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    I reckon that this is the fourth time that I ve read The Christmas Club since it was published in 2006, which says something about how much I love the book.The narrative follows six characters two sets of friends, Singer and Ronan from Belfast, Dionne, Oona and Melissa from Dublin and Jay Frisbee from England, who, by happenstance, end up spending time together in the last fortnight of 1989 in the Pier House in the fictional Dulnadragh, close to Letterkenny in the northern extreme of Donegal The house, without any modern amenities, becomes a character in itself, and through their own discovery, as well as with information provided by Manus, owner of the house and landlord of the local pub, they manage to find out a little of its history, while enjoying the peace and tranquillity and wildness of the local terrain, developing complex interpersonal relationships into the bargain.I absolutely love the world that Price creates, particularly during the first visit to Dulnadragh, and one feels extremely envious as the characters get away from it all , losing themselves in the library of the old house, exploring the immediate area and socialising in the nearby pub in a Donegal environment now completely changed indeed the effect of the Celtic Tiger is at the forefront of the conclusion of the book The career trajectory of a couple of the characters over the years is perhaps a little improbable, but this doesn t take away, for me anyway, from the special narrative that Price manages to weave over the 13 years that the book covers.A special and very moving book, and one that is perfect for a read during those cold and dark December nights One that I definitely see myself coming back to again and again.

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    One of the most moving books I read in 2014.

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    I was surprised at how little I cared for this book, especially after all the positive reviews by my GRI friends I kept putting it down and had to keep on myself to finish it I only read it as it was a GRI s Quarterly read I found most of the characters unlikable and wooden, and I hated how the book ended My favourite character in the book turned out to be Donegal and the wild coastline those parts of the book engaged me and kept me interested.

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    My favorite aspect of this book was the portrayal of Donegal in the late 1980 s, and the main character, Singer, a photojournalist It depicts Ireland on the cusp of the Celtic Tiger, the ensuing greed, as well as the destruction this greed caused.

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    I wrote a long review, but Goodreads lost it due to a technical error Haven t got the energy to write it again Here s the jist6 people gather in a remote, deserted house in Donegal in 1988 They are Belfast friends Singer and Ronan, Dublin girls Dionne, Melissa and Oona, and Londoner Frisby New friendships are forged, as romantic entanglements are also created within the group Each character arrives at a crossroads in their lives, either personal or professional, and leaves with some kind of resolution A Christmas Club is formed in 1988, with the promise that every Christmas from now on will be spent in the same way.The same group gathers again a year later, in 1989 However jealousies rise to the surface and the Christmas Club self destructs It is not until 2002 that the group gather once Here is where Price s talent for satire of the greedy Celtic Tiger years is shown The contrast between the characters circumstances in 1988 and 2002 could not be different.However for me the ending of the novel was sudden, completely unbelievable and very much without any kind of resolution Sometimes sudden endings can have merit, as authors argue that we should make up our own minds However this novel was not one of these cases Also, a large part of the novel s opening section discusses the Troubles in Belfast during 1988 in some detail This enlightened me as to the situation in the North during this time However the change by 2002, following the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, is not alluded to whatsoever Another hugely disappointing factor which contributes to such a poor ending.Stephen Price has an incredible talent and a great voice shines through in the novel it was published in 2007, before the true results of Celtic Tiger greed became apparent However his lack of a believe and conclusive ending ruins the book I m not the only one who felt this either, with a friend who gave the book to me feeling exactly the same way.

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    I enjoyed this book and I didn t all at the same time I read it in a day, which is a good sign, it was well written, the characters were likeable and I d love to visit Pier House one day I think the major flaw with this novel was the ending It s a lot of reading to get to it and it s not a happy tale at the end I feel quite sad, after finishing it, the futility of life pressing down on me.It all starts off promisingly enough 6 young adults who don t know each other very well, spend a Christmas together in the windswept Pier House in Donegal It s after this great break away from the realities of life that they resolve to meet every Christmas.However, the grim realities of life as they forge their careers and fall in love, intrude and they never manage to recreate the utopia of their first Christmas.13 Christmases later and the story comes to a dramatic conclusion..Worth a read, but will leave you with a slightly bitter taste in your mouth.

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    I really enjoyed this book and I couldn t put it down It was very engaging right from the start, flinging me right in to the characters lives and their developing relationships The book is centred around a holiday at Christmas time and the book is at it s best during the first two Christmases I found that the book was rich, alive and very enthralling in a way that not many books are We continue reading about events through their lives and the characters meet for a further Christmas reunion but I felt the book became unstuck here and perhaps Stephen didn t know how to bring the book to an end.it felt like it petered out and lost direction The final ending was suddenly very dramatic and very quick not really in the style of the rest of the book and not believable either, it was a real let down Very disappointing after such a great book up till that point But I ll still give the book 4, with a better ending I d have given it 5 stars.

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    A story of six individuals who form an unlikely bond one year during Christmas at a somewhat deserted house in Ireland in the late 80s During their first visit they vow to come back every Christmas as the Christmas Club All the characters are searching for something within themselves and the story takes us into early 2000 when they are in a much different place in their lives The author delves into the bonds of friendship, unrequited love, and the murky waters of human nature There is also humor, jealousy, regret, angst, depression, mystery, elements of nature and ultimately tragedy times change, and we change with them.

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    A decent read, well told 6 people meet in Christmas 1989 in an abandoned house in Donegal, have a great time and prise to meet up every year They don t of course, life gets in the way, but they do meet again in 2002 Intervening years have brought change to them all, success in varying degrees and stresses and strains in other ways The events of their final meeting are perhaps a commentary on the way Irish society changed over those years Would recommend.

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    Irish This Life Great setting, potential ghost story never materialised ultimately a bit of a disappointment.

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The Christmas Club A Story Of Love, Regret And The Bittersweet Nature Of Friendships It Is Six Cynical Young Urbanites, Brought Together By A Series Of Strange Events, End Up Stranded At Christmas In A Bleak, Run Down House On An Isolated Stretch Of Donegal Coastline In Ireland It Seems Like A Recipe For Disaster, But As The Landscape Reveals Its Wild Charms, And The House Reveals Its Strange History, They Become Bound In Friendship, And As A Drunken Joke Form The Christmas ClubFast Forward To Christmas As One By One The Christmas Club Slowly Reconvenes, Middle Aged Manners And The Gloss Of New Money Disguise Passions That Still Run Deep Passions That Erupt With Tragic Consequences