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Rules For Being A Mistress In A World Of Polite Manners And Forbidden Pleasures, Proper Appearances Rule The Ton, But Secret Desires Rule The HeartA Wicked ProposalSir Benedict Wayborn Needs To Find A Proper Young Lady To Become His Wife Instead He Discovers An Alluring Irish Beauty Whose Seductive Beauty Tempts Him Into Making A Most Improper Proposal That She Become His Mistress And Once She Agrees, He Plans To Tease And Touch Her Until She Can Take No A Wanton DesireSir Benedict Wayborn S Scandalous Proposition Has Not Only Shocked Miss CosimaVaughn, It Has Also Awakened A Wanton Hunger Deep Within Her Propriety Insists She Refuse His Offer And She Does But When Circumstances Force Cosima To Don A Disguise And Become His Secret Mistress, She Discovers A World Of Carnal Pleasures She Cannot Resist

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    This is one of the most confusing books I ve ever read The heroine is asinine, the hero is a prig, and the plot I m still not sure what it was I think the author was trying to do a Heyer comedy with passion She was not successful.

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    3.5 Stars Boy did Cosy have a dirty mouth on her well for her timeframe anyway I just didn t buy that Ben didn t know that Cosy and Cherry weren t one in the same person Also was she a redhead that wore a blond wig, or a blond who dyed her hair red and then cut it real short and then wore a wig to hide what she had done As a reader I was confused at some points of the story, but with TL I am accustomed that state and just went with it It was still an entertaining read and who knew that Bath was such a Peyton Place of romantic intrigue I frankly lost track of who was supposed to be asking who to marry who or who was in a fake understanding Had TL bumped up that EPI a little I would have given a higher grade I needed explanation as to how a lord s ears got cut off What I know he was a bad person and deserved what he got, but WOWnot something you read everyday Did Ben get the money that he was entitled to as Lord Oberstone I just wanted to know overall how the siblings were doing, as they weren t very close to Ben.

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    well the good news is I m glad I didn t read this for review I like Tamara Lejeune s work but this book was bad It was fine for the firsthalf or so, but when Ben started believing that Cherry really was a separate person, that s when this jumped the shark It was as though the author started writing one book and ended up writing not a book, but just scene after scene There was no cohesiveness to the second half of the book New characters were introduced willy nilly I still don t know who Lord and Lady Wrayborn are and Miss Vaughn continues to hate Ben right up until the last 20 pages or so To top it off, there isn t even a declaration of love Part of the fun of reading a romance is for the I m in love with you I m in love with you too bit That was sorely missing By the end I kept reading, not because I cared about the people any, but because I wanted to see just how bad it could get.

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    To FunnyThis story was so funny, and I enjoyed it tremendously I prefer my historical romance to be about Dukes, beautiful women, ballroom dancing, and lots and lots of sex Sizzling sex a plus However, this story captivated me right from the beginning.

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    Easily the dumbest book I ve ever read.

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    This is the book where Benedict Wayborn older brother to Juliet from Simply Scandalous and from Surrender to Sin decides to go to Bath to find himself a wife,even though he knows it wont be easy since he was mauled by a dog as a child and had to have his arm amputated below his elbow So even though he isnt poor hes not the best matrimonial price out there.Sir Benedict arrives in Bath a rainy evening and makes his way to his rented house wich is no 9 in Camden Place Only he end up on the wrong side of the street and the number 6 sign of a certain Cosima Vaughns residence has been flipped overHe marvels at the impertinent behavior of the much too young and beautiful housekeeper and though Cosima is a bit flabbergasted about this strange man barging into her mothers house treating her like a servant.She decides to let him stay since the weather is horrible.The warmest place being the kitchen she takes him there and pours him some liquour and they chat a bit.Some misunderstandings abounds and Benedict full of alcohol and thinking Cosima has agreed to become his mistress makes to kiss her,she manages to knock him out though And promptly tells her servant to dump him in the park.Naked,and tied to a tree so he wont wander off and get hurt.Through a series of events they discover each others identities and since Benedict is vaguely related to Cosimas mother its considered perfectly reasonable for him to escort her around Bath Considering the relationship is distant I am not sure this would have been accepted It had its funny bits like the previous books in the series,for instance the hero discovering that his valet had been coloring his hair black for 17 years.I found the heroine to be a bit straining thoughShe is Irish and she likes to remind the hero and the rest of the world of this constantly.I mean its ok to take pride in your heritage and all but it was all a bit too much.I can take feisty heroines if I can relate to them but I had a very hard time doing this with Cosima.I wish there had been of a struggle for the couple to get together In this case Cosima practically throws herself into Benedicts arms and bed Disappointing but not a truly horrible book.

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    Slow startingNot really sure what I think, enjoyable parts The idea of the book was great, I really enjoyed the story But it felt that it could have been executed better It felt to jumpy, all over the place The story was interesting with many twists and turns, there was comical moments that made me laughing out loud Which is always a good thing And there where parts that could have been done better, parts that made me stop and go oh dear and not a good oh dear either.But despite the all that something still felt off with it It felt too modern like for a historical It s hard to explain I felt like there was something missing, perhaps she is planing on turning it into a series and that could be it This book was lent to me, will I go out and buy to add to my own collection, no But if it turns out that this is part of a series I would like to read it Because like I said it the story was interesting.

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    The premise compelled me, but the result was quite terribly executed I was never sure of these characters, and their motivations baffled me they come off insipid and petty, which can be justified, if done right but as an author you must establish some sympathy or connection with the protagonist s, and that simply wasn t made clear.Not to mention HOW STUPID can you be to not be able to distinguish two women who actually is the same woman There were several laugh out loud moments I had while reading this because I still managed to be interested so there s wit laced in between those confusing lines of text, but to create something memorable and enjoyable the pace and character development needs improvement.

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    I picked this up without knowing it was a third in a grouping I didn t stop reading it but read other books around reading it My reader wouldn t turn on when I was reading Jim Butcher and it was the only book in the room in the middle of the night I think I read three books while picking this up once in a while It was confusing but I didn t stop reading it Normally I just toss a book I don t finish fast I m going to read of Tamara Lejeune I found a lot of the book very good I wish publishers would put s on books that need back story.