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10 thoughts on “The Rugrats' First Kwanzaa (Rugrats)

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    A cute introduction to Kwanzaa told like all Rugrats stories with the babies mistaking words and misunderstanding ideas But, it shows a black family celebrating their heritage and kids learn basic Kwanzaa related vocabulary.

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    omfg soooooo cute love this book

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The Rugrats' First Kwanzaa (Rugrats) Based On The Rugrats Kwanzaa SpecialIt S A Special Time Of Year And Susie S Family Is Celebrating Kwanzaa For The First Time Aunt T Tells Susie That Part Of Kwanzaa Is About Honoring Great People But Susie Doesn T Feel Like She S Great, And It Takes Her Aunt T To Remind Her Just How Special She Really IsShare Kwanzaa With Susie And Her Favorite Friends