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    2.5This is a cute little middle grade story which doesn t quite cross age barriers, but which I think people of the age it s written for would probably love It reminded me, in some ways and at some times, of Ferngully, which I loved as a child though it s not so similar to seem derivative But the story s a bit twee at times and, at times, I find the action hard to follow One second they d be over doing one thing, and then, all of a sudden, over there doing something else There was a lot of this jumping around, especially when the Puddlejumpers were directly involved in the story, but it wasn t so bad that I wasn t generally able to figure out where I was.It doesn t break any ground, and it s pretty predictable for those who know these types of stories, but, still, a decent enough read and, again, something I think the younger types would enjoy a good deal .

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    Synopsis Who is Ernie Banks He thinks he s an orphan roughing it out in the Lakeside School for boys However, what he truly is, is something much vital, powerful and mysterious He is magical and the survival of the Puddlejumpers along with the rest of humanity depends on him recalling all that they ve lovingly shown him Review Whoodeewhoooo This is the story of young orphan Ernie Banks deposited thirteen years earlier at the Lakeside School for Boys with nothing but a Chicago cubs baseball card courtesy of the trucker that found him alongside the road and a beautifully crafted, crystal acorn necklace courtesy of the Puddlejumpers Ernie is unconsciously connected to a mythical, magical underground world that he cannot recall The mystery of his arrival, his magical childhood, his kidnapping, his family all becomes one gigantic, well written, thrilling adventure that unfolds the moment he steps off the bus into the small, dirt road town known as Circle Critical Reviews One Reader announced, Brilliantly written and conceived, it s full of kidnappings, rescues, daredevil escapes, evil Troggs, Red Grunts and indomitable Puddlejumpers, with a fantastic new and complex young protagonist, Ernie Banks.Another adds, If you can read the opening chapter of PUDDLEJUMPERS and fail to be compelled to continue, sign up at the nearest I Wouldn t Know Quality Literature If It Hit Me In The Face seminar. Yep, that about sums it up.

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    The first 3 4 of the book were intriguing and exciting, but the big battle scene felt really flat I think the battle would have worked in a film, but in a book it was a bit hard to follow and anti climactic.

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    I m not gonna lie I didn t love this book If I had to give it a rating based on just what I thought about it, it d get a big, fat, 1 But I have issues with talking rocks This is the second fantasy book I ve read recently that involved a talking rock the other was Tamora Pierce s Melting Stones , and for some reason that is a plot element that just shuts me down I thought the evil neighbors that were actually monsters were a bit ridiculous as well So it wasn t a fantasy book for me, but I do think it is a fantasy book that will have wide appeal Puddlejumpers are elf like creatures that live beneath the earth s surface in wonderful water filled landscapes They love water and live to protect mother nature the talking rock But they have enemies The trogs stinky smelly creatures that hate water and want to enslave the puddlejumpers and make the entire earth a scorching wasteland And then there s 13 year old Erine Banks an orphan left on the steps of the Lakeview home for boys when he was 3 with just a baseball card that gave him his name and a crystal acorn tied around his neck.The book is written with a strong storytelling voice that lends its self well to reading aloud and the story in general has a cinematic quality to it Ernie Banks, the baseball and mischief loving orphan adds boy appeal Puddlejumpers was on VOYAs Top Shelf list last year, and while it didn t make my list of favs, I can see why others might like it.

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    Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean and Christopher Carlson This was in the teen section at my library I personally feel they should re shelve in the middle grade area It s solidly for 9 12 year olds The main character grows up in an orphanage There is a sub plot here that we go through and the main overall theme is revealed later I will say the plot did have some complexities but I stick with my younger age group for this book This story was well put together, moved quickly and kept me reading In the end, the main character, Ernie has to join with the puddlejumpers to save the town You wind up being a silent observer who s cheering Ernie on the whole way.

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    This was a cute, sweet book, oriented for kids I think The hero is a 13 year old orphan who gets sent to live in a farm for 3 weeks when he gets in trouble with the law During his time at the farm he manages to solve the case of the missing Quilt Baby who was kidnapped from the farm years ago thus figuring out his own life story his history with the adorable little creatures called Puddlejumpers.

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    This books overall plot was just really weird Pretty much the only reason I read it was to see how Russ found out that Ernie was his son, Shawn Frazier Little elves stealing a baby and calling him their rainmaker I don t actually see what was so special about him considering that he wasn t above and beyond anybody else in the story Any elf could have thrown the crystal acorn, which was a pretty stupid idea in my opinion, into the live furnace.

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    I picked this book up while browsing at the library, and I definitely enjoyed reading it What I liked better though was reading this book to my three siblings who also enjoyed it I think this book is interesting read out loud then to yourself I especially liked how the story line plot worked itself out so neatly I highly recommend this book for about 8 12 year olds.

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    If you liked Lord of the Rings, you love this one A world of 12 inch high Puddlejumpers looking for their Rainmaker to bring the rains back to a drought stricken world Is the troubled orphan, Ernie Banks, the real Rainmaker A great full scale battle at the end of the book

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Puddlejumpers Ernie Banks, Named For The Legendary Chicago Cub Shortstop, Is A Troubled, Year Old Juvenile Delinquent Abandoned On The Doorstep Of The Lakeside Home For Boys When He Was Three Years Old, He S Now Considered A Lifer, A Permanent Ward Of The State His Only Proof That He Once Belonged To Somebody Is A Vintage Ernie Banks Baseball Card, A Crystal Acorn He Wears On A String Around His Neck, And A Strange Spiral Birthmark On The Bottom Of His Right Foot As A Last Reprieve Before Being Sent To A Juvenile Detention Facility, Ernie Is Allowed To Spend Three Weeks On A Working Farm When Ernie Arrives At The Home Of Russ Frazier, He Learns That The Widower S Baby Was Kidnapped Years Before The Single Piece Of Evidence Was A Red Quilt Found In A Puddle In The Nearby Woods Fascinated By The Town S Famous Quilt Baby Kidnapping, Ernie Is Determined To Solve The Case He Teams Up With Joey, A Local Tomboy, To Investigate Clues That Lead Them On A Dangerous Journey Into A Forbidden World Of Dark Secrets, Magic Puddles, And The Cavernous Underground Kingdom Of The Puddlejumpers Eleven Inch Tall Water Creatures With Whom Ernie Has A Mysterious ConnectionWhen Destiny Summons, Ernie Must Find The Courage To Save The Puddlejumpers From The Most Dark And Lead Them In Battle Against Their Mortal Enemies Only Then Can He Find His Way Home