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  • Paperback
  • 341 pages
  • Lady Outlaw (De Bron Saga, #2)
  • Kathryn Kramer
  • English
  • 12 February 2019
  • 9780821755716

10 thoughts on “Lady Outlaw (De Bron Saga, #2)

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    A pleasant enough romantic romp through medieval England Unfortunately there isn t much to differentiate this novel from any of the dozens of other medieval romances on the shelves The heroine, Lady Rowena, is the typical feisty heroine who hates the restrictive life of a woman and goes adventuring dressed as a young man Eye roll She s staunchly loyal to King Richard the Lionheart and is repulsed and infuriated by Prince John who as we all know is plotting against the king Rowena s mischief making puts her at odds with Kendrick de Bron, a knight of a formerly disgraced family who has fought to regain his family s honors and land To ensure that, he reluctantly must appear loyal to John, which makes him the enemy in Lady Rowena s eyes The typical acrimonious snarking between them ensues, along with a sizzling attraction Rowena spends a good deal of time telling us how she is just as good at anything as a man, including archery The pair eventually end up involved with Robin Hood and his merry men, who think Rowena is a lad they ve nicknamed Arrow Will she and the band be able to foil the prince s plan, and will the pigheaded woman and the equally pigheaded man ever get over themselves and give in to the love we all know they feel

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    This is the story of Lady Rowena Fitz Hugh a friend of Lady Marion since childhood and her love hate relationship with the knight Kendrick de Bron a friend of Robert Fitzooth aka RH since childhood The Sherwood gang are really the supporting cast to Lady Rowena and Kendrick and like most RH novels it is set in the late 12th century.Did I like this book A clue No Why In one word, I found it annoying And coincidently, annoying is one of the attributes of a Mary Sue I don t like that term but there is no other that describes the Lady Rowena so aptly To give the most obvious example of why the Lady Rowena splits RH s arrow at an archery contest

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    Eh, I always have high hopes for Robin hood books and girls dressed like boys to kick ass this one was not much

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    It thought the book was entertaining what I would call a romp with a strong heroine It was fun to read about Robin Hood as well..

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Lady Outlaw (De Bron Saga, #2)Lady Rowena Has Nothing But Scorn For Kendrick De Baron, A Once Great Knight Hoping To Reclaim His Former Glory Under The Treacherous Rule Of Prince John For Rowena S Dedication To Injustice Runs Deep By Night, Dressed As A Lad, She Prowls The Countryside, Helping Robin Hood Perform His Deeds Of Daring However, She Soon Discovers That De Baron Is Not The Enemy She Despises Original