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    Quick read Slow delivery Oh wait There wasn t any delivery Silly me This book was a poor imitation of The Clique and Mean Girls The similarities were there Uber popular, rich alpha bitch with her sidekicks two to be exact, my my, how very Mean Girl esque It was so similar that Madison, alpha, was super blonde, and her two friends were brown haired and then blonde as well Sound like a movie anyone knows New girl, moderately broke, thrown in Madison s path by accident, and becomes frenemies Hmm I could have sworn I ve read and seen a book movie just like that New girl falls for Rich Bitch Alpha s on and off again boyfriend, creating hostilities and competition Duuude, welcome to every book about rich bitch, Ivy League, New Yorker, fashionista, shallow self absorbed girl book ever written Shall I list a few Gossip Girl, It Girl, A list, The Clique Hot on off boyfriend falling for new girl, but can t keep control of his raging hormones whenever his Ex is around, causing heat brake and confusion for both competing girls Ah HEM I won t even waste the time listing who have done THAT plot before I ll have it known that I only read this book because it was requested I review it, probably because the peeps who asked me to knew I d have a nightmare with it Thanks, thanks SO much, luvsBe ready for some fun when I send requests YOUR way P.s the only reason this book isn t a single star is because I save those ratings for TRULY horrible books Like 50shadesTwilight.Hush,Hush.yadda yadda.

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    As soon as Casey McCloy steps into the luxurious Bramford apartment building she knows that she has entered another world Everything seems so much elegant and sophisticated then even the nice places in her hometown of Normal, Illinois Casey has moved to Upper East Side Manhattan to stay with her grandmother while her feministic mother travels to England to do research for her up and coming book Before Casey even steps foot in her grandmother s apartment she is greeted by Madison MacAllister, the ultimate It Girl, and her possey Even though the girls seem intimidating, Casey thinks that maybe, possibly they could be her friends They even invite her to the park with them after she has settled in When Casey finally makes it to the park she is thoroughly introduced to Madison s sidekicks, Sophie and Phoebe, who seem to be a lot nicer than Madison Casey is also introduced to Drew, who just happens to have something going on with the Queen bee herself, but definitely has eyes for Casey During the last few weeks of summer vacation Casey finds herself hanging out with Madison, Phoebe, and Sofie quite a bit They even give her some fashion advice for her first day of school outfit Casey s stoked that she has found some friends, but when Casey starts talking with Drew jealousy overcomes Madison and things aren t as bright for Casey any Madison is determined to get Drew back, and she always gets what she wants Will Casey s sweet demeanor trump Madison s nasty attitutude This book was awesome I couldn t put it down Originally I was a little skeptical because the book sounded a lot like the Gossip Girl books which I don t really care for, but I made the completely wrong assumption While there is drama in this book it doesn t overpower the story, it actually makes the book even devourable The characters are extremely real and in most cases likeable Yes, the girls were rich, but money wasn t the main focal point of the story Actually, I liked how Casey was able to lead a very interesting life without all the glitz and glamor that money provides I also liked how two of the supporting characters, Sophie and Phoebe, got their chance to shine too I haven t read many books where this happens and I really liked how the reader got to take a little break from the main character s to see what else was going on in the story Another great thing about this book is the humor I found myself laughing out loud a lot and just smiling at what Sophie would say, or how Casey would act This was a great first novel from Jennifer Banash and I desperately wish that the sequel, In Too Deep, was already on my bookshelf but I guess I ll have to wait until October In the meantime, The Elite comes out on June 3 I highly suggest that you all pre order it as it was such a good book.

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    Hmmm Another series about a Midwestern beauty moving to NYC Another series featuring rich, beautiful, bratty teens.Excuse me, haven t we done this before Yes Unfortunately, many times over Excessively Enter Jennifer Banash JB has skills Ms Banash extinguishes the competition w her Manolo s then struts down to Bergdorf s to pick up a pair of Corset Bootie s Dior , a Stella McCartney Piercing Tote a Kooba Blake Leather Shoulder Bag love Banash is clearly a rock star the others pale in comparison screeching karaoke.Like movie theater popcorn w extra butta, a foot massage, a sundae w caramel, marshmallow cherries P a shopping spree Christian Louboutin, Victoria Secret Sephora Jennifer Banash has a sure fire hit w her fabulous Elite series.Banash s characters are authentic, unique interesting Every player has a tale to tell it is not just filler it s substance Banash was brilliant crafting the chapters in alternating points of view It brings all the characters front center No kibbles bits for the secondary charactersBanash illuminates every cast member w a glow of their own The Elite isn t just about poor Casey snotty Madison doesn t overshadow the novel w her grandstanding diva tantrumsJennifer deftly displays every character s voice allows them to be genuine characters not high society caricatures Applause Sophie Phoebe aren t Madison s accessories they are three dimensional young adults w intriguing lives w secrets to confront, endure disclose.Now, I m not going to leave out the tidbit that the begining of The Elite was a bit slow going but once Banash sets the members upaway we go Some may grouse the designer brands dripping off the pages, but it is a way of life in the world of big bucks Eventually, Banash eases up on the labels gives us the true grit.Drama, check Scandal, of course Fashionista s, come hither The Elite is a must to toss into your tote Kudos to Banash, she didn t wave a La Perla garment make Casey uber pop Nah, just wouldn t be believable Double kudos to Banash for the way she piloted Drew spot on Jennifer s characters are extremely well developed Madison is one of the nastiest something somethings, but Banash writes w such emotion, you can t help but feel empathy for the bratty prima donna Madison tells it like it is remains true to form Casey seems to lose herself once stepping foot in NYC She is too easily manipulated I wondered times if she left her smarts back home.Grrr I hate when a intelligent female loses sight of herself for a guy or a clique Weak Casey needs to toughen up if she s going to make it in the big A Casey has the backbone to make it she is just finding her way in Gotham city.Banash has a hit on her hands a mean pair of stilettos on her feet

