a used book store and had planned on reading the book of Daniel soon anyway in quiet time.soyeah I gave it a try I thought it was a very useful resource It broke down a lot of the prophecies in small easy to digest chunks As a result, I got a lot out of this study of Daniel I m psyched about that The author got a little preachy about alcohol a few times and about how the government is going to the dogs, but, I found it amusing Not a deal breaker.

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    McGee is very easy to read and very accurately presents a concise interpretation off each passage This is a great resource for those just starting out with commentaries for bible study He gives easily digestible illustrations and keeps it very simple If he chases a rabbit it is always relevant even if a touch preachy A very sound source which is useful to the beginning student and the master scholar.

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    Wonderful explanation of the book of Daniel I was disappointed in the the explanations of the last couple of chapters far less detail Of course it is eschatalogical Perhaps McGee didn t have any explanations for those chapters However I really appreciated the history of the events that have already occurred.

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    Greatly informatve This author is thorough but admits when he does not know all the answers He gives many references to other authors which I find very helpful.

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