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Foodscapes: Towards a Deleuzian Ethics of Consumption This Fascinating Volume Draws On The Work Of Gilles Deleuze To Examine How We Relate To The Edible Rick Dolphijn Traveled To The Disparate Cities Of Hangzhou, Boston, Bangalore, And Lyon And Conducted Over One Hundred Interviews With The Cities Residents He Then Used The Philosophical Concepts Of Deleuze To Analyze His Travel Experiences And Investigate The Role Of Food In Human Culture And Society His Work Shows How The Micropolitics Of Food Reveal Fascinating Insights Into Cultural Concepts Such As The Self, The State, Dietetics, And Capitalism Foodscapes Ultimately Offers An Unusual And Intriguing Perspective On Food S Complex Role In Our Daily Lives

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    Akshully, that is spelled foooodscapes, thank you very much A bit of a list of sequence y points about ethics, nomadology, dietetics, the self, etc of a Deleuzian sort Is my knee jerk eyeroll at books about ethics merely confusing the topic with the bossiness of morality Maybe A nicely designed catalog of a book, a bit long on the Wired magazine school of design, demanding on my poor old eyes But the becoming idea vis a vis a landscape is definitely appealing

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