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    A good little story, the time is towards the end of WW1.Julia has just met an American Brent Gregory, a friend of close freinds of Julia s, she also meets Captain Charles Henderson who has been send down from London by her stepfather Phillip Allington to recouperate after being injured at the front while saving some of his fellow soldiers He has lost his memory and his past.Brent is fun and she think a little shallow he asks her to marry him and to wait for him while he goes off to join the RFC but already Julia is taken with Charles so makes no other promises than that she will write while he is away It does not take long before Julia is swept off her feet by Charles and they are married and she is pregnant Life is not quite what she expected with Charles though, she thought he was like her father but now she finds out he is not there are traits about him she is not sure she even likes, but she does love him There are a few secrets the Chrles has kept and is keeping from Julia and when tragedy strikes Julia is very angry The story moves on to a very nice ending.

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A Rose in Winter Julia Falls In Love In Captain Charles Hamilton, A Casualty Of War Who Has Lost All Memory Of His Family Or Life Before The War However, She Soon Realises That He Is Scarred Than She Could Possibly Have Imagined And She Becomes Threatened By The Passions And Jealousies Of Those Around Her