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What is the Bible? What The Bible Really Is Some People Look At The Bible And See A Collection Of Stories That Teach Us How To Live Good And Happy Lives Others Regard It As A Historical Record Of The Jewish And Christian Peoples Still Others Prefer To Stress That Scripture Is Nothing Less Than The Voice Of God Revealed To Mankind In This Classic Work You Ll Discover That The Bible Is All Of These Things And

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    This is my second reading of this very fine introduction to the Bible Although it is an older book 1958 , it is by far and away the best such book I ve read Although dealing with such basics as how many books are in the Bible, what genres are included and so forth, the author has an exquisite ability to look below the surface to join the experience of long ago peoples with modern day and, most importantly, with God I can t say enough good things about this book.

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    An easy to understand introduction to a complicated subject by a fine prolific Catholic author.