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    So overall I thought this book was a really good read I loved how Jennifer Banash managed to incorporate real teenage problems into this book all about rich girls and the high life So Casey McCloy is the new girl in town and on her first day she meets the three most popular girls in her new school, Madison, Phoebe, and Sophie All she really wants to do is to fit in with them and Sophie and Phoebe seem like they have no problem with that, but Madison does Madison is the mean girl of her school She has to have what she wants, when she wants it Casey seems to get in her way when Madison s sometimes boyfriend starts paying a little too much attention to Casey, and not enough to Madison.Phoebe and Sophie are Madison s two best friends They are gorgeous and rich, just like Madison but unlike Madison they seem to be truly nice people, even when they aren t exactly having very nice home lives Phoebe is worried about her parents fighting all the time and the possibility that they might get divorced Sophie feels like the outcast in her family, like she will never truly fit in with her tan, dark haired parents and brother, when she herself is pale and blonde She takes out her frustration on herself in the form of self mutilation.Jennifer Banash has managed to create a great story about misfits, love, and high school drama She has also managed to include some very real problems that are evident in today s teens I loved this book and would recommend it for any fans of series such as Private or Gossip Girl.

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    2.5 to the entire series To be blatantly honest, I did not like this series There were too many plot holes left unfilled and I didn t really like any of the characters at all In the first book I thought I was going to enjoy the series, but then the ending killed it for me Then I picked up the second book hoping it could improve, but it didn t if anything it got worse The last book could have solved all the problems but instead it left off with another cliffhanger and it is the final book in the series The only reason this book has stars is because the writing wasn t horrible and the plot was good enough to keep me wondering However too much was left unsaid and that is why I rated it so low.This book isn t in my normal range of books, I really like fantasy, but I do enjoy contemporary as well However rich kid problems isn t that interesting to me, if I am to be honest I tried Gossip Girl, been there done that, and this book is a literal copy of the theme just without a Gossip Girl in town It is even written nearly the same way So, if you are a major fan of Gossip Girl or the Hills, or any of those shows you would definitely like this book Me on the other hand, I hated it My copies are all being rid of as we speak.from my blog

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    I really wanted to like this book because I heard good things about it but I guess it just was not for me I feel like the story of the small town girl moving to the big city to live among the rich and snooty has been done many times so I really wanted something in this book to distinguish itself While I loved Casey s grandmother and Casey herself was pretty likeable I found a lot of the relationships between the characters to be a bit unbelievable For instance, I could understand why Drew was doubting any future with Madison but I did not really see any compelling reason that he would like Casey instead He made mentions of liking classic movies and wanting to go to museums but other than running into Casey once in a museum you don t see him discovering the little things about her that would make him fall for her I will say the little side bits that Banash tosses in there had my attention than the Madison Drew Casey love triangle I wanted to learn about Sophie s problems, Phoebe s issues and what is going to happen with Sophie s brother So I will say the temptation is there to pick up the next book but I will not be in any rush.

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    I actually started the book when I was in New York on vacation, so I guess that was kind of cool that I would be reading about Casey s Central Park adventure, when I was there just a minute ago As for the book itself, I liked the idea of the outsider trying to fit in I thought that the words and selfish behaviours of some of the characters seemed so real I loved the change of perspectives between the characters and you see how things really are despite the way they seem The only character you could actually relate to if you lead one of these glamorous lives is Casey The outsider who wants to fit in, gets sidetracked by bad advice from a frenemy, and eventually gets the guy because of who she really is As I was reading this though, I did feel like it seemed a lot like Gossip Girl Blaire as Madison, Serena as maybe Casey without the fashion problems, and all the hot guys on the show blended into the character of Drew Anyways, it was a pretty good book for those who love the seduction of New York and all its glamour.

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    Ok I ve since realized that I only write long reviews for books that I hate This book took me by a surprise It was superbly written, had many realistic not one dimensional characters, and put a smile on my face at the end EVEN though I freaking hate all the references to clothes fashion style brandfreakinnames, I have to put my bias on lockdown because I actually want to finish the series 0

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    I didn t want to like the book as much as I did since it seems so typically, rich and elite with a million problems but at the same time I couldn t stop reading The writing was insanely good.

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    Get this author an editor and a grammar lesson

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The Elite From The Top, You Can See Everything Except Yourself When Casey McCloy Steps Into The Elegant Bramford Building, She S Overwhelmed Fresh From The Midwest, She S Moved To New York S Upper East Side To Live With Her Grandmother And Attend The Prestigious Meadowlark Academy Here All That Matters Is Who You Know The Girl To Know Is Madison Macallister Popular, Pretty, Platinumblond She S Not Just Casey S New Classmate And Neighbor She S An Icon So Casey Aims To Get In With Madison And Her Gorgeous Gal Pals From The Start As The Reigning Queen Of Coolness, Madison Is Capable Of Destroying Reputations With One Welltimed Whisper Better To Be On Her Good Side But After A City Haute Makeover From Her New Frenemy Madison, Casey Is Wearing The Right Clothes, Saying The Right Things, And Meeting The Right People, Including Drew, The Boy About Town Who Madison Thinks Belongs To Her And Her Alone